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i'm traveling to India very soon - going to be near Chandigarh, have any of you had experience visiting the buildings? are there any relevant historical 'tours' or any restrictions for visitation on campus?


thank you!

Jan 15, 12 4:06 pm

Hey. Chandigarh is certainly an interesting place, being the creation of LeCo and all, but....

It was probably the most annoying place I visited in my 4 month trip across India. Its difficult to find a hotel that accepts foreigners, much less one that's cheap. No-one was being any bit helpful at all. Its also takes forever to get around, because the block sizes are ridiculously huge and the famous buildings(the secretariat, high court) are way on the edge of town, and you have to get some kind of pass if you actually want to go up to them, there are guards posted at all the entrances and they don't take kindly to foreigners. Its on the railway from Delhi heading north, so you might try to make a day trip there. I'd do some research on howto get the pass to go check out the buildings(I think I remember reading somewhere you have to contact the architecture department there or something.) 

If you do go there, don't miss the rock garden. Its a crazy bizarre place that some dude spent half of his life taking the leftover concrete from all of the construction and making a playland only tim burton could truly love. Its very intriguing. There's also a very helpful, old sikh who lives there called "Narinder Singh," who if you can find him will take you all around the city, telling you the history, finding cheap places to eat, and even to stay. 

You can see some of our footage from chandigarh at the following link,

and if you check out our channel, we've got about 40 minutes of footage from our trip there. Its a blast! enjoy it. 


Jan 15, 12 6:06 pm  · 

Reserve a hotel room in advance using travelocity. That way, you know they accept people from abroad...


Jan 16, 12 4:45 pm  · 

perfect! thank you both

Jan 20, 12 7:21 am  · 

I talked my way into the secretariat and all that. Hard when youre wearing a red shirt the day of a communist rally, but youd be amazed how far persistence/politeness/playing-dumb gets you.

Dont miss the architecture museum and the nek chand garden. 

Jan 22, 12 11:08 pm  · 

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