I read Archinect today, oh boy

vado retro

A Day In The Life

I read archinect today, oh boy
About this lucky man who split from Rem
And though the news was rather lame...
well, I just had to laugh...
At the captions added to that photograph...

He blew his nose out in his car
He keeps Kleenex there for such a thing...
Several people also sneezed
But not a single one of them was the famous Zaha Hadiiiid...

I saw a film today, oh joy
About a guy named Frank, who designed with paper wads
A crowd of people said "oh that's so cool"
A few of them even drooled
Odds are that all of them were from
Architecture schooool...

I'd love to tur ur ur n the television on...

Woke up but stayed in bed
With the cat sleepin on my head...
Went to Starbuck's and had a cup
and lookin up, I saw that I was late.
Grabbed my cell and made the call,
No I won't be in at all
I soon got over feigning ill
and got myself a scone and a refill

I read archinect today, oh boy
Something about three thousand posts
And although most are trite and superficial
At least now its official
Vado has 3000 posts...

I think I'll go and tu ur ur n myself on....

May 18, 06 6:51 pm

oops....pre-mature song ejaculation....sorry vado....but i still have not made your song parody....that's it, base jumping time....

May 18, 06 6:57 pm

Ha ha ha awesome.

May 18, 06 6:57 pm

(entries don't count toward comments)

May 18, 06 6:58 pm

you're still at 2999. the anticipation is killing me.

May 18, 06 6:59 pm

and i would have thought vado knew entries don't count as comments.

May 18, 06 7:02 pm

Where are you cheerleaders, vado??? Come back and make the momentous entry!

May 18, 06 7:04 pm
vado retro

three cheers for me!!!
hip hip hooray!!!

hip hip hooray!!!!

hip hip hooray!!!!


May 18, 06 7:18 pm

there he is. :+)

May 18, 06 7:21 pm
liberty bell

That last one's a winner, vado, even by your standards.

May 18, 06 8:06 pm
Ms Beary

I totally missed it, was pumping CAD all day.... DANGITTTT

May 18, 06 8:52 pm

cheerleaders from cheesy 70s porn...unmistakeable icons of a generation

Mar 29, 07 1:58 pm

vado, you doubled your 3000 in less than one year.


Mar 29, 07 2:57 pm
vado retro

ten posts a day. its easy if you have something to say.

Mar 29, 07 3:01 pm


Mar 29, 07 3:06 pm

i like that last one; Im with LB on that vado!

Mar 29, 07 4:58 pm


Mar 29, 07 6:17 pm

Case in point. Going for 3000, mdler?

Mar 29, 07 6:19 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Vado, will you create another song when you reach 15,000?

Jan 31, 13 6:07 pm

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