what have you done to get something back??


I bet everyone here has got something stolen, taken or borrowed without even knowing...
so, what have you guys done to get it back??
here´s what I did...

[url=]take a lookurl]

Feb 21, 06 1:35 am

If you refer to the studio injury thread, in 9th grade a I reached across the table to retrieve my stolen eraser and ended up with 6 stitches in my nose from a misguided Xacto knife.

Feb 21, 06 2:05 am

I'm just going to cry

Feb 21, 06 5:14 am
sporadic supernova
Feb 21, 06 5:22 am

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler...

Feb 21, 06 6:15 am
liberty bell

I hung a very delicately worded sign in the laundry room at Cranbrook saying please check your laundry to see if you accidentally folded and took my Cranbrook sweatshirt along with your own clean laundry.

Needless to say I never saw the sweatshirt again. I know it was one of those thieving printmaking majors that took it - printmakers are a bunch of thugs.

Feb 21, 06 11:35 am

i constructed a model from other people's abondoned models. a curtain wall from here and an intresting detail from there.. it was delicious and got some faculty attention.
sad thing was, it was taken by a moralist student and destroyed before i docued it. fuckin' idiot.. after that, part of his new car was bashed by yours truly. he knew it was me but there was not enough evidence. that guy stop doing architecture shortly after graduation and last i knew, he was a real estate agent moving out los angeles.

Feb 21, 06 12:12 pm
el jeffe

i once quit a job to regain my dignity.

Feb 21, 06 1:24 pm
el jeffe

ok - not just once.

Feb 21, 06 1:24 pm

The weekend before I graduated a college friend comes to my place with a 12 pack of beers. He says they are for me because he stole my beer once. Apparently at a party, years earlier, he had no beer so drank mine. At this same party I was hammered and didn't know who too my beer but was pissed someone was drinking it. Anyway, good friends always return stuff.

Another college theft was my car CD player and a business law text stolen while I was parked in the student lot. Never found that bastard. Asked the campus bookstore if anyone was returning that text mid-semester. Nope. Bet it was stolen for pure entertainment. I don't hate many people, but I think I hate that person.

Feb 21, 06 1:27 pm

I said "Look! Elvis!" as I pointed off to no where. Then I grabbed my juice box back.

Feb 21, 06 1:30 pm

someone smashed the window out of my truck recently, I'm sure he thought he was justified, but he was wrong. I personally adhere to a 'never mess with a man's vehicle' attitude.

I get back at him by being happy, while he is childish, miserable and angry. It makes having fun even more fun.

Feb 21, 06 1:48 pm
Josh Emig

Someone took my pants while I was at the gym once. A well-worn pair of Levi's 505s. They had my student ID in the pocket, so I thought that if someone took them by accident, they'd return them. But no. No one returned them. It was the university gym, too, not like the YMCA where -- possibly -- the person was homeless or really needed them. I just think there is something weird about taking someone's pants. Also, I got to walk home in January in sweaty shorts.

Feb 21, 06 2:41 pm

^i had a gym-theft experience in junior high school...somone broke into my P.E. locker and stole my 200 dollar leather jacket that i begged my dad to buy for me...i reported it to the P.E. instructors and the school police...but later on after school...a friend of mine saw the guy wearing my jacket around the basketball friend ran to the benches where i hang out after school and told me that he spotted a guy wearing my jacket...i rushed to the locker rooms and saw him there...i was yelling all types of threats and walking fast as i was trying to find him between the rows of lockers(with a locker room echo too)...i find him and try to strangle him but my very fat friend stopped me and took the jacket from the guy...i continued wearing the leather jacket but it never felt the same...

Feb 21, 06 2:49 pm
job job

true story - at the end of a study term in rome, i was hanging around. most of my classmates were already gone, and my relationship with a local girl ended the only way i knew how at the time (and that's badly).

that's not so tough as i sometimes like solitude but it was approaching the holidays and it's one thing to choose not to speak and quite another to not be able to communicate very well. So I was going along and passed the kind of shop that sells anything: hats to bandsaws to shoes. I went in and saw the coolest present for my brother: vintage flight goggles and leather cap (can't call it a helmet - it's lined with cloth).

It was exactly 50,000 lira more than I had so I decided to try and barter this girlie 3-speed I was riding around. The shopkeeper, a nice guy about my age now, knew a broke student when he saw one and told me to send the money when I got home. Sure enough, with all the commotion of packing and unpacking I lost the paper with his address.

Years later I went back to the shop with a fistful of euros, and it was gone. Still feel bad about it to this day, actually. and it's more of a give something back kind of story

look! Elvis! excellent-gonna tell my dad that one next time he makes for my fries

Feb 21, 06 3:13 pm

I had a roomate that had a large painting stolen from him at the School Art Intitute of Chicago, about a year later he found the painting hanging in a gallery. It took him a couple of days to calm down enough to approach the galllery owner and "artist" so he didn't do anything irrational. He got the painting back, not much else. What would you have done?

Feb 21, 06 3:56 pm

i want my $2

Feb 21, 06 3:57 pm

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