Help an archinector out and vote for my snowboard designs!


so i entered the 'design my ride' contest and now i have to promote my designs, so where better than the place where it all started... or at least where i found out about the contest...

here are the urls to my designs, i am going to try to post images as well, but i have not had much luck doing so in the past so bear with me... thanks for your help in advance! (by the way you can vote for each design once, and you vote by clicking 'expert' in the scoring legend) oh and the names of my designs are 'grabs' and 'goddam dandelions'..

Promote your design #1:
Promote your design #2:

Feb 27, 06 10:44 pm
Feb 27, 06 10:55 pm

yes!!!! i figured it out, this one is 'grabs'

Feb 27, 06 11:02 pm

this one is 'goddam dandelions'

Feb 27, 06 11:04 pm

oh, and yes you have to register to vote... if you are having trouble now, try back later, i think there is a glitch in the system right now, i e-mailed the administrator about it so hopefull they will get it straightened out ASAP, thanks again guys!

Feb 28, 06 9:28 am

On the site alliecat, the images for your two boards are the same. They both look like this:

Feb 28, 06 10:40 am

this is driving me nuts!!! i could see the images this morning on my computer just fine, but now i can't on my work one, lets try again with 'grabs'

Feb 28, 06 11:18 am

'goddam dandelions'

Feb 28, 06 11:19 am

thanks pencrush!

Feb 28, 06 11:19 am

I'll vote for ya...but you've gotta post that shot of you wit' da cigar.....

Feb 28, 06 11:35 am

wow, i better win this thing... here ya go mysteryman...

Feb 28, 06 11:51 am

No hot linking

Feb 28, 06 12:26 pm
A Center for Ants?

post to image shack and then post here.

Feb 28, 06 1:08 pm

um, do the last 2 posts mean you still can't see my images? where is the image shack, the originals are in an easyshare account right now.

Feb 28, 06 1:58 pm

hey mysteryman, did you stick to your word?

Feb 28, 06 6:40 pm

EASYshare, thats funny...

Feb 28, 06 7:13 pm
A Center for Ants?
Feb 28, 06 8:21 pm

do you have any idea how they are making the leaderboard? I had the 126 votes and 4.46 scores but I'm not on the list?

Mar 31, 06 7:16 am
santa monica

The exact scoring system was never explained very well. What was your final ranking? Your average score was much higher than mine. I placed 335 (votes: 117 score:2.291).

It seems that the 'democratic' voting system might have been too easy to corrupt. I find it hard to believe that one person would have two entries place in the top ten.

Mar 31, 06 2:51 pm

they just sent this email,

"Sorry. We have been messing with the system and working with the scoring equation for the next contest. This is test data that has accidentally posted live to some peoples accounts. I apologize. We are in the process of turning off the site. I will get you your correct score before we do this".

Mar 31, 06 5:18 pm

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