Earth Day

R.C. Barn

Does anyone have any ideas on what my office could do for Earth Day. I want to think of something that we can all get involved in that is not only productive but informative to the office in relation to architecture. A couple ideas would be to go to a dump to see all the waste (essential from concrete and construction) and its negative impact on the surroundings, or to go to a construction site and clean up and recycle materials that would normally be discarded....Any other thoughts?

Mar 1, 06 1:02 pm
A Center for Ants?

don't print anything for a day.

and try not to consume anything that'd force you to throw something away. (containers etc.)

Mar 1, 06 2:51 pm

Maybe treat it as an anniversary rather than an event. Instead of doing something different for the day, make it the day when you start doing things differently from then on.

Mar 1, 06 4:07 pm

sleep in. dream about saving the earth.

Mar 1, 06 5:11 pm
Heather Ring

This is so great, RC. Where are you located? Maybe that would help us brainstorm ...

Mar 1, 06 10:39 pm

plant a tree

Apr 22, 07 3:26 pm

purchase carbon offsets

Apr 22, 07 4:03 pm

i.e. sponser the ability for a tree to absorb carbon dioxide (clear conscience)

Apr 22, 07 4:05 pm
Apr 22, 07 4:06 pm

drink tap water

Apr 22, 07 4:21 pm
email this to co-workers
Apr 24, 07 3:48 am

hey it's earth day again

Apr 22, 08 10:40 am

start eating low-carb

Apr 22, 08 10:45 am

turn off your computer

Apr 22, 08 11:15 am

don't drive to the office today

Apr 22, 08 11:16 am

grow something organic

Apr 22, 08 11:41 am

start a compost pile

Apr 22, 08 11:46 am

eat vegetarian, air dry your hands after washing.

Apr 22, 08 12:12 pm

every google search generates between 1 and 10 grams of CO2

Apr 22, 09 12:30 pm

happy e-day yay !!

Apr 22, 10 2:11 pm

FRaC... excellent juxtaposition of Google headline images! So pretty.

Apr 22, 10 6:11 pm

yeah those googley graphics people have gotten better over the years

Apr 22, 10 6:55 pm

bang the drum @ 4:20pm; eat a peach (save the pit & plant it later); think like a primate; and definitely hug trees, friends, and anyone who comes into your view.

Apr 23, 10 1:23 pm


yay it's good earth friday day !!

Apr 22, 11 11:43 am

(googly animated their image this year .. and how much water did it take to grow those vanitatious flowers?!? only water what you organically eat!)

Apr 22, 12 12:52 pm

[flat] EARTH DAY!!!

Apr 22, 13 2:31 pm

^ Good catch.

Apr 22, 13 8:15 pm

*sent from my iphone
Apr 23, 13 12:01 am

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