reBorn of gAs sTation


Since the first gas station was invented by Standard Oil of California in 1907, many gas stations are coming out and still working. However, some of gas stations are abandoned, and there are still occupied their own site. Now, about 20,000 abandoned gas stations are existing cross the country even though most gas stations stand on prime location such as corner of streets.

Now, the demand of daycare center is getting increase because most parents want to keep their job. Many daycare centers locate close to home, but if location of daycares close to working places, parents can get another advantage such as decreasing distance between parents and child.

Throughout my research, I try to renovate the gas station into daycare center with keeping existing structure. Of course, underground oil tank will be removed from the site, but other elements such as canopy might be kept.

Mar 13, 06 3:07 pm

OK, since you're a newbie and you're intentions in posting this topic are, at best, unclear, I'm going to take the opportunity to address the following:

WTF is wiTh tHis StYle of wrItiNg? I meAn, WHY? It tAkes forEveR tO Do aNd iT maKeS nO sEnSe? ArE wE talKinG to eAch oTheR iN CoDe oR wHat?

That little paragraph alone took me 3 hours to type. Somebody please explain.

Mar 13, 06 5:14 pm


Mar 13, 06 5:17 pm

he's hidden B-A-T in there, wonderk.

or you could read it as if you drop off everything before the capital letters: Born As Tation

anyway, i think it's something very very sinister.

Mar 13, 06 5:23 pm

Yeah but Steven, what do bats have to do with daycare centers and Standard Oil of California!?!? I agree with you on the sinister part. Gosh I hope we're not supporting Al Quaeda by providing an outlet for them to exchange messages or something.

Mar 13, 06 5:26 pm

I always try to make words out of the caps letters, as if that is the true meaning of what is written, but it never works really.

Like the title of this post would be : BAT (???)

Failing at that, I assume it is a code to someone else for when to switch CB channels or something similar.

Mar 13, 06 5:26 pm

maybe it's got something to do with mr/ms hyung subliminally suggesting that we should be born again, give up fossil fuels, and have babies. the alternating caps are just a distraction so that we don't know what he/she is up to.

Mar 13, 06 5:33 pm

I'm a little concerned about sheri24's single "lololo" comment. Truely something sinister is afoot.

If we recall, sheri (not to harp on you if you're legit) was one of those "first ever archinect post, pose some sort of question that is so obviously a thesis topic, actually believe we're all going to drop whatever we're doing to respond" (SuperHeavy, Thread Central) by posting 3 seperate posts about hotels...

I find this all a little scary!! Perhaps the terroists have gotten to archinect! That's it, I'm not going to the shopping mall this weekend.

Seriously though, in order to make your first post on archinect, I think you should be required to have at least 20 comments...

Mar 13, 06 5:36 pm
A Center for Ants?

ed ruscha making the most of a gas station:

Mar 13, 06 5:42 pm

I think you guys are being a little paranoid

Mar 13, 06 5:48 pm

I think someone is trying to cover up their tracks...

Mar 13, 06 5:54 pm


Mar 13, 06 5:59 pm


Babies and Taxes - childcare and tax service
Bambina e Tiramisu - italian-themed childcare centre and risttoria
Babushka + Trotsky - baby care and communist discussion group

Problem solved, although keep the oil tank for the bad babies.

Mar 13, 06 6:07 pm

could be BATshit crazy...

Mar 13, 06 6:08 pm

English in not my first language (as you’ve probably notice), but I still don’t get it- “Reborn of Gas Station”-
Is this for real?
Hasn’t Huina Yung or whoever heard of adaptive reuse?
Interesting observations- maybe
Yes, I haven seen many street corner that have empty or closed service stations- some of then recycle after a few month from the old 10’x10’ pay booth to more of a mini-coffee/ convenience store scheme, and some go away all together. There is one in town that was refurbished by a graphic design firm quite nice.
So what is this person asking? Is this a good idea? Why a daycare? is it because there’re many empty corner lot and not enough daycare facilities?
I think if an MBA student can develop a business model that will allow this transition to happen that will be a first-
Just a common sense observations- it’s very costly to remove the tanks and do all the environmental cleaning required on these sites. This being the main reason such sites stays empty for so long, also if you haven’t observed very closely, unless the daycare facility is tight to a larger business entity, they are usually in private residences, reason is they make very little profit as a business, and most privately owned daycares wouldn’t take the financial burden of cleaning up a gas station.
As an academic architectural proposition I would say “you of little creativity and vision”

This was such a waste of my time- why did I bother-

Mar 13, 06 6:12 pm

oH mY GoD jump, you said the magic words. Batshit insane. That's it. It has to be.

And southpole, I applaud your effort. I thought about addressing the actual topic too but the problems with the proposed building type seem fairly obvious to me. Not to sound uppity but I would never take my hypothetical children to a hypothetical gas station/day care where hypothetically, they could get blown up or become hostages in a robbery, etc. etc.

Mar 13, 06 6:25 pm

sheri and bat

Mar 13, 06 6:28 pm

why renovate the gas station? just have a daycare center/
gas can learn how to fix cars, pump gas and
play with tires.

to actually semi address the topic...
changing a station where gas and oil has most likely penetrated
the slab...where walls are probably offgassing the fumes that have
been pumped into them for years...removing the hoists for the
cars...nevermind the disgusting bathrooms..and i wonder how
renovating a gas station as a center for taking care of kids could
possibly seem like a good idea...let alone be cost effective. i mean
the only major space in a gas station is the garage... and i just don't
see that as being a easy space to renovate. seems as though it'd
be much cheaper to knock it all down and start from scratch.

also, most gas stations being in prominent locations with lots of
windows on major streets and typically on corners with lots of
traffic...are these kids EVER going outside? cause i see a least
one death a year or so unless there's some kind of major fence.
also i feel as though if i had a child that i'd prefer to have them in
a more secure/hidden/secluded location.

Mar 13, 06 6:36 pm

I think Prophet of Doom touched on the real issue.

Mar 13, 06 6:43 pm

PumPed uP!


gAs PrIces aRe on There WaY uP~

Mar 13, 06 7:27 pm

sheri did you change the idea for your boutique hotel thesis? or are you going to hide your gas station inside the hotel???

gAs StaTIon

Mar 13, 06 7:29 pm

HoW aBoUt No

Mar 13, 06 9:25 pm

Ha hA HA

Throughout the evolution of this thread, I keep looking to see if anyone is spelling out anything in those ridiculous sentences and no one is, at least not in English.

Also notice "hyung" hasn't been back at all. Just drops some nonsense on us and leaves. ThAt WaNkEr.

Mar 13, 06 10:29 pm

HEll, I Shit on thAT Wanker's gAs sTation.

Mar 13, 06 11:10 pm

maybe architects can take a page from the video gaming community and start writing like 1337 hA><><0r5 w00 kakmodPWN Al1 n00b5. w007. rather that tYpiNg l(i)Ke tHis. It could make the public think we're even more out of touch with reality than they already think. As for the idea... all i can say is its easy to critcize, I'd like to see how such a spacial adaptation could work but to simply apply the daycare program to an old service station... sounds like trouble.

Mar 14, 06 12:02 am

Oh my god! SuperBeatledud used a code!


Mar 14, 06 12:17 am

caST Off Please To another HIdden poSt


Mar 14, 06 12:49 am
microsoft says to say no to leetspeak

and to the gas station kid,

4rcH1N3c7 0wN3d Jo0. seriously.

Mar 14, 06 2:36 am

ROTFL SuperBeatledud, FLAMED!!!

Mar 14, 06 4:04 am

I can see the transition of this trhead from the original gAs sTation topic to a design contest for vanity plates -
I would say to those daycare kids, this place 8NT4U-
or to the original poster, be a bit more KR8TV

Mar 14, 06 9:00 am

I for one am looking forward to the reborn gas station. In the morning I can fill up the tank, grab a coffee and drop the kid off with an attendant that looks like this...

Mar 14, 06 10:06 am

"Since the first gas station was invented by Standard Oil of California in 1907, "

just have to say,
that is not correct.

if your research stops at hitting search on wikipedia.... you may have a problem

Next. this idea (for a daycare) can be found draw in plan, section, and perspective in the 1974 book "A New Life for the Abandoned Service Station" by A. L. Kerth, along with about one hundred other bad ideas for how to convert these structures into new uses.

Last. If the structure has a garage its not really a gas station, its a service station. The number of Service Stations peaked in the US around 1960, and has been declining ever since.

P.S. the tanks are typically not removed if the station is renovated to a use other than gasoline retail. They are filled with concrete and left where they are. It is my limited understanding that the actuall 'off gassing' of leaked gasoline is really not a health issue when compared to the emmissions of autos at a busy intersection combined with the heavy metals realeased by your brakes.

Apr 13, 06 4:51 am

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