Best 100 word Manifesto gets $100 Bucks

Sir Arthur Braagadocio

give me your best architectural manifesto in 100 words I will send you a Benjamin, I'm serious.

I will be the judge and jury, but don't bother researching me...

the only criteria is 100 words and architecture.

I will make my decision September 15, 2006, so one month kiddies.

Lets see what you got...auf deutsch ist auch moeglich.

Aug 16, 06 11:49 am

this sounds fun. i'm game - unless by some miracle i actually get to move into my house this month.

Aug 16, 06 2:34 pm

how many manifesto's can be made by one person?

and can we use ugly words?

Aug 16, 06 2:45 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio many log on names as you can, only one wins.

ugly words are fine as long as they make sense somehow...

Aug 16, 06 3:02 pm

and then you publish and market

Aug 16, 06 3:07 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

and make millions...i can't publish anything without written consent of the authors, and honestly how much could i make off of 100 word manifestos?!?!

Aug 16, 06 3:10 pm
Gabe Bergeron

that's $1 a word... not bad!

Aug 16, 06 3:17 pm


If you get enough quality submissions, you could assemble them into a manuscript and pitch it to various publishers. One such book on my shelf is Ulrich Conrad's "Programs and Manifestoes on 20th Century Architecture." (Although that one was research intensive.)

I'm sure you can think of a much more interesting title for yours.


Aug 16, 06 6:16 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

i like how everyone quickly assumed i was taking the typical ego centric architectural move of manageing to take others people work and make my self famous.

this was a random idea.

i do have a website which i made 1 year ago in an attempt to get people to volutneer theory for, nothing happened,, so at best with permission of the people writing i would post it there....

i really don't care...i just want to see some good stuff, i have read so much theory i am looking for something else...

Aug 16, 06 9:53 pm
liberty bell

Are you really looking for proper manifestos, or will 100 words of theory do?

Aug 16, 06 10:37 pm

or are you looking for a random string of 100 words?

Aug 16, 06 10:43 pm
liberty bell

Ha, treekiller, are you trying to say that's a lot of what passes for theory these days?

Aug 16, 06 10:54 pm
the silent observer

More importantly, do those 100 words have to be based on the curred OED, or can them all be "new" - like this:

Aug 17, 06 7:47 am
the silent observer

that would be "current" OED.....

Aug 17, 06 7:47 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

i forgot to say where to send it, so email it to:

dyee i did say i would take 100 word manifestos in german and being that the german language often behaves the way those words were formulated on curbed, you may do this...if the words you use are like a work of art, what the hell do i care if they are in the dictionary.

Aug 17, 06 9:51 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

oh, i will post all of them on this thread when they're done, if the authors agree.

Aug 17, 06 9:51 am

Just one question. How do we get said manuscrips over to you (i.e. FedEx, e-mail,.....)?

Aug 17, 06 10:44 am

Never mind. I am a retard and did not see your last post.

Aug 17, 06 10:45 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

send manifesto to:

send questions to:

your email(s) is(are) enough for registration, etc...

thanks! can't wait to see whats out there.

Aug 17, 06 10:54 am

I see 100 monkeys randomly typing and writing a new shakespear play (or a heigelian treatis since it's supposed to be in german). yeah most 'architectural' theory is selfserving pedantic crap these days. then again firmness and delight also worked as manure.

Aug 17, 06 11:35 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

thats @45 words treekiller, what can you say in 100 about architecture?

Aug 17, 06 11:48 am
liberty bell

It is hard to say muhc in 100 words unless you're an excellent writer like abra, Steven, so many others on this site. But that's really why I ask the question: are you really looking for something that can be termed a "manifesto", as in, these are rules for action, or is any kind of architectural rumination in 100 words or less allowed?

Aug 17, 06 11:55 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

you're thinking too much.

be creative liberty bell, you're an archinector.

Aug 17, 06 12:04 pm
liberty bell

I just have a very specific political response to the word "manifesto". To quote one of my undergrad professors, I tend to "neurote" over things, as in having neurotic tendencies. That's partly why I'm an architect.

If the only rule is "be creative", well then here I go.

Aug 17, 06 12:07 pm

$100? here's mine (points for anyone who can name the inspiration for the style):

The angel of memories flew low over the rusty city. “I grew up there,” she said to a sagging house. “Oh how I wish it could be how it was then, clean and filled with people”

“But what of my school?” she said as she banked. “Surely that was kept in better condition.” But the school was empty of people and filled with putrid waters.

Angry, she flew into the stormclouds, and was struck by lightning. Dazed, she sat down on a park bench next to an old man.

“What’s wrong?” asked the old man.

“I forget.” said the angel.

Aug 17, 06 5:33 pm

bah, just read the thread, will send an email

Aug 17, 06 5:36 pm

forrest gump?

Aug 17, 06 5:43 pm

wim wenders?

Aug 17, 06 5:43 pm

not quite. you'd have to be something of a contemporary fiction geek to recognize it.

Aug 17, 06 5:51 pm

not mine, but a good one from joni. edited to exactly 100:

they paved paradise
put up a parkin' lot
with a pink hotel,
boutique, and a swingin' hotspot

they took all the trees
put em in a tree museum
they charged people a dollar and a half to see em

hey farmer put away your ddt
i don't care about spots on my apples,
leave me the birds and bees please

late last night, heard the screen door slam
big yellow taxi took away my old man

don't it always seem to go
that you don't know what you got till it's gone
they paved paradise
put up a parkin’ lot

Aug 17, 06 6:06 pm

I see 100 cad monkey creating.....well random words scattered with visual stimulation.

Aug 17, 06 6:36 pm

my manifesto's title:

random words scattered with visual stimulation.

Aug 17, 06 8:33 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

hey its my fault for not making it clear where to send the manifestos, but no worries manamana i will clear my head the day i read them all....

Aug 17, 06 8:56 pm
brian buchalski

how is a "word" defined?

is it really just the spaces between the words that distinguish one from the otherso if i justcrammedawhole bunchs ofwords to gether (maybe even100words?)would that count as just one word?and if i'm allowed to do that thencould i repeat it100x and thatwould still be a legit entry in this era of sms txt? y not specify letters...something like five hundred letters=100words as a default because, really, we all know that on average a word is fiveletters. but then would punctuationcount ? or even worse, mathematical symbols like + and =? so interesting to use quantitative measures to "qualify" the entries...and then judgeon quality...but so typical

lets do a flip and call it the 99 space manifesto instead of the 100 word Manifestopermit the"words" delineate & the imagination...toconnectthedotsno,that's much 2 clicheandbanal4u 2 say puddles/keepit simple &honest instead and justsaysomething more like...permit the "words to delineate and allow the imagination to provide the substanceyes, that is better

ok, here's my zero space Manifesto for architecture: ambienceandposture

Aug 17, 06 9:09 pm

The manifesto is a polemic, a brief usually rhetorical insistance that a certain future be opened or prevented, as I understand it. Incidentally one of my favourite literary genres. Its job in a way is to divide us, to make the reality of division clear to all.

Ward and manamana have the right idea (though both examples are quaint and inoffensive - sorry but a manifesto has to harm some, think corb, marx, breton, valerie solanas).

Treekiller and snooker seem to think that they can't say anything in 100 words, that too much condensation and abstraction eventually removes meaning. Why not think of this not as a representation of something already existing (some thesis or bigger idea) but as a state of pure production, as poesis, even architecture itself?

I'm new by the way.

Cheers metamechanic, fine initiative.

Aug 17, 06 9:52 pm

I think there's plenty of offensive stuff in my story. You've obviously never encountered hopless nostalgia.


Aug 17, 06 11:12 pm

Manifesto for an Architecture that Exists within a freemarket politically reactionary republic.

Architecture should not react. Politics continually is allowed and is very much expected to funtion within the realm of reaction.

Reaction is an instinctive trait, and by extension so is all of politics. All of politics -- because of the necesity of the eventual popular (sometimes mob) acceptance -- is reactionary and instinctually based.

Politics, in a system that resembles a need based meritocracy, will always relegate itself to the lowest common --or most self-aggrandizingly, profitable -- denominator system.

Survival, and thus greed, is also an instinctual reaction to the phenomenon of existence. Human existence differentiates itself from other forms of existensia through either (a) self aggrandizement, (b)full-spectrum destruction of particular ideas -- or sub-sets of ideas (species, socio/economic paradigms, indiginous peoples, etc.) or (c)the cumulative and continual delusion of universal superiority over all else through the use, invention and usurption of technology. the idea of a god acts both as a mediator of the unknown, and as a stimulator between all points a thru c listed above.

Architecture is an almagamation of all of this.

Architecture is always political, but should ideally aim for an educated response rather than an impulsive -- often stylized -- reaction.

Architecture is the newest technology. Architecture is your womb. It is inherently; sub-consciously,even self aggrandizing (political, again)

Shelter is reactionary: caves are not architecture.
Art is either a reaction to a political opinion or self aggrandizement in its purest form. Architecture is a compromise. Architecture becomes for us ultimately a self aggrandized, illusioned result of a process that is steeped in the ostensible denial of reaction to contexts that affect our contexts: in the, now old, modern senses of regression to the mean economics, political reaction and self aggrandizement.


On a side note -- and no criticism intended here: why has nobody given their ideas regarding architecture --? We all know a manifesto is nonsense -- a hundred bucks for most of us is nonsense -- but really --we havethis great thing here on arhinect -- why don't we communicate properly, here ?



Aug 17, 06 11:14 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

let me just say this is becoming more exciting by the day and i am def. getting my $100 bucks worth....

impressive stuff.

Aug 18, 06 9:27 am

Another important thing:

how does the winner get his $100?

Aug 18, 06 2:43 pm
Aug 18, 06 2:49 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

totally into this, just give me some time...

Aug 18, 06 8:30 pm
Heather Ring

it would make a good impulse-buy, the kind they have on the spin-racks on the counter at borders. somebody must be buying those little books ...

Aug 19, 06 7:10 pm
vado retro

the barry mani(fest)low

i write the manifestos (to be sung to "i write the songs"

i have been around forever
and i penned the very first manifest-o
sure there may have been others
but undoubtedly mine is the best-o.

i decreed those passionate convictions
and condemned the decadent bourgeiousie
so when you think manifesto
i am the best
so think of me.

i write the manifests that make the architect geeks weep
i write the manifests that put a normal person to sleep
i write the manifests read by those who wear all black
those who chain smoke and develop that hack
i write the manifests that are just so unfun
but you got to read them for arch theory 101
i write the manifestos that make the young girls cry

i write the manifestos
i write the manifestos...

Aug 19, 06 9:24 pm

^^^^^^i don't think the 'mani(fest)low' can be topped^^^^^^

Aug 19, 06 9:39 pm

i knew it was gonna come from vado.

Aug 19, 06 9:40 pm

I guess it is cool, but maybe in another topic:

"The best archi'poem, song, hit, sonett etc."

Aug 20, 06 7:46 am
Heather Ring

vado, you could just live off the royalties ...

Aug 20, 06 10:43 am

manamana: hejduk? he did have a thing for angels...

Aug 20, 06 11:29 am

i think i remember Klee's painting Angelus Novus and a piece of writing that was similiar to what manamana wrote...

Aug 20, 06 1:21 pm

you guys are trying a little too hard.

it draws heavily (I wouldn't quite say plagarized, but close) from william vollmann. specifically one of the parts from houses in the atlas

if my copy wasn't packed away in storage for a move, I'd type it out for you. it's really one of the best peices of parsimonious writing you'll ever find.

Aug 20, 06 4:06 pm
liberty bell

I just signed in quickly before heading outside to wash my car. Needless to say, that was a mistake: "I Write the Songs" was careening through my brain the whole time I was out there! Thanks a lot, vado.

Though I have to say "...make the architect geeks weep...put a normal person to sleep" is pretty dang funny!

Aug 20, 06 4:37 pm

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