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Does anyone out there know of a site devoted to diagrams? Not necessarily architectural. but visual?

Feb 25, 06 1:14 pm

no, but

check out e. tufte

Feb 25, 06 1:55 pm

very visual

Feb 25, 06 2:02 pm
vado retro
Feb 25, 06 5:09 pm

you should also read up on some text unless your just looking for visual references...

R.E. Somol's Diagram Diaries & his essay from 'Content' "12 reasons fo get in shape"

Alejandro Zaera-Polo's Phylogenesis

Deleuze and Guattari's "Rhizomes" essay from A Thousand Plateaus is a interesting way of diagramming/looking at the world

Feb 25, 06 5:38 pm

Tufte rocks! And he's a nut.

Feb 25, 06 6:24 pm
vado retro

one of the best diagram's ever...

flesh color is the size of nap's army on the way into russia
black is nap's army on its retreat
temperature scale at bottom.
iz all there peeps...

Feb 25, 06 11:05 pm

Feb 26, 06 1:36 am
vado retro

jumpin on the bandwagon
by the gizmos
written by s.f.(former vado retro guitarist) and yours truly. and goes a little bit like this...

i was playin in a string quartet
and i was gettin real upset
finally through away my violin
got a leather jacket and some safety pins

learned to play three and four chords
got my little brother to write the words
got my inspiration from iggy pop
rock n roll rock n roll never stop

im gonna jump on the bandwagon
you wont believe how far i've gotten
gonna jump jump jump on the bandwagon
gonna be bigger
than johnny rotten...(1977)

Feb 26, 06 9:58 am
some person

Tufte's Rule #1: Avoid Chart Junk.

(People with cheesy clip art addictions should listen-up. Although, there are probably very view of those kinds of people in this forum.)

Feb 26, 06 12:01 pm


often links to Information Aesthetics. Both of these are full of pretty awesome Information Design.

Feb 27, 06 12:01 pm

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