W of Washington gOoD???


Hey i am in highschool and was wondering how architecture schools are ranked and which ones are good. im thinking of going to UW but is like going to Berkeley of UCLA that much better?/

Feb 25, 06 1:38 pm

sorry its University of Washington

Feb 25, 06 1:38 pm

try searching the threads at the bottom as well.

UW and Berkeley are BA programs not a 5 yr- prof. degree.
UCLA doesn't have an undergrad arch degree..

Feb 25, 06 2:29 pm

I was planning on going to march because i really want to major/minor/study abroad in japanese for undergrad

Feb 25, 06 2:47 pm

of course those ranking don't mean much especially when you should know what you are specifically after in an architecture program. All that research has to be done by YOU.

Feb 25, 06 3:14 pm

yeah thanks
Im also getting the impresson that your career is't based on your school but skil.....

Feb 25, 06 4:13 pm

Why do you people get so worked up over all this so damn early?! Go work at the mall and hook up with the Wet Seal chicks behind the dumpsters on your break, sheesh. Go like yell at your parents and learn how to drive, for heaven's sakes.

Feb 25, 06 5:15 pm

easy there myriam. debauchery at the mall isn't always the best advice, only sometimes. some people like having their lives planned 5 years in advance.

ak_asian, life will definitely change a lot between now and when you decide to go to architecture school or not. It just isn't worth it to think about this now.

Feb 25, 06 6:51 pm

W is bad!

Feb 25, 06 7:43 pm

The W in Washington, that is.

Feb 25, 06 7:45 pm

Garpike, that statement makes me think you are Palouse proud. True, or just against the letter W?

Feb 25, 06 10:30 pm

Washington, from what I understand, is a very good school with an excellent reputation (top 20, for what it's worth).

Frankly, it depends on what you're interested in focusing on, but you can't find a better city than Seattle: Mountains (20 min away), Ocean (40 min drive).

Mar 15, 06 7:46 pm

Debauchery at the mall is ALWAYS the best advice.

Mar 15, 06 7:56 pm

yes...yes it is.

and if I'm not mistaken, myriam has suggested this behavior in the past.

Mar 15, 06 9:04 pm

all this just reinforces why I should get a job at a mall

Mar 15, 06 9:15 pm

heheheheh...well, there are always the cute freshman girls that need help with the band saw... ;)

"can you show me how this works Pixelwhore?"

Mar 15, 06 9:20 pm

I have not been that impressed w/ the people from U-dub's undergrad program (and working in Seattle, there are lots of em) I think their master's program is mediocre at best, but it seems like the focus of their school in general is socially responsible work, learning the personal agenda of certain faculty and not design excellence.

The people I've worked with coming out of Wazzu's BARCH have had good eye for design, and have been quick to pick up technical issues.

And for the record, the girls that work at Forever 21 are way hotter than the girls at Wet Seal!

Mar 15, 06 10:24 pm

Uof Wash not UW, UW is the University of Wisconsin

Mar 16, 06 11:42 am

it's all regional beatledud. It took me a long time to get used to OSU being Ohio state and not Oklahoma state.

Mar 16, 06 12:38 pm

And I was wondering why people are talking up Seattle about a school in St. Louis. Oh wait, that's George Washington.

It seems the architecture community forgot that Seattle went out of style right along with grunge rock. For what it's worth, a friend working in Portland has said he's been unimpressed with the grads from both U Wash & Oregon.

Mar 16, 06 2:07 pm

so A, was your friend from the ivies or is he an average kind of guy
im at best above average, but definately not a genius going to harvard

i agree with super heavy. where i live in the west coast UW means university of washington.. in canada univesity of the midwest wisconsin.

Mar 22, 06 3:53 am

My friend in Portland is from a mid-western state school. Worked in Chicago before moving west. Funny you should mention the ivies because he used to work around those grads in Chicago and commented about how they weren't any more talented than him & the other fresh grads out of Illinois.

I've never worked with anyone from UW (Washington or Wisconsin) so I wouldn't know. Why are you talking yourself down about GSD? Harvard grads aren't that special. In the end it's mostly about you, and not so much the school.

Mar 22, 06 8:15 am

A, your friend sounds unimpressed with everything!

...oh wait, he's an architect, right.

Mar 22, 06 9:29 am

Yeah AP, only poor pixelwhore is stuck helping freshmen with... xactos and elmer's. Do you even *have* a bandsaw in there, Pixel?!

Mar 22, 06 9:32 am

Maybe all those cloudy days and rain out west have gotten my friend down a bit. Or it could be that he's an architect.

Mar 22, 06 11:06 am

for the record, the Hot Dog on a Stick girls are more "talented" than the Wet Seal and Forever 21 girls ever could be. Plus you get free corndogs and a nice cup of cherry lemonade.

Mar 22, 06 9:36 pm

I like lemonade.

Mar 22, 06 9:39 pm

me too AP. me too.

Mar 22, 06 9:51 pm

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