mdler needs him a geetar


any thoughts on electrics???

Feb 16, 06 12:42 pm

Do you actually play? Seriously? Have you always done this? I don't remember this at all.

PS. are you in LA now? Since when?

BTW, I'm also trying to accelerate my march towards 1000 posts, thus all the jabbering lately.

And no, I don't have any thoughts on electrics. I can't even do a lighting schedule on my own....

Feb 16, 06 12:47 pm

been playing for two weeks...

have been in LA for 1.5 yrs is my website...still under construction, but should be up soon

hows the nati??

Feb 16, 06 12:52 pm

is that tony?

Feb 16, 06 12:55 pm


no, but i work with him

Feb 16, 06 1:08 pm

tony is my friend from sci arc. i'll stop by one o these days.great.

Feb 16, 06 1:13 pm
A Center for Ants?

get a cheap one for now if you just started.

don't get anything really crappy though. the playability is frightfully bad on some cheapo $100 guitars... i'd say look for a used mexican fender strat.

best recommendation is to stick w/ a acoustic for a bit though the wide fretboard and the lack of action will make you a better guitar player. then when you finally get an electric it'll be a breeze to play.

Feb 16, 06 1:57 pm
A Center for Ants?

WonderK- i'll race you to 1000.

Feb 16, 06 2:07 pm

i have an accoustic....but a Tele' would be nice

Feb 16, 06 2:12 pm

...its a penis thing

Feb 16, 06 2:14 pm


You're on!

I'm sorry I have nothing to say about your guitar conundrum, mdler. I completely missed your move to LA though. The 'nati is, as it always has been, poised for something greater than itself, but lacking the wherewithal to accomplish anything. Good thing they are redoing Fountain Square though.

Feb 16, 06 2:17 pm

most people say the best guitar you can buy is a gibson les paul. it will cost you though.

Feb 16, 06 2:21 pm


who are you working for these days???

any TB news???

Feb 16, 06 2:22 pm

mdler, check out my profile, I just updated it with some stuff about my firm. It's in Covington.

I'm not certain, do you mean TB the professor? I haven't heard anything at all lately. I talked to some of the kids in senior studio a couple weeks ago and he didn't come up. Dude, the old man is back though. After his stroke and everything. Apparently he just had throat surgery and is back to harassing 10 or 12 designated people, except now he doesn't sound like Darth Vader. Crazy!

</thread hijacking>

Feb 16, 06 2:28 pm

i wonder if he is pissed that they tore down his fountain sq. project

what about Stedman???

Feb 16, 06 2:43 pm

I have a sunburst American Strat Plus, bought about 12 years ago. Its lovely. If I was going to buy a new guitar, it would defintiely be a tele. I am a fender man.

Feb 16, 06 2:57 pm
A Center for Ants?

LesPauls are fantastic. amazing sound... but teles are decent too but i just prefer the sound of a strat type guitar to a tele.

buy a used fender off of some struggling musician strapped for cash on craigslist. don't get a squier though (they are manu. by fender) but ultimately are POS.


looks like i got a better start out of the gates. but who knows. maybe i'll straddle a gate in the slalom and get DQ'ed.

Feb 16, 06 2:58 pm

ACFA, you could just stay out drinking in a bar and then really mess up your chances of taking a medal. This is kinda like that new sport though, what is it, "snowboardcross"? Are there any other people who are close?

mdler, he probably is pissed. I haven't heard a thing about Stedman. I'll let you know if I hear more.

Feb 16, 06 3:14 pm

I want a PRS.

Feb 16, 06 3:34 pm

garpike likey this conversation. Too bad my new job makes Archinect difficult.

Feb 16, 06 4:59 pm

mdler, I love my Mexican Tele. Good stuff. Are you looking to get a humbucker sound or a single-coil sound?

Feb 16, 06 5:01 pm

??? you tell me

Feb 16, 06 5:01 pm

mdler you're in LA? Let's go shopping.

Feb 16, 06 5:02 pm

okay..i enjoy haning out at Guitar Center on the weekends

Feb 16, 06 5:28 pm

acfa, WonderK, the race to 1000 is on. Prepare for inanity.

Is the Guitar Centre on Sunset Boulevard? I went there a few years ago and was mighty impressed.

Feb 16, 06 5:35 pm

yep..need to work on my Zeplin riffs so I can rock out w/ the 13 yr olds

I love 13 yr olds

Feb 16, 06 5:37 pm

Zepplin, Sabbath and Purple will never die....

Feb 16, 06 5:47 pm

When I was 13, Smoke on the Water was the first song I learnt. It seems to be the first song that everyone learnt...

Feb 16, 06 5:48 pm
A Center for Ants?

I learned to play smashing pumpkins tonight,tonight first...

Feb 16, 06 5:49 pm
A Center for Ants?

diabase- are you in this mad dash to 1k as well? if so...

game on.

game ON.

Feb 16, 06 5:50 pm

Damn right...

Feb 16, 06 5:55 pm

I didnt really need to say that, except for the fact that we are now racing and I need comments.

Feb 16, 06 5:56 pm

Comments like the one just above.

Feb 16, 06 5:56 pm

And so on.

Feb 16, 06 5:56 pm

etc, etc.

Feb 16, 06 5:57 pm
A Center for Ants?

i think there was an unspoken agreement that your posts had to have content. otherwise one could sit there idly and post blank posts. which wouldn't really be fair.

Feb 16, 06 6:02 pm

They have content. Sort of. I''l be proper from now on.

Feb 16, 06 6:12 pm

for a newbie, ephiphone's are 'yer best bet...classic gibson style without the cost of admission. ibanez makes some decent entry level guitars too, but i think they only play poison, bon jovi and ratt.

tele's are great for the old school rolling stones, twangy bluesy thing, but strats have a far superior rawk tone.

i had a $250 fender acoustic for many many years before trading it for a bag of g***s in college. too bad...i bet the guitar's still around, but unfortunately not the *ras*.

Feb 16, 06 6:18 pm

The first song I learned was 4 degrees by Tool. I've got an Ibanez Talman with 3 lipstick coil pickups that I'm trying to unload. Near mint, hardshell case. Black with pearloid pickguard. Excellent shape. Discontinued model. If you (anyone) live in the Philly area or want to pay for shipping, hit me up.

I also have a sweet BC Rich Warlock that I got on a major Musicians Friend discount. I'm not selling that. Black, Widow headstock, flat front with white binding. I put on skull knobs and threw in a Duncan Distortion pickup. It totally rules for $250. I mostly use my other Talman with a Tony Iommi humbucker in it. Pretty nice, at least I enjoy it. It fits my hands nicely. I don't have any expensive guitars. But like I said, a PRS Custom 22 would be nice someday. Maybe since I suck at playing guitar, I will just get one of those wonky Santana student editions. I heard they are actually pretty nice for the price.

Feb 16, 06 6:31 pm

Epiphone's are varied. You wouldn't want to get their bottom line. But the higher up stuff is pretty good, like the Les Paul Classics (set neck). I have seen one bolt-on neck LP that is pretty good - the LP 100. Otherwise, beware.

As far as Strat providing superior rawk (sic) tone, first you must decide do you want single coils or humbuckers. You can read up on the difference, but the best way to find out is to try them. Also, there is a different feel between the Fender scale and the Gibson scale. Again, try them to see what you like.

I love my Tele, but it could never stand in for a Les Paul and vice versa.

Feb 16, 06 6:37 pm

Ooo! 1k! Three more... no two more!

Feb 16, 06 6:39 pm
A Center for Ants?

you traded a acoustic fender for a bag of girls? whoah. cool.

Feb 16, 06 6:50 pm

my first noise made was Redemption Song (Marley), on an old hand-me-down Ovation/Applause acoustic (the kind with the plastic belly)...five or so songs later the guitar was "re-posessed."

Feb 16, 06 7:31 pm

ya garpike, my new job allows for very little archinect....I won't be racing anyone to 1500...

Feb 16, 06 7:32 pm

you should try a used Reverend slingshot or avenger. They run around 500 and are far superior in build to equivalent priced fenders and epi's. They look really funny and are made out of phenolic. I coudn't get past that. My current main axe is a 57 reissue strat with ash body. I really like strat feel but hate their sound. Too wimpy, and no sustain. This is the only type of strat i can stand. The reverend equals it tone wise, though it has cheaper tuners and stuff, and costs half as much. They are also very consistent, so you don't need to try a bunch to find a good one.

also I have a question that bothers me. If fender is using CNC machines to build their guitars, why are the neck pockets still inconsistent. It seems like they should all be perfect, like warwicks when they switched to CNC.

Feb 16, 06 7:36 pm
vado retro

first learn to play the guitar you have. and when you're father and i see some progress and some dedication, then, we may consider getting you another guitar.

Feb 16, 06 7:49 pm

i am using a takamine acoustic/electric now, but back when i was into the electric blues i had a very fine fender (long sold cuz moving with 5 guitars every year or two across one ocean or another is just plain annoying)...

my first real guitar though was a mexican fender that was not only super cheap but had quite reasonable action and a nice mellow sound. would recommend it still, though i do kind of agree with kinch that the sound is not very biting. but that is a taste thing.

really it depends on what you want. Gibson (eric clapton in cream) is a bit heavier sounding than a fender (robert cray). or if you wanna get low down or jazzy an epiphone f-hole is quite nice (john lee hooker).

or if you just wanna look real alternativ-y a richenbacker is a good bet, but i hear they have become quite pricey nowadays...

Feb 16, 06 7:56 pm

kinch, Warmoth (replacement parts company) uses CNC mills and their neck pockets are the tightest. I have not seen better. Carvin also uses CNC. Pretty good work. So I can't explain why Fender's are bad. Actually the Fender's I have owned have been fine - both Mexican and American.

Feb 16, 06 8:00 pm

jump, I waited and waited for the Rickenbacker price to come down. I checked the "email for price" button at Musician's Friend to monitor the price. I waited, though not too long, and saw it drop from $1400 to $1050. Needless to say I clicked "add to cart".

Feb 16, 06 8:03 pm

Oh kinch I almost forgot. The reason you see poor CNC'd neck pockets may be due to a larger gap. They do this to allow for a greater finish tolerance. Ugh.

Feb 16, 06 8:05 pm

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