Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


I got licensed, start to manage a project as a project architect, and working towards project manager. I start to wonder what will be my next step? Where will I be in another 5 years? I start to realize only be good at design or technial stuff won't bring me to any where. It seems only managment play more important role for one's future. Eventhough I'm not really interested in numbers and schedules, but I think I have to learn. Eventhough I'm more interested in 3D computer modeling, I know the investment won't be pay back. Ironic enough after I heard the guy sits next to me who is very good at graphic and 3D got laid off from his previous company, I realized very similar things happened to me before. Those who has no talent for graphic end up doing more CDs and easily become project architect later and seems become more valuable to the boss. Those who have the talent end up become less important to the firm. Isn't my observation right?
I think I have to become a manager or start my own firm in 5 years. Where do you see yourself? Let's talk about it.

Mar 2, 06 5:02 pm

i see myself wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland in mad max attire armed with only a t square and a hammer, slowly rebuilding the world.

Mar 2, 06 5:20 pm

I hope that in five years I am licensed and part of a growing firm, finished with the house I promised my wife two years ago and continue teaching a studio once a year.

Even though I could dream of being in a soccer field every day, as an assistant coach, at Barca or other team, scouting talented 14 year olds argentines or SA players.

Or giving up on architecture, and go back to my family’s roots an open up a restaurant.

Can't really tell you, I just know I got choices

Mar 2, 06 5:34 pm

in the desert, beginning to build a place people will someday seek out to learn a new approach to permaculture.

Mar 2, 06 5:37 pm

the question on my mind, for one I never calculated being over 30 (omg). Private practice is a good start...continuing my adolescent success, getting a few land art/landscape projects under my belt, stress less, being happy, travelling like I used to in my early 20s.

Mar 2, 06 5:43 pm

sounds like it might just depend on the type of office. i've never worked in an office where people with no graphic talent are more valued....typically my experience has been that those with a strong graphic talent and design sense are given more chances and are more valued...but then i guess it depends on how skilled you are at thinking through problems...those that can't (even if they do have graphic skill) are usually not of much use. that's probably the big dividing line...those that can think through problems creatively are valued those that aren't just aren't.
my plans: get licensed in the next few months. continue teaching. do more personal projects and try to get in a few exhibitions and publications. then in a few years start up my own thing...

Mar 2, 06 5:47 pm
A Center for Ants?

m. arch completed, finished w/ IDP and taking exams...

it's a long road ahead.

Mar 2, 06 6:10 pm

Finished with California's IDP, and maybe taking exams. I am in no rush.

Also, slightly less in debt. That one probably fits in the "Where do you see yourself in 30 years?" thread.

Mar 2, 06 6:18 pm

Finished with my M.Arch and plummeting in to debt as repayment begins. Hair falling out and working at Walmart. Maybe I can be the greeter.

Fo' real I'd like to be back in Boston. Or maybe Seattle. Working at a mid-sized firm with minimal responsibility maybe as a CAD or Render monkey. My goals are low.

Mar 2, 06 6:20 pm

Hasselhoff, nothing wrong with those goals my friend.

Mar 2, 06 6:25 pm

I see myself here:

Mar 2, 06 6:26 pm

Licensed, practicing part-time, teaching sustainability part-time, in a mid- to large-sized city, living with my man* and my dog

*as it turns out, I'm actually quite bad at finding this variable in the equation. calculus, i tell you. humph.

Mar 2, 06 6:30 pm

Futureboy & southpole, you both mentioned teaching, I wonder where do you teach, what qulification do you need to teach? How do you apply? I will be very interested to learn. Thank you!

Mar 2, 06 6:49 pm

Developing, designing and marketing my own projects....and on a beach sipping quality tequila

Mar 2, 06 8:03 pm
A Center for Ants?
Maybe I can be the greeter.

i was a drop away from spewing my drink all over my monitor.

Mar 2, 06 8:53 pm

trace you mean, like Milton in office space (the tequila on the beach)

dont forget the swingline though!


Mar 2, 06 8:57 pm
Mar 2, 06 8:58 pm

- "Those who have no talent for graphic end up doing more CDs and easily become project architect later and seems become more valuable to the boss. Those who have the talent end up become less important to the firm." - this is a gross generalization - i would like to try to disabuse younger professionals of this notion

to be sure, there are firms where this condition may be the case. but, in my experience, mainstream firms in the US tend to have solid career opportunties for both type of professional

moreover, there is a real need for young people to not move in one direction or the other too early ... look for a situation that will provide you experience both as a designer and as a technical architect ... you won't become a really good architect if you don't have a reasonable degree of skill in both areas ... somewhere later in your career you may choose to specialize a bit more, but don't make that choice too soon ... you will live to regret a premature decision

Mar 2, 06 9:22 pm
liberty bell

Still working with my partner in our own firm, but working on larger projects and making more money than I am now. And hopefully I'll be brave enough to have hired an employee or two by then.

Mar 2, 06 9:34 pm
Living in Gin

M.Arch. degree, license, working as a project architect at a good firm, and laying a solid groundwork for eventually setting up my own practice.

Well, maybe in 10 years....

Mar 2, 06 9:44 pm

march dropout & become a disqualified trophy wife.
not particularly sure yet
I just finished The Notebook - it's a terrible movie except the part where the old lady had Alzheimer's

Mar 2, 06 10:31 pm

hmmm.... suddenly win the lottery; jackpot preferably is $200 million +

Mar 2, 06 11:08 pm
FOG Lite

Living into the Future....

Mar 2, 06 11:29 pm
FOG Lite

Living into the Future....

Mar 2, 06 11:30 pm
FOG Lite


Mar 2, 06 11:30 pm
design geek-girl

I'll probably be in my first or second year of grad school... MArch1.

Mar 2, 06 11:31 pm

graduating with a b.arch at cornell

Mar 3, 06 12:21 am

FOG lite, it all leads to this

Mar 3, 06 1:16 am

In Australia, living in a yurt. My degree hanging from the frame, with stack of sketch books everywhere, pondering life, and figuring out how I will make mine worth living.....Or a mindless drone working a 9-5 building models…. I don’t know, I can only hope or the best…

Mar 3, 06 1:31 am

finished phd, teaching part time.

doing bigger projects in office, maybe 2 or 3 people working for us. starting to be well known outside tokyo...

oh, and a bit of money would be nice for a change.

not so sure if talent always goes unrewarded but i have friends who work in offices where it does seem to be the be fair it is not so much that talent goes unrewarded as much as the people who can speak well do better than the quiet artistic types. is hard to do well in big office if an introvert.

Mar 3, 06 2:12 am

In 5 years I'll probably be doing exactly what i'm doing right now, but with a M.Arch degree... and doing it over in Scotland. I'll be working to get licensed with RIBA and finally get some hands-on experience w/ adaptive reuse of historic structures (no more theoretical crap, 7 1/2 years of that is enough to drive a person insane).

Either that or I'll get so fed up with the buisness while in grad school that I'll give it up, move to Australia/Key West, open a bar and live on a beach for the rest of my life.... at least then I know I won't die from stress.

Mar 3, 06 9:03 am
Devil Dog

in five years, i see myself. . .

working less, spending more time with my new born daughter.

working less, spending more time with my wife.

working less, fly fishing more.

being less dependent on someone else for employment, being more dependent on myself for employment.

contributing more, consuming less.

living more, not living less.

Mar 3, 06 11:04 am

Oh yea build my holiday house/only house on a partially deserted island that i may commune with nature and practice from the luxury of my terrace with sea/mountain view

Mar 3, 06 11:23 am

knock, thank you. i knew i had seen that list before, couldn't place it.

Mar 3, 06 12:08 pm

somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Maybe london, doing the MFA thing at the RCA. That would be nice.

Mar 3, 06 2:13 pm

well, i teach at Pratt. which is a good spot to be at for those of us young guns trying to push some new agendas...kinda keeps the heart beating a bit.
the only credentials i have are a MArch (SCIArc 01) and a resume with some big names on it. really that's how it usually goes. it's the game, right?

Mar 3, 06 3:04 pm

futureboy, in five years will your name be presentboy?

Mar 3, 06 3:08 pm

Jump, I think what I said is maybe more true in small firms. In a bigger firm, people with graphic talent may have more chance to become a designer later.
Babs, You are quite right, people should develope both aspects to become well round architects, and will have more potential for future developmnent.

Mar 5, 06 12:45 am

ruling hades

Mar 5, 06 3:32 am

oops, that was meant for the horny thread.

Mar 5, 06 3:32 am

halfway to 10 years, which would be subfamous, w/ or w/out the trophy wives

Mar 5, 06 3:34 am

speaking of, is pj harvey available?

Mar 5, 06 5:16 am

"how much for that trophy wife in the window?"

Mar 5, 06 5:16 am

Foreget 5 years...Who here has a 75-year plan?

Mar 5, 06 7:31 am
vado retro

pushing through the market square
so many mothers sighing
news had just come over
we had five years left to cry in
news guy wept and told us
earth was really dying
cried so much his face was wet
and i knew he was not lying
i heard telephones opera house
favorite melodies saw boys toys
electric irons and tvs
my brain hurt like a warehouse
it had no room left to spare
i had to cram so many things
to store anything in there
and all the somebody people
and all the nobody people
and all the something something people
i never knew i needed so many
we got five years stuck on my eyes
five years what a surprise
five years my brain hurts a lot
five years thats all we got
girl my age went off her head
hit some tiny children
if the black hadnt have pulled her off
i think she would have killed them
a soldier with a broken arm
fixed his stare to the wheel of a cadillac
cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest
and some queer through up at the sight of that
i thought i saw you in an ice cream parlor
drinkin milkshakes cold and long
laughing and waving and looking so fine
i dont think you knew you were in this song...

Mar 5, 06 9:59 am

Aw, FOGLite beat me to the punch!

Mar 5, 06 11:47 am

A five year plan, now that is just scarry! When you reach for the stars when your twenty that is one thing but as you age you always want to be reaching backward, least I do. I'm happy where I am at and in five years I hope to be just as happy.

Mar 5, 06 4:08 pm

I settled my own firms foundations one year ago at the age of 27 and I am still doing freelance work for different architects to learn and gain more.I will probably be licenced by then and I will have some projects built here and there.I would like to keep my independence until then where I won't have to work 9-5 to any size firm.I would like to build more , travel more and meet more.

I should be done with my website in five years and hopefuly with a decent girl friend operationg either from a loft in Downtown Los Angeles or keeping my small garage studio for bigger fish.I wanna do more international competitions and hopefully start my masters in sustainability or related subjects.

I will see Machu pichu , Acropolis , Glass House , Fallingwater House and many more depending on the locations.

We will see , also good luck everybody who has good hope and bad hope about this coming up fiev years in their career and life.

Mar 5, 06 4:42 pm
vado retro

i actually put together a five year plan recently...i'd post it, but you all give me enough grief as it is...

Mar 5, 06 6:41 pm

warnin'; vado's plans can be scandalous

Mar 5, 06 7:39 pm
vado retro

thazz not me. my trailer aint got air condition' . which you'd definitely need with that chica...

Mar 5, 06 9:53 pm

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