random career question


So here are my three passions:

Humanitarian work

Think there's a career out there for me?

Mar 6, 06 1:57 am

make one.

Mar 6, 06 10:23 am

Go join the Peace Corps and find out.

Mar 6, 06 10:51 am

Apparently you are Brad Pitt. You seem to be doing pretty well for yourself already.

Mar 6, 06 11:17 am

wow never thought about that

Mar 6, 06 11:24 am

lol WonderK. Brad Pitt is an archinector! deshi watch out. you'll get 39827402837049820938049830 e-mails today.

Mar 6, 06 11:32 am

"make one" brilliant! yay blind optimism

Mar 6, 06 11:43 am

Like my prof. used to say it’s just an education you make it work for you-in this age of specialist, you could make your own career move:
I tent to believe an architecture education gives one the tools to be part of the film industry any day- it’s our social responsibility to better this world we live in- so humanitarian work should already be part of your credo.
I think we have several so call “celebs” lurking around this site- (an insider note)

Mar 6, 06 11:56 am

yeah reflex, cause no one has EVER made a career out of doing what they wanted...blind...not if your following your own direction.

even if you don't know it people are making their careers every have more to do with where and what you end up doing than anything or anyone else...I would think it is blind following some presumed 'career path' only to find out at 45 your a tool for someone else.

yes, make one.

Mar 6, 06 12:08 pm

There is no such thing as a random question young Grasshopper.

Mar 6, 06 12:12 pm

Let me put it this way.

I have a really good friend who wanted to make toys...he is no design grad from anywhere...just a hard worker who taught himself webdesign and graphic desing in Austin during the .com he is making toys...did he go to a school for it, no...did he intern for it, no...did he work under some guru for years, no...he just started scrubbing forums of toy sites etc and figured it out while making his way...and guess he makes his own toys...but don't listen to me...don't believe in yourself and fight to do those things you are passionate about...follow the formula and see where it gets you.

by the way the toy company is

make your life happen today.

Mar 6, 06 12:15 pm

Oh I thought you meant toys, like Little Tikes. Those are kind of art toys for adults, aren't they? The type sold at Giant Robot? Cool none the less. And an inspiring story.

Now if only I had the idea and the sack...

Mar 6, 06 12:24 pm

they just started with their first line...yeah custom toys...but he has a ton of ideas up his sleave ranging from toys for kids, to furniture, to custom figs...and I am sure he will do all of it

the point being...make it today...don't wait, do.

oh, and by the way he just finished building his own house...sans an architecture to dream big and believe in yourself.

Mar 6, 06 12:30 pm

lol thanks everyone for humoring me. You guys how it is to be in college and everyone is saying "pick a fucking career or something" but that whole making your career thing sounds very interesting, but how to go about it?

I'm think I'm going to go ask Brad how he did it.

Mar 6, 06 3:19 pm

something I just happened across a moment ago...these coincidences just keep piling up...mighty suspiciously...

Mar 6, 06 3:40 pm

“Orthodoxy means not thinking - not having to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness" - George Orwell, 1984

The orthodoxy of the architectural profession sometimes limits its graduates. As someone once said to me on this site, the linear path is not always the correct one. Jason has good advice, and it is a lesson learnt that sometimes doing what you think is the correct way, leads you away from where you really want to go, and is often the safe path.

Mar 6, 06 4:39 pm

very zen, diabase ;-)

Mar 7, 06 9:08 am

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