Subtle pleasant sensations


the unobvious and oft unnoticed.

cutting cleanly through 3/8" foamcore with a brand new x-acto blade

putting on my knit beanie after washing, where it squeezes ever so slightly my skull.

Mar 2, 06 12:03 am

oh my.

where does one begin.

biting into a truffle with a gooey center.

answering a question and solving a problem.

smelling someone completely delicious whilst in their presence....and then smelling vaguely like them after they are gone.

Mar 2, 06 12:26 am

pomegranate seeds bursting open between your tongue and the roof of your mouth

jumping in bed after a hot shower. just that feeling of being perfectly warm and dry.

the gentle tugs at your scalp from having your hair cut.

And yes WonderK, "oh my" is a pretty good response to the topic. Maybe I'll continue my thoughts on the threads thread so as not to hijack the topic.

Mar 2, 06 12:57 am

sharpening the dull lead on my draughting 314

Mar 2, 06 1:14 am

Seeing the grease and grit ground into the skin on my hands for days after working on my motorcycle... a reminder of a job well done.

Laying in bed in the heat of the summer, and spritzing water straight up in the air so it falls ever-so-gently onto naked skin, cooling it instantly.

And popping a huge zit.

Mar 2, 06 1:40 am
vado retro

redheads on acid and whiskey on kittens...

this thread is going to go oh so bad...and very soon...

Mar 2, 06 6:54 am
liberty bell

The weight on your entire torso of that lead shield thing the dentist puts on you when s/he takes xrays. I love that feeling.

Mar 2, 06 9:06 am
brian buchalski

i enjoy... my finger-tips just feel more alive after trimming the nails

...(finally) crawling into bed after an all-nighter, an intense review and then the inevitable post-review social. those first few minutes of just finally giving in and letting the body relax are unbelievable (and then you pass out like a rock for twelve hours)

...opening the door of my flat after buying some star-gazer lillies earlier. also amazing to go home and have it smell soooo good.

Mar 2, 06 9:12 am
liberty bell

Oh and here's one for the girls - taking off your stockings at the end of the work day. Maaaaan, does that feel lovely. Even better if your significant other is standing there with a drink in his hand for you when you do it.

Mar 2, 06 9:34 am
Sean Taylor

How about the feeling of the hairdryer cord grazing across your chest when the hair stylist goes from one side of the back of your head around to the other. I have an appointment tomorrow.

Mar 2, 06 9:45 am

drinking a guiness after charette

Mar 2, 06 9:51 am

going for a 45 minute run and collapsing in front of the TV after the shower: sometimes i almost feel like i'm floating and naturally high.

Mar 2, 06 9:54 am
brian buchalski

...and, of course, i still love the wet-feet feeling after i pulverize an unacceptable puddle by jumping straight into it. the sound of the splatting on the adjacent pavement and the cool rush of water into my shoes and through my socks is dizzying. of course, i usually regret this an hour later when my feet are just plain cold & wet.

...and lying on the ground. took this for granted as a child, but it's a rare treat as an adult. could be anywhere & at anytime. grass, sand, concrete, asphalt, stone...could be warm & dry, soft & moist, hard & cool, whatever

...being barefeet in a car. the upholstry/floormats always have a very unique & distinctive synthetic feel and this whole experience is always evocative of the beach for me as that seems to be the only time i would get in a car without shoes on

Mar 2, 06 10:48 am

That moment after about a minute of rigorous stirring over very high heat when the remaining liquid (mostly wine and melted butter) cullled from cooking the scallops and the added heavy cream suddenly becomes a thick sauce. That's when you know the Coquille St. Jacques is going to be just perfect.

Mar 2, 06 12:11 pm
liberty bell

The texture of a Pepperidge Farms Milano cookie dissolving in your mouth.

Swimming naked.

Mar 2, 06 12:16 pm

Coffee. Black.

Mar 2, 06 12:19 pm

For the twelve hour design portion of the registration exam I took along three packs of Milano cookies. For every cloud a silver lining?

Mar 2, 06 12:19 pm

puddles, barefoot in a car is a good one. I like the feel of the pedals barefoot. Isn't that illegal in some places? But then again high heels are legal. Silly world...

Mar 2, 06 12:20 pm

quondom, did that silver lining hurt your stomach after a while? Also, did you have any black coffee on hand?

Mar 2, 06 12:21 pm

the chills you get when you pee.

warm underwear fresh out of the dryer.

Mar 2, 06 12:23 pm

mimo, those chills, maybe you should get checked out.

Mar 2, 06 12:24 pm
liberty bell

Black coffee again, garpike, oh yes.

Meeting your best friend for black coffee early in the morning before you both go to respective workdays - that's a really nice way to enjoy it, too.

Mar 2, 06 12:29 pm

coming home after errands/whatever on a weekend in the late morning and still being able to smell the coffee and breakfast smell.

less subtle, but still pleasant: chewing ice.

finding a good pen.

Mar 2, 06 12:30 pm
brian buchalski

wow, great stuff here everybody

just makes me (sadly) realize how understimulated i've been lately

Mar 2, 06 12:31 pm
liberty bell

The sensation of slipping the pithy white stem out of a just-peeled orange.

Peeling that clear blue protective film off of stainless steel appliances.....I think from now on I'll demand that my contractors let me do that portion of the work.

I enjoy life so much.

Mar 2, 06 12:34 pm
liberty bell

Standing motionless on a corner of Center City Philadelphia at 5:15pm and feeling the living rush of the city around you.

Mar 2, 06 12:37 pm
job job

airplan: window seat, asleep, headphones

i can do it professionally

Mar 2, 06 12:39 pm

garpike, no tummy ache. My mother is a top rate cook and a top top rate cookie and cake baker--the amount of different doughs that that woman knows how to make and bake is astounding, and I'm talking about some recipes that go back severel centuries of generations. Like it used to say (and perhaps still does) on the Milano pack, they're made "for the discriminating palette." I rarely drink coffee, but when I do I enjoy a double expresso.

Mar 2, 06 12:41 pm

smell of a campfire, feel of crisp and and the sound of water rushing over the waterfall.

Mar 2, 06 12:47 pm
el jeffe

the first long tug of any carbonated beverage after a day spent in a wood shop.

Mar 2, 06 12:49 pm
liberty bell

Spending the day in the sun at the beach and as dusk falls and the temperature cools: putting on a sweatshirt.

Mar 2, 06 12:50 pm

quondom, you are a lucky man to have such a mother.

Mar 2, 06 12:57 pm
job job

late night driving

waitaminnit i've seen that post about 5:15 in philly before (i've got strangely gooood recall)...
are women on payphones screaming at boyfriends?

Mar 2, 06 12:58 pm
liberty bell

Yes snowi - and that's just another component of the lfie of the city, which is incredible to feel especially when you stand motionless.

Mar 2, 06 1:03 pm

opening the plastic wrapping from a newly bought CD

getting back a freshly ripped ticket stub before entering a concert

taking a good photo

getting smiles from strange girls

Mar 2, 06 1:09 pm

seeing sigur ros live

not subtle but incredible

Mar 2, 06 1:11 pm
Sean Taylor

I would say that saying the word "Fuck" really loudly after doing something stupid is pretty great. Not in front of my daughter of course, but something about the way the hard "K" feels on the voicebox just makes things better.

Mar 2, 06 1:28 pm

when you're making chocolate chip cookies and you open the oven and the hot, cookie-laden air hits you in the face

when you smile at a baby and he/she smiles back

when you design something and see it built for the first time, exactly as you envisioned it - you get that chill up your spine (this happened to me this morning)

waking up at 6:15, knowing you don't have to get up until 6:30, and putting your head back on the pillow

Mar 2, 06 2:02 pm

thanks garpike, but my mom is now a little too old to do a lot of baking. The last two Christmases she only made one or two types of cookies (as opposed to two dozen types), but she still can't keep out of the kitchen--last night she called me up and told me come over and get some of the cheese cake she just baked. OK, I definitely have to get back into bike riding once the weather breaks.

All the times my father asked me if I saw some deer after riding my bike through Pennypack Park and I was able to say yes. Yeah, seeing deer in the "wild."

Mar 2, 06 2:17 pm
brian buchalski

more great ones, thanks for sharing

and i'll second the campfire, waking up before the alarm hits, and the sigur ros live (except when billy joel is upstairs)

Mar 2, 06 2:19 pm

the first little breeze when riding the lift for your first run of the winter season

the first inhale of salty air at the Gulf (after being gone for so long!)

the jump in your stomach when you go a little too fast over that bump

Mar 2, 06 2:31 pm

I hate opening cds. Drives me batty.

lots of good ones on here I'll add:

-finishing a beast of a literary masterpiece (gravities rainbow, ulysses, remembrence of things past, infinite jest...)

-walking out of a math/science/engineering test knowing you aced it.

-the initial sound of some amazing and amazingly well-recorded music coming out of a really really good stereo.

-the first time you go bodysurfing and actually catch a wave

-the smell on the first warm day that melts the snow

Mar 2, 06 2:51 pm
liberty bell

Pinning long hair up off your neck.

Unpinning your hair.

Mar 2, 06 2:59 pm

Apologies for the gramatical and spelling errors in my last post. That's what I get for posting while on the phone.

I like that I typed the plural of gravity.

Mar 2, 06 3:03 pm

puppy breath

Mar 2, 06 3:10 pm
Josh Emig

The smell of grinding metal with an angle grinder (or any grinder, really). I don't know why, but I love that smell.

Solid contact: perfect hammer blow to a nail, for instance, and the nearly inaudible ring that the nail makes.

That second stretch of sleep, on a day off, after you wake, consider getting up, and then decide instead to just stay in bed -- especially if it is cold out and slightly chilly in the bedroom.

Mar 2, 06 3:12 pm
liberty bell

Public, I love that metal smell too - the smell of a metal shop. Yum.

The best smell in the world though is orange blossoms in early spring. The most fleeting scent ever.

Mar 2, 06 3:23 pm

quondom, I can't wait to get back on my bike - and I probably should get back on. No deer around here, at least that I have seen, but the mountain lion signs keep my mother worried.

Mar 2, 06 3:26 pm
liberty bell

Bringing a slide (light-projected image, whatever) into focus.

Mar 2, 06 3:29 pm

the sound, feel and smell of rain as it's starting to fall
in summer..and getting under a tin roof just as it's starting
to really come down...the pounding of the rain and the
change in air temperature...and knowing that you just
missed getting completely soaked...and that you can't/
don't have to go anywhere for a while.

Mar 2, 06 3:35 pm

making solid contact with a soccer ball...putting it exactly
where you want it, knowing the keeper has no chance and
seeing it rifle into the back of the net..

Mar 2, 06 3:41 pm

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