So I poped the question .... and she said ...

sporadic supernova

she said yes !!!! can you imagine ??!!

Mar 12, 06 3:30 am
sporadic supernova

alright ... now i'm scared ...

Mar 12, 06 3:30 am

thats awsome

Mar 12, 06 3:48 am
liberty bell

YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome sporadic!!!!! A big congratulations.

And thanks for sharing it here - I love hearing about happy events in other people's lives. So glad your vacation away went well YAY!!

Mar 12, 06 6:25 am

fantastic dude! congratulations to you and the lovely lady!

wait til you have kids, then you'll be REALLY scared...;-)

not really. s'all good man.

Mar 12, 06 6:35 am
sporadic supernova

lol ... thanks guys ... I was so nervous and was preparing for the worst ..( hoping for the best... of course) .. that when she said yes ... ( well not in so many many words... but i figured that, that kiss meant it ) i didnt know what to say ... so I said ... coffee? ... ( you should try turkish coffee..)
well that was a romantic downer ... but hey, mission acompolished !!

planning to tie the knot at around july - august .

p.s. think I should tell her that architects dont earn so well?? lol

Mar 12, 06 6:38 am

does she know you're an architect, if she did she might have said uh, can i see a bank statement....j/k congrats, and i am sure Per will be on the top of your list of invites! just make sure the invites are in 3d-h format.

Mar 12, 06 8:50 am

happy happy day.....cheers!

Mar 12, 06 8:50 am

aye, congratulations. meanwhile, i have to leave my woman for 3 months while i work in ny... but i'm still happy for you.

Mar 12, 06 9:58 am


Mar 12, 06 10:02 am

congratulations supernova. i am specially happy turkey was the background.

Mar 12, 06 10:13 am

well done sporadic. congratulations ( ...I did a google image search for "sporadic wedding congratulations" and nothing came instead, congratulations from these "sporadic" little kiddies...thinking of your future ;)

Yay sporadic...put your hands in the air!

Mar 12, 06 10:33 am

so how exactly does one 'pope' the question?
all kinds of visuals..

congrats sporadic.

Mar 12, 06 1:11 pm

congrats ss!

Mar 12, 06 2:34 pm
A Center for Ants?

congrats sporadic!

so is everyone on archinect invited to the wedding?

maybe you should webcast it through archinect and we can watch.

Mar 12, 06 3:24 pm

I poped the question. He never got back to me. Actually, thats wrong, I questioned the pope, and the pope died.

Congratulations and well done!

It is a nerve wracking event. I had been with my now fiance for 9 years before I asked the question. An answer in the affirmative was a 99.9999% sure thing, but I still crapped myself. It was very emotional - not quite as emotional as when our baby boy arrived, but definitely emotional.

Get you and your girl a Champagne Supernova!

Mar 12, 06 4:30 pm
sporadic supernova

Thanks guys ... it's all happening very quick now ..

spoke to her parents over dinner last night .. so i guess i'm all set now !! :)

Mar 13, 06 1:51 am

isn't that suppose to happen before you ask?

Mar 13, 06 2:31 am
sporadic supernova

hmm .. well i didnt ..
they did know that i was gonna ask her .. just didnt know when

Mar 13, 06 4:03 am

so spordic, is it going to be a big indian-shabban...?

if/when i get married, im gonna arrive on an elephant - though dont you steal my idea!

Mar 13, 06 4:14 am

Jiyo ! jiyo! sporadic....bahut badhiya.shaadi kab hai.


only royalty get to ride on elephants.

Mar 13, 06 4:19 am

well, im read to break the rules...

Mar 13, 06 5:05 am


Mar 13, 06 6:50 am


Mar 13, 06 7:44 am

good stuff - best wishes to you and your spouse!

Mar 13, 06 7:45 am

hey sporadic, congrats man.

Mar 13, 06 8:33 am

Well, I for one wish you only bad things! Curse you for getting engaged!

Oh come on, I'm just kidding. I was getting bored with the string of well-wishers. Congratulations, of course, and good luck!

Mar 13, 06 8:38 am

Ahhhhhh shit - congrats man.!!

Mar 13, 06 10:13 am
brian buchalski

hmmm...i take it that this is your first marriage, right?

Mar 13, 06 4:17 pm

congrats sporadic. wishing you much happiness. can i ask how you did it? was it a well planned out moment? or an impulsive one?

Mar 13, 06 4:24 pm
liberty bell

Yes, I agree with e: sporadic, describe the scene for us please. e, perhaps you can start things off by telling yours! I love to hear proposal stories as I don't have one: I came home from work and said "It's time for us to get married" and 12 months later we were.

I think I missed out.

Mar 13, 06 10:35 pm

That’s awesome LB. Did you then clobber him with a 2X4 and drag him back to your cave by one ankle?

Three cheers for badass architect chicks.

Mar 13, 06 10:58 pm
some person

I hope she was surprised.

My story is along the same lines as liberty bell's. I knew my husband had the ring, and he basically flew in from DC to propose. I got to pick the spot, however, overlooking Lake Michigan:

Mar 13, 06 10:59 pm

wishes to you sporadic supernova.

Mar 14, 06 12:23 am

geez whenever I 'pope the question' i get alexander

Mar 14, 06 1:15 am

i'll bite lb.

mine was well planned. i had been with my girlfriend at that time for 8 years. we had always spoke of not getting married and being content with our lives. one day, i had a change of heart and so did she.

for about 4 months, i collected photos from both of our parents of the two of us at different moments in our lives. i did not let on to our parents as to why i was collecting them. i took about 2 dozen of the photos ranging from when each of us were 4 or 5 years old up through our current lives together. i made a metal box that was 6"x6"x4", matted each of the photos and placed them in a box. the last mat in the box contained the big question.

once i had it ready, i asked her if she wanted to go on a hike one weekend. i packed an extra nice picnic. we went on a modest hike up the side of a mountain with an beautiful view into the valley below. after lunch, i gave her the box. our 9th anniversary is in a month.

Mar 14, 06 1:16 am

come on peoples. do tell. especially you sporadic.

Mar 14, 06 10:36 pm

this thread is a great substitute for the one I was going to start about "favorite place to pop the question". I'd like to hear more......

Mar 14, 06 10:59 pm

nice e...very nice.

I don't have a story to share, sorry...

Mar 14, 06 11:38 pm

e - very similar to you, except I made a photo album from scratch, with the photos printed on the paper. About 12 photos. the last page was a picture of the ring box. Presentation was Christmas Day. Everything after that last page was inevitable...

Mar 14, 06 11:38 pm
sporadic supernova

Wow "e" and diabase..

ok .. mine wasn't all that dramatic.. had no preparation time...

we were siiting in a cafe by the river .. and had a nice view of the bridge and the most amazing skyline ( if you've been to istanbul.. you'll know what i'm talking about .. all those minarets.. amazing sight) sunset time and i was waiting for some people, who were lingering around, to sorta give me some space... they left.. then ...

me: hey Ms.Sporadic

Ms.Sporadic: yeah?

me: you know, It's been a while

Ms.Sporadic : yeah .. but it's so nice here, let's leave after the sun sets.

me: no not that ... you know you and me...

Ms.Sporadic: yeah ..??? ... ( oh God ... dont break up with me in Turkey !!! )

me: would you .. (now taking out the ring) .. be interested....

Ms.Sporadic: .. dives forward .. smooooch !!! ....

people around : ... hey... get a room you two !!! ( well not really ... but I suppose that's what they thought !!)

me: (after 5 minutes and a swollen lip) .. coffee ??

there you go ... so in essence ... I did not ask her .. and she did not say yes ... but it was implied ...
Oh God !! .. now i'm doing the Archi-talk

Mar 15, 06 5:35 am
sporadic supernova

actually .. I think she knew it was coming up ... the costums were questioning me about the ring in my hand baggage ... and i was busy trying to shushh them ... oh well ..
alls well that ends well ...

Mar 15, 06 5:39 am

... like in the movies, yeah?

Mar 15, 06 8:26 am

i just saw you are nearly 100 posts over mine despite all this, dammit!

Mar 15, 06 8:31 am
sporadic supernova

lol .. sorry about that chameleon ...

didnt you hear ? .. i'm competing with Javier...

Mar 15, 06 8:51 am

nice sporadic. very cute. there is nothing wrong with being impulsive. i wish i had a bit more of that characteristic in me. best to you and ms. sporadic. you are lucky to have each other.

diabase, like minds... congrats.

Mar 15, 06 11:31 am

she's lived in chicago for 14 years, me 4. we had two weeks left before moving to the suburbs of detroit. i was under the gun because i really really wanted to do it before we left. chicago is where we met and for us to get engaged there would seem to complete our chicago experience.

we had talked of taking a midnight bike ride in the loop for many a month but had yet to commit. i said that we should do it before we left. she agreed so i planned the night, got the ring etc. we spent the day in oak park with her sister and niece swimming and grilling. lots of activities. at the end of the day she wanted to bail at the last minute because we had a long next day ahead (packing) but with a little prodding i convinced her that we should go ahead and go.

we left around midnight and headed downtown. we rode around for a bit taking pictures and enjoying the empty streets. i had planned to do it in daley plaza in front of the picasso sculpture. i was starting to get nervous . after an hour of 'guiding' us through the loop, finally we arrived at the sculpture but seeing that there were about a dozen homeless people sleeping nearby, it didn't seem like the romantic setting i had invisioned. strike one.

quickly thinking i wondered if there might be a place over at millinium park. the park closed at 11pm. strike two.

frantically i was trying to think. the art institute. the steps where the lions are, that would be nice. i have memories of those steps from my first visit to chicago 10 years ago. as we are approaching the steps, i remembered that there is a little garden to the south of the main entrace. so i nonchalantly, i guided us there.

we dismounted and sat among the hawthorn trees for awhile. i'm getting really nervous. just as we are standing up to take off, i give her a big hug and slowly pull the ring box from my shoulder bag (behind her back). she looks at me and actually asks why i look like i swallowed the canary. after the hug, she turns to get her bike. i start to lean and get down on one knee. she turns around just as i'm lowering and exclaims 'what are you doing!?' much to her surprise i pulled the box from my enclosed hand and ask her to marry me. she said yes.

i had a bottle of wine and two glasses safely hidden in my bag as well so we sat there drank and enjoyed ourselves for the next hour. afterward, because it was such a surpise and she was so shocked, i had to recount the events.

Mar 15, 06 12:39 pm
some person


I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I love Chicago and have experienced the empty streets at night that are strangely comforting. There is something great about the city at night - two of my friends got engaged while looking at the Chicago skyline from Northwestern University.

Mar 15, 06 10:20 pm
A Center for Ants?

as much as this 23 year old is far far far away from marriage, and as much as i usually find these stories saccharine, your stories were the one little ray of shining happiness in this gloomy day. thanks for sharing!

Mar 15, 06 10:30 pm

ether, your story was awesome. so sweet. I hope I find a guy that nice someday!

Mar 16, 06 12:57 am
sporadic supernova

very nice .. indeed ...
man .. i wish i could plan these things !!

Mar 16, 06 1:08 am

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