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huh - I was just discussing infinite jest with my next door neighbor...  i've been halfway through that book for a few years now.  most of the locations (specifically where it takes place in and around Boston) in that book are real places btw.

Jun 20, 13 1:58 pm

This is my favorite boat reference.  Unfortunately the clip cuts off the best line - Tim Roth says it - "One is free, for a time, on a boat."

Jun 20, 13 2:46 pm
Sarah Hamilton
That's my favorite movie!
Jun 20, 13 4:54 pm


while i am aware of it never saw it. do have to admit I do like me some Tim Roth...

Jun 20, 13 8:03 pm

sounds fun donna.  cruises must be one of the most surreal adventures possible without any special training. like an episode of dr who but with fewer aliens.

Jun 20, 13 10:00 pm

Using very generic American surnames to make an example, does being Smith + Jones make an architectural firm more hip and avant garde than being Smith & Jones?

Jun 21, 13 12:27 am
It's more fun to type. So, yes.

Although you also see a little Smith_Jones these days. And Smith:Jones. Anything that makes a graphic manipulation of what's normally just writing works. : )
Jun 21, 13 6:20 am

Okay, all you "Gossling Geeks" myself included, here's a special treat -

Jun 21, 13 8:12 am

watched 'lars & the real girl' last night. wasn't sure what i was in for, but it was delightful!

Jun 21, 13 8:39 am
Lars and The Real Girl *is* a delightful movie. So optimistic about human perseverance and adaptability. And acceptance. Just lovely.

R&G Are Dead is in my top five movies of all time, for sure, Sarah.
Jun 21, 13 10:16 am
I went to the US premiere of Only God Forgives last night, not for Gosling but for Refn, one of my favorite contemporary filmmakers. It was pretty great, but not as good as his other films.
Jun 21, 13 1:52 pm

so the other night I stopped at our local food co-op on the way home. Not only were all three bike racks completely full but they were also out of my scent of locally-produced organic deoderant. Yup. This is my life now.

Jun 21, 13 1:54 pm

Isn't it weird when things that are taken for granted are no longer?

Paula Deen has reportedly been dropped by "The Food Channel" for her verbal racist transgressions, y'all.


Jun 21, 13 9:34 pm
Jun 21, 13 11:42 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Toast, you're so crunchy!  I never imagined that.


And as for the Paula Dean thing, I saw it on the news, and I thought, when?  And then I heard/saw the transcript from the court hearing, and saw that it was in the past.  I'm not saying it's ok for people to use slurs, but I do believe people can stop using them, and should be acknowledged in such.  Seems getting canned was pretty harsh for something she did decades ago and hasn't done since.

And for some reason, I still get Dan Savage and the guy from Full House confused in my head.  I know they aren't the same, but it's just who I picture.

Jun 22, 13 10:54 am

@sarah that would be one weird episode of Full House...

and toasteroven re: your local food co-op story, minus the deodorant but add local soap and it could be my life.

Jun 22, 13 12:31 pm

@ Sarah:

That was my reaction:  "And just how long ago was this?"  It will be interesting to know.  If she has stopped doing this, it shouldn't have mattered.  Very few people pull a no-show if slated on a talk show.  She pulled a no-show on Matt Lauer.  She must be distraught.  I don't like Paula Deen, but I don't dislike here. I have a problem with OTHER celebrities who have nine lives:  Martha Stewart, who actually went to jail and got financial tips not available to "the little people," and she's as cool as a cucumber, Leona Helmsley, who also went to jail and said "Taxes are for the little people," and now Schwarzenegger who, based on the birthdays of those kids, had put TWO in the oven(s) at about the same type, so I hope he gets nowhere near the silver screen, and he has enough money anyway.

Jun 22, 13 1:05 pm

Oh please, just stop already, her family owned slaves, she didn't just say nigger once, say kike once, say faggot once; this woman, and her family, are what is called in the business, Type 1 Racists. They're not Type 2. 

Jun 22, 13 1:30 pm

@Sarah: I'm not that crunchy. I bike because it shaves 15 minutes off my commute (and it's a lot cheaper than paying for monthly parking or subway pass) and our closest grocery store is a food co-op that only carries only local organic stuff.

Jun 22, 13 2:05 pm

Oh please, just stop already, her family owned slaves, she didn't just say nigger once, say kike once, say faggot once; this woman, and her family, are what is called in the business, Type 1 Racists. They're not Type 2. 

Then just inform me.  No need for the "oh please."  There's obviously something cultural and regional that goes with that.  There would be no multi-generation "Type 1s" around the SF Bay Area who would be repeatedly using terms like beaners and chinks, to make it analogous.  While in high school, possibly.  In adult life, doubtful.

I'm sure we'll learn more about the frequency, recency, and circumstances.  Like I said, I find she pours it on pretty thick and, if you're not from that part of the country, it comes across as very phoney. 

Jun 22, 13 2:55 pm

I just climbed off a ferry  about four hours ago after two wonderful days spent on Block Island. Weather was perfect, place we stayed was perfect, All of our meals were perfect. Walked on the beaches, road bikes and had a nice tour of the island,  Mrs. SDD  was happy which makes Me happy..  Sunday is the start of Race week so we had the opportunity to check out a few sailing vessels in the harbor.  Oh ya and the Beer was Great.....Drank  Narragansett  Beer all weekend.  Took me back to my youth when I spent time in Rhode Island and my friends day only allowed Narragansett Beer in the House....So we always brought a case or two of G..I. Quarts. So we were primed to meet all those young Rhode Island girls and be brave enough to ask them to dance.

Fortunately just before we left MRS. SDD met a woman who has spent a great deal of time on the Island over many years and she was a resource of information.  Sent us to the very best beach....which we walked on Friday morning  with  about ten other the ocean tickled our feet.

Jun 22, 13 6:23 pm

observant: "[Paula Dean] pours it on pretty thick and, if you're not from that part of the country, it comes across as very phony."

Trust me - if you ARE 'from that part of the country' it still comes across as very phony.

I think what bothers me most about the strident criticism of Ms. Dean's testimony is the seemingly total unwillingness of many to even consider that -- just perhaps -- people from the South can change and learn and become more enlightened and less prejudiced with the passage of time.

My great grandfather was a flaming racist and didn't care who knew about it. My grandfather held strong views about race but, being more educated than my great grandfather, recognized that times were changing and made an effort to keep his views more-or-less to himself when outside the home.  My own father - who was the first college graduate in our family - possessed certain latent racist tendencies, but effectively curbed his tongue and his behavior and worked very hard to accept and work with everybody he encountered in life.

Jun 22, 13 6:51 pm


I have worked in that part of the country, though in an urban area, and I actually liked it.  I didn't meet many local urbanites speaking like Paul Deen does, so I could see how it would even annoy a Southerner.  However, it was interesting that the word Yankee blankets everyone else in the U.S., and not just those in the Union states as the U.S. was configured during the Civil War.  It extends all the way out to the West Coast.  I don't know if there is a geographic definition or limitation of a Yankee.

I like the concept of Racist Type 1 and Type 2.  A Type 1 sounds like one who means it.  A Type 2 sounds like one who might be urban and just sort of laughs at all the quirks of the mix of people living in that area, but doesn't mean it.  I know a lot of people like that in large urbanized Western areas.  They have nicknames for neighborhoods which are not PC and can impersonate accents, but that's about it, and they don't have any interpersonal problems with diversity.  Sheez, this label sounds like diabetes ... or a statistical sampling error.

Jun 22, 13 7:02 pm

@Snook: I designed a house on block island. I'll give you a hint, it's a rich person's vacation home.

Jun 22, 13 8:04 pm

The final comment in the article is the icing on the cake:  “Oh please, Paula Deen’s words aren’t hurting black people anywhere near as much as her recipes are.”

Ain't that the truth.  She got diabetes type 2 from her cooking and weight gain.

Actually, I think Paula Deen hurts my ears more than she does my arteries.

Jun 22, 13 9:05 pm

b3....I must have walked past it rode bike past or drove by it in a cab cause I think I saw every square inch of the island.  Ya it would be hard to design a house for a poor person on Block Island.  Actually there are a few units of workers housing, for the common folk. Seems like you have to live five years on the island full time, then you toss your name into a lottery and when one of the houses open up you have a shot at becoming its new owner.  Think they range in $150,000 to $350,000.  The money you put in is what you take out when you move out. 

I was talking to one bartender who with her husband split there time between Naples Florida and Block Island.  There boss owns restaurants in both locations and the high season happens to fall opposite so it works out for them.

Jun 23, 13 10:41 am

b3....give me a hint did it have gray shingles?

Jun 23, 13 10:42 am

Bizarre.  The population centers of Alberta have always had a dry climate, occupying the same position that Denver occupies relative to the Front Range.

The pictures of the flooding in Alberta are alarming, and the city of Calgary has been affected.  The few times I've been, their dry summer weather has been outstanding.  Nice city, too.

Jun 23, 13 9:55 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I'm off to Adobe Illustrator training for the next three days, and then get to follow it up with a certification test.  Yay!  Hopefully I will at least learn something useful.  Like maybe there's a secret to those awful Bezier curves.  Or a magic way to PERFECTLY take a jpg to a vector with the push of a button.

And I hope I pass that stupid test in the end.  Stupid test.

Jun 24, 13 8:46 am

mrs sdd...has been doing a lot with adobe these past few months.  It sucks her in just like quick sand.

Jun 25, 13 10:27 am


does mrs s-d-d work for you ... or with you, or is she sensible and does something other than architecture?

Jun 25, 13 12:37 pm

I think Paula Deen should be forgiven by the public and the media long before they ever forgave Martha Stewart.

Jun 25, 13 1:09 pm

i had no idea who paula deen was until this racist thing, but seriously wtf?  why forgive? Shes an obvious muttonhead on so many levels.

Jun 25, 13 11:16 pm

observant....we be 24-7....she has more architectural  education than myself ....which isn't hard since I a guy from the school of hard knocks.  She doesn't work for me....we work together.  She can put my ass in a Tuna Can when I come up with a bad design.....and she has.  We have been doing this for twelve  years ...and we are both still breathing so ....I we believe it works.  She is hell on wheels with graphics  and me I'm the wanderer...who has to pin things down so when they go out the door  contractors can build them and be somewhere near budget....and  of course they have to be reasonable solutions. (that is reasonable to the client).  We be no Zadaha, however we have our moments.

I don't know s... about Paula Dean other than micor -blips on TV.  It sounds a bit like the guy who did sports who got  his jewels in the jammer a few years ago...thinkin like mamograms for Paula.  Can't we just all like one another....wondering if  the Supreme Court will ever understand that states turn away people from voting, or make them wait in long lines to discourage voting....sign...time for  bed and  sweet dreams.

Jun 25, 13 11:26 pm

I related the situation to the Martha Stewart issue of years ago.

Paula Deen did this a long time ago.  Who has a clean slate?  Someone is focusing on this transgression and magnifying it.  I'm no fan of hers.  I don't know squat about cooking.

Martha Stewart's flub had to do with insider stock information courtesy of the VIPs she knows.  She went to jail for it.  She now has a TV show again.

Between the two, the latter is more egregious, at least to me.  The first is in bad taste.  The latter is a middle finger at the little people, as she continues to endorse stuff and show up at quite a few red carpet type events. 

Pick your poison, I guess.  What's next?  Schwarzenegger back on the silver screen?

Jun 25, 13 11:33 pm
Schwarzenegger has had one film out already this year, plus a cameo-like role in last year's "Expendables" sequel. He has another coming out this fall and one more scheduled for early next year. Looks like someone already picked that poison.

In other news, I have to quit my job at the movie theater too. No more free movies for me.
Jun 26, 13 1:50 am

That's what I mean.  Some people have done some bad things and, if they're rich and famous, it's a cat of nine lives scenario in many cases.  That's why the Paula Deen thing bugs me.  Wait.  Her transgression was political incorrectness, the worst possible offense of the namby pamby New Millennium.  On the other hand, Stewart's dealt with financial dishonesty and Schwarzenegger was philandering, so those are "minor" by comparison. 

Eh, enough Paula Deen.  Saw her two sons interviewed on TV and they did not look like their congenial, upbeat Southern gentlemen selves. I hope she gets back in the saddle. 

Jun 26, 13 2:08 am
Only saw on daily show. Didn't seem to be an issue of being pc or not. Seemed like she is just stupid and racist. But I agree who cares about gossip about the stars and the mildly famous. Arni's sex life is even less interesting than some racist who couldn't keep it to herself. Martha on other hand is criminal. Weird that Americans don't give a shit about that sort of thing. We're all such zombies sometimes.

Guess that's why the publicans get to shut down objections to race based voter suppression now. Well done America.
Jun 26, 13 6:13 am

Paula Deen is not a comedian. She is not Michael Richards. She is not Kanye West. She is a fat racist, peddling her Racist Southern Charm, with a side order of Death. She was not being politically incorrect; she was being her awesome self.

As for Martha, what she did, in light of all the idiocy of Wall Street - where no one has been prosecuted - is rather minor. Plus, she went to jail. Paula is not going to jail, all that will happen to Paula is this; fewer people will be forced to suffer her insufferable charm, and even more will be saved from her horrible "food."

Jun 26, 13 8:58 am
Sarah Hamilton

So proud that Wendy Davis succeeded in stopping the closing of all but 5 of the women's health clinics in Texas!

It was a crazy night, apparently (I wasn't there), and the republicans stopped her speech on a made-up technicality, but she still stopped them.  Maybe I will vote for her next time.


Ok, enough on crappy Texas politics.  Back to your celebrities....

Jun 26, 13 9:01 am

@ Sarah Wendy and her pink sneakers are awesome!

also hurrah for Supreme Court ruling re: DOMA....

but boo re: their decision on Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District 

Jun 26, 13 10:37 am

I wondered what all that honking and cheering was earlier.

Jun 26, 13 11:45 am
Very awesome sarah. Like mr smith goes to Washington. I can't understand how a state with such a libertarian ethos spends so much time trying to control people's private lives. It's crazy hypocritical. Shit like this is why republicans come off as American Taliban instead of just conservative.

Rachel Maddow has pretty good meme for it - in these crazy ass tough economic times Republicans central legislative goal is jobs jobs jobortion.
Jun 26, 13 7:09 pm

As if Democrats were any different ...

Jun 26, 13 7:47 pm

which is why I always vote for the 12 visions party.


I am currently "riding a prosperity wave to riches."  you know - after I permanently slowed down the aging process.

Jun 26, 13 8:04 pm
chatter of clouds

give her a chance to explain

Jun 27, 13 2:24 am
Democrats don't run campaigns based on idea that govt is the problem not the solution. Ironic isn't it?
Jun 27, 13 4:30 am

^ All posturing. In the end both parties (one party really) create legislation that benefits themselves and their corporate sponsors.  

Jun 27, 13 9:24 am

clinton didn't fire greenspan, and obama hasn't fixed the 'too big to fail' problems with the banks, and the federal reserve still hasn't raised the fed rate or stopped it's bond buying program.  that's true.

however, democrats aren't trying to close public school systems and medicare in favor of private systems designed to cater to the wealthy, they're not trying to shut down planned parenthood, they're not trying to limit marriage or deny equal benefits to gay couples, they're a bit less involved in raising my taxes to give haliburton and lockheed contracts for kickbacks, and they're not trying to kill big bird.

the differences are still important.  people who vote republican should still be shunned in polite society.

Jun 27, 13 9:34 am

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