an architecture of memory lane



Eisenhower Memorial, Washington D.C., 2012

Gateway Visitor Center and Independence Mall, Philadelphia, PA, 1996

Denver Civic Center Cultural Complex, CO, 1991-95

US Pavilion Expo '92, Seville, Spain, 1989-92

Welcome Park, Philadelphia, PA, 1982

BASCO Showroom, Philadelphia, PA, 1979

Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation, Washington, D.C., 1978

Best Products Catalog Showroom, Oxford Valley, PA, 1978

Bicentennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1972

National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame (Competition), 1967

FDR Memorial Park Competition, Washington, D.C., 1960 


Feb 20, 12 12:00 pm

thats a whole lotta postmodernism

Feb 20, 12 5:06 pm

thanks for the memory lane !!

Feb 20, 12 10:25 pm

Started doing a kind-of review of 2012 yesterday via selectively submitting things I've written here at Archinect to appropriate pages at Quondam. I had no recollection of having started this thread, but seeing it again reminded me that there are some vintage Eisenhower postage stamps in one of the drawers next to me.

Maybe I'll design my own Eisenhower Memorial at Quondam somehow incorporating all the ideas above. Was Eisenhower's presidency more Modernist or more Post-Modernist I wonder? Also, I now wonder if there will ever again be a General to become a US President.


Dec 29, 12 12:55 pm

graphic design architecture?

Dec 30, 12 1:11 am

Quondam, He was a modern man as while in Command in Europe  he had a mistress. She was his driver.  She outed herself late in life after denying it for years. He probably smoked Cigars like the other Modern President we all know.

Dec 30, 12 8:25 am

Actually, the mistress sounds more modern. Perhaps he was just plain old-fashioned.


Dec 30, 12 10:49 am

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