Accepting an offer after declining it.

Dapper Napper

So has anyone tried and had success with declining an offer, then deciding you made a huge mistake, and taking the job if it was still open?

What kind of reactin did you get?

Apr 7, 06 10:08 am

never happened, but please, tell us all about it after you do it.

Apr 7, 06 11:57 am

bonne chance, mon ami.

i don't do sloppy seconds.

Apr 7, 06 4:42 pm

It was guy, accepting work in this company where I work now. And this is not that great place so he left for another company. He went back to their offer after three weeks working here.

They did accept him.

Apr 7, 06 7:54 pm
some person

Sanya, I have also seen this happen. (It's not quite the same as accepting an offer after declining it, but it's close.) I've seen people who have worked for Firm A go to Firm B, only to come back to Firm A; however, they left Firm A (again) after a short while to work for Firm C.

"Fool me once..."

Apr 8, 06 12:03 pm
le bossman

i wouldn't even try.

Apr 8, 06 1:19 pm

what if you came back to an offer after a year and a half? I know someone who declined an offer to stay at her current firm, then after more than a year, left the firm... how do you approach the firm that made the offer? she definitely has lost some bargaining power.

Apr 8, 06 2:39 pm

i turned down a job offer for another, went to work for the other for a year in another city, then decided wanted to move back so called the company back to see if the offer was still good plus more money for my experience, it was, so i took the offer and moved. worked out well-was actually promoted at the new job in less than a year with subtantial raise.

Apr 8, 06 3:33 pm

as an employer, this issues has - like so many others - dual edges

on the one hand, a firm that offers you a job has seen in you, and your portfolio, a certain amount of appeal ... unless you dealt with them in an immature or inappropriate manner when you declined their earlier offer, they are likely to want to speak with you again, assuming they still have an opening.

on the other hand, you should not assume the offer issued earlier will still be on the table ... depending on how much time has passed, they are likely to want to put you through your paces again ... they also may want to spend some time exploring both your motivation and the quality of your decision making ability ... don't be offended by that ... just try to conduct yourself in a professional and honest manner

Apr 8, 06 8:42 pm

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