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not to derail the political aspect of this conversation, but i really am curious as to how other office deal with cell phones

it's hard to say this is an emerging technology since it's been around so long, but considering a phone can be used as a camera, a flashlight, data storage and transfer, etc. -  i can actually get my company's entire server on my phone with webdav.  that also means i can delete my entire server from my cell phone.  autocad 360 is an ap to view cad files on a mobile device (which i've downloaded but haven't actually gotten to work.  also, email goes to my phone.

it's an important tool, almost even necessary.  at my office, i don't give my clients my number since it's a personal phone.  while i do have my company email on my phone, others in the office choose not to do that.  my company isn't going to be buying me a phone or an ipad or anything like that, and they aren't going to reimburse me for anything like that either.  there is no set policy.  of course i use my phone for office related stuff all the time.  it's just too convenient, and carrying around an extra camera (our office camera is kind of old, beat up, fairly unreliable, people don't delete old pictures off the sd card, and is often not available because someone else took it somewhere) is just dumb.  if it's dark until i find an electric panel somewhere, having a light on my phone is pretty useful.  i have a level bubble to check ada slopes, a foot-inch calculator, etc.

so anyway, i have a fair idea of how to use technology to my advantage sometimes.  what i don't know is how this relates to real-life office environments.  in the past, a business would be expected to provide their employees with tools they need.  is that gone now, or is it just my office? i sort of feel like i'm falling behind technology wise, or my office is, or i just don't know what's going on in the world.

Jun 27, 13 10:50 am

sesame street is a dumbed-down shell of its former self.  that shit was edgy and groundbreaking - they had a single-earner gay couple living in a multi-ethnic urban neighborhood with a homeless guy who lived in a trash can and a schizophrenic bird living in an abandoned construction site. They got rid of one of the most endearing characters - a mildly mentally disabled person who had a serious eating disorder.  a recurring joke was a character who was so inept he couldn't hold down a regular job.  plus all the wild hallucinogenic segments that only really make sense if you're high or 4 years old...


now it's all market-tested sanitized schlock aimed at the children of suburban helicopter parents.

Jun 27, 13 11:00 am
Sarah Hamilton

Well, that was out of left-field, Toast!

As for the cell phones, I am in public education.  Policy is that if you have your school email on your cell phone, they can wipe your phone at anytime, should they need to.  Needless to say, I DON'T have my work email on my phone.  As for the money, can't you just write it all off on taxes as a business expense?  My husband writes all his new tools off each year, and that is essentially what you are saying your phone is, a tool. 

Jun 27, 13 2:27 pm

i'm sure i can write it off.  i've never been audited, soooo i guess that means i can claim 12 children too.  i'm not sure i know enough about taxes :(

my concern is more about what should be expected.  i know i have clients that expect me to have a phone, because everyone has a phone, and that leads to a certain expectation to use the phone to call them or be available for them to call me. 

also, i've built expectations by using my phone for work, just not so much as a phone.  now, for example, there is no reason for my company to replace the company camera, since we'll use person equipment anyway.  it's just kind of new to me to have a blurry separation between personal and company equipment, though maybe most firms put in some effort to un-blur that line.

i don't think my company is going to ask to wipe my phone, what with the previous comments of being able to remotely wipe the server.  plus i set up the email.  i would think that puts me in a unique position though, compared to a lot of other architects.

Jun 27, 13 3:15 pm

sarah - I was responding to curt's post about the GOP killing big bird.  my argument is that they'd put him out of his misery. 


also, because of this current lack of gritty realism in children's programming, I've decided to only expose my children to obscure soviet-era polish stop-motion animation while we eat our milk potato dinner.

Jun 27, 13 4:59 pm


Jun 27, 13 6:02 pm
You are too cynical, Miles. Anyway that wasn't the point. But do carry on with the new one.

We all use Cellphones on job to some extent . Company camera and cell pictures are both uploaded to cloud storage and terabyte drive so we can all use as resource. My partner and I are pretty mobile and especially in my case the cellphone and multiple computers at different locations is the only way to work. Couldn't imagine working without the current arrangement. Would be a real pain to have to carry anything but phone and sketchbook with me.

Hadn't thought about the blurred line between company and self though. It's a good point and something we haven't dealt with yet. So far not a problem so ill let the sleeping animal continue its rest. Can see how it would be an issue though. Unfortunate because it means telecommuting has artificial limitations put on it. I would prefer more convenience not less but maybe the only way to get there is to drop all pretense of separation between work and self. Like vernor vinge's rainbows end. Cool.
Jun 27, 13 7:28 pm

Will....we are the COMPANY.......and that is Life...and it is Cool. 

I have been wrangling with 12 sheets 4'X16'  of 16 ga. Corten Steel as part of my day to day tasks. The full story is a lot more more to come as I figure it out. As Willie Nelson  sang a song "On the Road Again."

Jun 27, 13 9:13 pm

I miss Liberty Bell...sign,

Jun 27, 13 9:14 pm

Will, the power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.

Jun 27, 13 11:26 pm

From a lawyer friend:

"I love archinect! I keep it in my news feed!"

Jun 28, 13 1:25 pm

I keep wondering if these "soft city/arch" people realize just how disturbing their future world is.

Jun 28, 13 4:29 pm

What is a "soft city/arch" type? And why is their future world going to be disturbing?

Jun 28, 13 5:59 pm

miles, that is such an observant response.

@snook, das right on.

Jun 28, 13 10:13 pm

tint - you've not heard of the soft systems people?  it's basically a "selectively grafted" version archigram's plug-in city, except we're now continually collecting data on your behavior so that we can inform future decisions on the built environment and infrastructure - and it somehow won't be used by nefarious characters to control society.  and of course all of their "existing examples" are in china.  it's all the rage at the AA.

Jun 29, 13 12:49 am
I have lots of opinions, from cell phones to Martha Stewart, but I'm barely back from my cruise and still have too much to mentally process thinking about it to form decent sentences about anything. So bizarre. Will be a crazy workweek catching up from being gone, too.
Jun 30, 13 3:56 pm
Ooh, off-kilter is an interesting way to start GSA!
Jun 30, 13 8:56 pm

Just got home from a road trip myself. This country (the US) is beautiful. All of the land is in full bloom right now.

toaster, plug-in city rings bells. thanks.

Jun 30, 13 9:40 pm

Did I mention how amazing the Seattle Public Library is? It's amazing.  A totally complex and contemporary piece of work, but also both materially sound and functional.  Interesting to look at both in context and as an object, and also just a fun place to hang out and enjoy the comings and goings of the community.  Plus, plenty of book storage, but not at the expense of other ways of communicating. So good. 

This is the second of Rem's projects I've been prepared to not really like but instead was blown away by, the other being the IIT Student Center.

Super great work. I still know very little of the theoretical underpinnings, but the work stands on its own.

Jul 2, 13 10:34 am

Marriage is on everyone's mind these days.

First, I've always though architects should be married to those in architecture or allied professions.  Who else is going to understand you?

Now DOMA has been stricken down and more states are allowing for same sex marriage.  Yet, no one has addressed same sex divorce, spousal support, child support, and visitation rights.  When will THAT be coming down the pike?

Marriage is suck a racket, anyway.  More than half of my goody two shoes parochial school friends are divorced from spouses with similar ages, cultures, educational levels, and other demographic similarities.  Others are keeping up appearances.  And a few are indeed happy.

Dogs and cats, anyone?

Jul 2, 13 12:40 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Well that was depressing.

Jul 2, 13 1:33 pm

Donna, I saw your name in the credits for set design on a YouTube show. Is that really you?

Jul 2, 13 1:39 pm

i used to have cats.  now i have a dog.  she's getting a bit older now though, a little slow to get up sometimes.  is that what you were asking?

Jul 2, 13 1:39 pm

Yes, I helped John Green figure out his set for the Crash Course program.  I didn't do much; he knew what he wanted, I just helped him source a few things. It was nice of him to credit me.

Jul 2, 13 1:53 pm

Sarah, I was just trying to be realistic more so than depressing.  Marriage is fine if there are no ulterior motives for a marriage and if the parties don't change too drastically so that one, or both, end up falling OUT of love with the other.

Curt, yes and no.  The great thing about pets, any pets, is the unconditional love they offer, though I prefer dogs.  They don't know if you're rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid, and they don't care.  The only issue is that their lifespans are comparatively short, and it's sad to part with one.

Jul 2, 13 2:10 pm

Donna, I see. That makes sense.

Jul 2, 13 2:36 pm

observant.....our dog loves the one with she goes back and forth between me and Mrs SDD.  So the love is not so unconditional.

Jul 2, 13 3:12 pm

Dogs are food whores and attention whores, but they still have 1 or 2 people in a family they are bonded to.  I was the dog's owner, but if food or novelty attention (new person) was around, her shift in loyalties was temporary. 

Speaking of food, didn't Mickey D's indicate their $1 value menu was going away because it's not profitable?  I just had a $1 chicken sandwich, so I haven't seen the departure yet.

Jul 2, 13 4:56 pm
Our kids are the same. They love the parent who is feeding them. Although hugs are up there too.

Marriage is neither a scam nor a thing with anything like a downside. Its not sacred in my mind and I see no reason why it was ever dis-allowed for mixed races nor gays. What a crock.

Divorce and all the rest will be the same as for everyone else. Not our business nor the point of all the hateful business in the USA lately in any case. No need to worry about it as far as I can tell. I'm just glad America has decided to get out of a few people's lives for a change. The trend has been the other way for some time.
Jul 2, 13 7:34 pm

hi TC!

today was second day in a row i ended up working through lunch....

on a lighter note it will be a short(ish) week?

Jul 2, 13 7:39 pm

I just had a $1 chicken sandwich

By chicken do you mean pink slime?

Jul 2, 13 8:23 pm

Cajun flavored McChicken sandwich.  Can do without the Cajun seasoning.  It's obviously processed.  People go into their 80s smoking cigarettes, so ... for a buck?

Jul 2, 13 8:31 pm

Dogs bond to training. Spend some quality time training each other and you will be bonded for life. We did obedience and agility, and we hate being separated from each other. 

Jul 2, 13 8:52 pm
I just saw a concert that reinforced my belief in people's ability to do amazingly creative things.

That's all. Sometimes that's enough.
Jul 3, 13 12:02 am

I really don't understand why someone who is supposedly interested in leading a "bon vivant" lifestyle is eating at mcdonalds.  that's just plain sad.  you sound like you need both a slap upside the head and a hug.

Jul 3, 13 12:05 am



ruh roh


popcorn time.

Jul 3, 13 12:13 am

toast thought that was an interesting article. personally, I don't see what is wrong with a "performative" architecture which actively works "to shape the social environment".

Isn't that the (at least one version) of the idea behind soft architecture(s) et al?

Now obviously Bjarke has a schtick/schpiel, and may be making canny use of media but the idea of him as being Palin-esque or aligning with a Populist agenda seems off base. if only perhaps, because of my (admittedly baseless) sense of the politics or lack thereof in his work.

Popular - as in marketing to the masses... seems more appropriate?

Jul 3, 13 8:54 am

I like this statement from Bjarke: Our world could be much more accommodating, ecological and enjoyable than it is; our cities could be more fit for human life, more adaptive to the specific climates where they are located. The reason they’re not is that there are interests that are unconcerned with the common good, and not invested in creating the best world possible. The trick is to show the world that while it's easy to paint someone like Bjarke - or any other architect - with the "self-serving ego" brush, what the profession has been focusing on in recent years (recent meaning, for me, since I was in college 25 years ago) is making a built environment that is urbanistically plausible, environmentally responsive and appropriate, well-constructed, and pleasant to use.

Jul 3, 13 9:03 am
Donna I love the Seattle pub library too. Did you get a chance to visit any of the 'lesser' libs, cuz they are all interesting...
Jul 3, 13 11:15 am

I think I miss read  toaster...."I thing you need a slap behind the head and a Bang!"  Ya that will get you straight.....ya da ya da ya da... Observant thinking it might do you good, but please don't go paying for it. Cause we might have to bail you out of JAIL.



Jul 3, 13 7:19 pm

Along another note:  Hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July Weekend and takes a moment to remember all those brave men,women, kids who made this possible....hopefully American can once again become a, "Beacon to the World."  I believe  one of the greatest Treasures of Life, is Freedom!   May we Live Free!

Jul 3, 13 7:28 pm

Happy 4th TC!

Jul 4, 13 9:41 pm

spam in thread central?  is nothing sacred?

happy friday after 4th, because i'm not going in to work today!

Jul 5, 13 8:58 am

^ They'll let anybody in here. Go figure.

Let's all celebrate the passing of the constitution with Manning, Snowden, Assange and all the detainees being force fed in Guantanamo, with complete respect for their religious freedom, of course.

Jul 5, 13 10:32 am

can't tell from your wording if you are for or against those guys miles, but either way nice ironic gesture.

happy america day!

Jul 5, 13 11:11 am

I would think "celebrate the passing of the constitution" is pretty clear.

Jul 5, 13 11:50 am

ah you mean like bowel movement.  right, ok cool.

Jul 6, 13 5:29 pm

Nice visual metaphor. 

Jul 6, 13 5:49 pm

Hey TC: I'm at GSA taching young minds about architecture again.  Possibly the most interesting part of this year to me is that I've been coming to Lexington for 7 years now and it is great to see how it is improving as a city, with more pop-art stores, cafes, boutiques, breweries, meat smokeries, etc.  It seems most Midwestern cities are finally starting to develop in this way, and it's good that they are remaining individual even as they all add the same types of urban accoutrements.

Jul 7, 13 11:07 pm

Nice long weekend and travel!  Yes to travel!

But, I couldn't believe it when someone told me about Asiana flight 214.  Then, I checked and it was real.  SFO has runways that are plenty long and the approach is often over water (the bay) rather than over urbanized space, so the runways are prominent, since they jut out into SF Bay.  Also, the Boeing 777 has been an exceptional aircraft.  Fortunately, people acted swiftly and exited the aircraft.  We can only feel sadness for those 2 girls who died and those who were injured in the crash.  Given how many people were on board, a small percentage were hospitalized, with few in critical condition with life altering injuries.  How sad.  People who watch planes land at SFO usually use the bayside walking path along Burlingame's Coyote Point and I'm sure some people who like to plane spot as a hobby or just walk there saw that event.

This reminds me of Air France from Paris to Toronto where the Airbus 340, also a very good aircraft, landed during a thunderstorm, the plane did not come to a stop within Toronto's lengthy runways, and then ended up in an embankment next to an expressway, where it broke apart and caught on fire.  In that accident, everybody safely got off.  I'm sure the people driving by will never forget that commute.  Some got out of their cars to help.

This is too weird, having flown into SFO many times, and having always savored the over-the-water approach, thinking it was scenic and a non-event.  This changes my perception of that.

Jul 8, 13 7:38 pm

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