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Jun 13, 13 8:28 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Beta, it looks like you are only pointing at your name.  I keep picturing you doing a two-thumbs chest point.... "Who's nice?  This guy!"


So I will be teaching graphic design and animation next year.  I'm pretty sure I've got Graphic design in the bag, but I'm trying to freshen up my sketching skills, and teach myself how to animate.  I figured I needed a recurring character to use when demonstrating stuff, and I've decided it would be hilarious if I turn my mentor, the previous teacher of the class into a cartoon.  Creating a cartoon style is HARD!!  How did the guys at Hanna Barbera do it?

Jun 14, 13 7:08 pm

I just  could not  keep from posting this:

I'm Edwin Nicolas, my late client Mr.Robert Architects, who died in a
result of September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack
unclaim safe (10,5 million U.S. dollars) to finance security company,
which I believe this is your relative, having incurred by the same
name. Contact me directly for more information on this mailbox only
( ).
Edwin Nicola

Wondering how many Architects received this email.  Maybe he is a relative to all of us.Geeze and Architect with $10.5 million dollars in the bank.  He had to be selling drugs,  selling guns, or moving women around the world to undisclosed locations, with that kind of money in savings. Maybe we should all respond and see what our cut is.

Jun 14, 13 8:14 pm


There's a big gaffe here.  He spelled his name one way in his introduction and signed off with the name spelled another way.

So he's a flake.

Jun 14, 13 8:31 pm

practice, Sarah, of course!  sounds fun.

Mongolian culture is nothing like Japanese.  Germany is more like Japan I'd say.  Mongolia? Not sure yet. Definitely not like Japan though. They're very laid back.  Even getting on the plane to head back to Tokyo was a casual experience. It all works out in the end but if there is a plan or a method in mind it's not always obvious.  I quite enjoyed the place myself.  Lots of unique things going on there too.  as urban planner i found it super fascinating.

Jun 14, 13 9:37 pm

Did I mention Brian might be going to Cambodia for a month in fall? I'm envious but happy for him.

Jun 14, 13 9:45 pm

So observant...Observant!  It is a good thing your part of this Architect family.

Jun 15, 13 7:01 am

if it weren't for that name thing i woulda totally advised contacting them. 

Jun 15, 13 9:33 am

It's time to update my resume, portfolio, and social medias; going to be moving in August and consequently I'll be looking for work now.

Mrs. Henry (I'm going to have to get used to that) landed her first teaching gig and dream job teaching HS chemistry in the school district she graduated from. I'm sad to leave Pullman and my firm (only a year after starting there), but for us, we really couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Jun 15, 13 10:30 am

congrats brian!

i don't know snook, 10,5 million is a lot.  might be worth the risk.

Jun 15, 13 10:34 am

So observant...Observant!  It is a good thing your part of this Architect family.

Perhaps you should take a poll before making such an assertion.  It would be "interesting" to see the results.  Maybe not.

At any rate, congrats to Brian for your wife or fiancee landing a teaching position.  Without being too specific, does this mean off to somewhere in western Washington?

Jun 15, 13 1:49 pm

Congratulations, Brian! Both on the acquisition of a spouse and on the new adventure!

Jun 15, 13 3:38 pm
vado retro

congratulations, brian!

Jun 15, 13 4:09 pm

De-constructed our old gas stove in order to sell it for scrap metal.  It was an interesting adventure.  I would have never imagined there were so many screws and panels and brackets.  It did teach me one thing the items under the hood are a lot better thought out than the finishes on the exterior.   Actually we are  doing a lot of scrap metal runs associated with our diner project.  It gives us petty cash to take care of the day to day expenses. So we can concentrate on the big picture.   Like us on Face Book:

Jun 15, 13 6:35 pm

This one should work....Mrs Snooker Doodle Dandy ....bails me out  yet again

Jun 15, 13 6:37 pm
Thanks for the congratulations. I will add, the Mrs. Henry comment was more about the title as it applies to being a teacher (the "acquisition of a spouse" happened nearly 7 years ago). During her student teaching we ran into one of her students around town who called her Mrs. Henry and it seriously took me about a minute to figure out she was talking to my wife.

Also, yes we'll be heading to "the west side." Seattle to be slightly more specific.
Jun 15, 13 6:43 pm

Thinking of  contacting  Edwin Nicolas and asking him if he would like to be a  financial backer of our Project.  Shouldn't be to hard to shake loose a  few hundred thousand from a guy sitting on 10.5 Million and besides I part of the Architect Family!

Jun 15, 13 6:44 pm

nice, Brian.  Enjoy the new digs. teaching is great vocation.


totally unconnected but anyone else starting to feel like its 1968 again? the whole world is protesting the way things are and pushing for something new. would be cool if something changed this time round.

Jun 15, 13 9:32 pm


Off of Orhan's thread:  I react to most urban vistas displayed which I recognize or that pique my interest, such as the "brutalist" theater in Baltimore MD or the favela (shantytown) feature on Rio de Janeiro.  There's no monopoly on making comments nor guidelines for how "throw the scarf over the shoulder" they have to be.  Darn, narcissism seems to be the buzz word of the last 5 years, with people with no imagination jumping on that bandwagon after someone in the media evaluated Obama as one.  Maybe I can get lessons on being "way cool."

Jun 15, 13 10:56 pm
re: things changing like it's 1968: Will, from your mouth to god's ear.

(I love that phrase.)
Jun 16, 13 2:06 pm

Happy Father's Day to those who have kids.

Jun 16, 13 3:10 pm

kids, dogs and cats, chickens, cows, elephants and whatever....

Jun 16, 13 5:53 pm

snooker, even elephants?

also when i read this 5 Stops on a California Cheese Trail, i couldn't help but think of tumbles ... then i noticed tumbles popped up for a moment back in April.

happy Sunday all!

Jun 16, 13 8:51 pm

is god listening?  she seems so quiet lately.

Jun 17, 13 4:34 am

just saw this in the news.  editor of domus is going to be old dude bringing a collection of other old dudes with him, instead of joseph grima.  hope they keep the vibe that joseph was pushing.  it was pretty fresh.  can't see how the old garde are going to show us the future.

Jun 17, 13 6:09 am
vado retro

tumbles in one wily goat cheese maker!

Jun 17, 13 8:26 am

Will, we all know it's only the young guns fresh out of school that have any idea what architecture is all about. These boards are full of their deep knowledge and wisdom.

Everyone over 50 should be put out to pasture. Or should it be everyone over 40?

Jun 18, 13 9:28 am

where's my pasture?! i'll take it!

Jun 18, 13 11:59 am

Hell, yes. This 46yo will take a pasture and some charcoal and paper.   I'll happily chill while the youngsters move and shake.

Jun 18, 13 12:21 pm

not that i am against those old masters. a pretty stodgy set but certainly competent.  its just a pity that as a magazine they are talking about bringing in a bunch of masters to sort us all out i'm not so sure they are interested in charting any new ground. 

and frankly the reason its important is because there is ONLY new ground before us.  Climate change, massive natural disasters, population explosions and implosions, democracy, autocracy, whatever, those things don't need more of what we been doing already. And anyway we can get all that old-fashioned made by a master stuff on arch daily. 

on the face of it they are going back down the rabbit hole.  hopefully they decide to keep just a bit of the new stuff.  it made it worth reading lately...

Jun 19, 13 2:54 am

It's like 1968 without the good music. 

Jun 19, 13 3:34 am
Someone needs to make a soundtrack ?
Jun 19, 13 4:54 am

Will, none of those things are "new ground". 

Jun 19, 13 8:21 am

hm, thats an interesting take miles.  am curious why you think so.  there are very few architects tackling any of those things outside of paper planning, but they are going to define our future.  making more pretty buildings ala the masters is somehow not the answer i imagine.  i really think we need to be more thoughtful about what we are doing, less certain, and for that we need explorers not masters...i thought joseph's editorship was getting into the explorer thing more.  i really appreciated it and hope there is more of it. i guess it ends up being lite on the starchitecture and perhaps that is why the masters need to pop in.

Jun 19, 13 9:44 am

The idea that architects will define the future is an architectural school delusion. The power - in our time at least - is economics, which to a large extent is more about maintaining the status quo than rocking the boat.

It's not that new ideas are bad, it's that they need to be thoughtfully explored and carefully developed rather than rushed into with commercial economic imperative and complete disregard for collateral effects and unintended consequences.

Define "master".

Jun 19, 13 6:58 pm

Unbelievable.  James Gandolfini of "The Sopranos" died today, at age 51, while on vacation in Sicily.  He had a massive heart attack.

I've never watched that show, not because I found it offensive, but because I'm not a big TV watcher and that stereotype is blanketed over an entire ethnicity, when it's an exclusive club of sorts, and I thus find this more ignorant than anything else.

Jun 19, 13 8:14 pm

His best film was Romance and Cigarettes.

Jun 19, 13 8:52 pm

the domus maestri are David Chipperfield, Kenneth Frampton, Hans Kollhoff, Werner Oechslin and Eduardo Souto de Moura.  Great architects and critics, and with serious credentials, but hardly the leading lights.  I get the impulse, but think there is more to be learned from the explorers than the maestri.  The article recently written by a couple who lived in nakagin is much more useful as an architect than yet another series of porned up photos of some beautiful building  that was designed without thinking about any of the real issues we need to deal with nowadays. The 90's were cool, but the stuff we spent our time on back then was pretty lame. Would prefer not to return if at all possible ;-)

Did I say architects will define the future? If so then my bad, I meant exactly the opposite.  I would be pretty happy if we showed evidence of being aware of the present never mind the future. A few radicals would be super welcome.  We tend as a profession to be rather tentative lately.  And now even Domus is worried about hanging its toes over the edge...

Jun 19, 13 9:50 pm

Amen to your entire comment, Will, but especially the bit about the Nakagin Tower article.

But I also agree with you, Miles.  Economics drives everything.  So many art institutions I know of lately are lamenting that they don't make a profit.  WTF? When did profitability become the only/main measure for everything?!

I'm going on an Alaskan cruise next week.  Mixed feelings, indeed.

Jun 19, 13 10:18 pm

Nice Donna.  Always been a wish of mine.  My sister lived on the tip of Wrangle Island in some Oil Mans House.  Rent was cheap  cost to heat was over the top!  So the moved to Montana.  My other sister spent a  Summer in the Capital working for the Forest Service on a special assignment.  Couple of my Uncles and families Lived on the Cost  up near Anchorage. Have a cousin who lives in  the town where Sarah Palin reigns from. 

I will be going to  Block Island  off of Rhode Island for a couple of days.  Bought the auction ticket as a  not for profit fund raiser.  So half the money stays in our community.  We are springing for another night ,so the Owner will hopefully give another  night at her inn next year.

Jun 19, 13 10:37 pm

Donna, before you go read David Foster Wallace's essay "A supposedly fun thing I'll never do again".

Jun 19, 13 10:53 pm

I think I read it.  Was it the one about the porn awards?

Jun 19, 13 10:54 pm

It's about going on a cruise ...

Jun 19, 13 11:39 pm

This is an anonymous confession from a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona Architecture School. It is so touching.

"I bought my first bed today... i know that sounds unimportant event to most but to me it was mile stone... i never had a bed growing up i slept on the floor with my brothers, when i left for college i sent my financial aid money home to help out with my family so i only had enough for tuition and food so slept in sofas and my car. I now have graduated and have a nice job and with the first check. I got an apt and bought a nice bed for myself.... its the first luxury item i have ever purchased for myself.... I feel so fortunate."

Jun 20, 13 4:08 am
Amazing statement, Orhan. Something so removed from my experience. The closest I've come was a homeless student, but the student's situation was because of bad choices, not generosity.

Donna, I love the DFW essay Miles mentioned, but would suggest reading it *after*. No need to pre-skew your impressions!
Jun 20, 13 7:48 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, please, at least once, make an I'm on a Boat reference.

And I have never had any desire to go on a cruise.  Too many people, and I once heard a story about how these massive cruise ships come into port, blocking the sun, their hoards descending on the local population.  But I hope you have fun.  Every one I know that's been on one has loved it.

Jun 20, 13 9:14 am
Sarah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of "I'm on a boat." My profile picture was taken while making reference to the song.
Jun 20, 13 11:05 am
Sarah Hamilton

Too bad you can't put a little speech bubble on it!

Jun 20, 13 12:34 pm

personally i like this video re: boats better if perhaps a bit "misogynistic"....

also re: DFW while i enjoyed the 1-2 essays he wrote (ie: the one about him as a young tennis player) I never thought i would be able to get into his books (if only for length).

then the other day i was somewhere (a coffee-shop i think) where they had the paperback version of Infinite Jest laying around so i picked it up and read a few pages.. I was hooked and have committed to purchasing this summer and reading.

particularly liked extensive use of endnotes...

Jun 20, 13 12:35 pm

So, Donna is going on a cruise on the Alaskan Inside Passage.  Hope it leaves from Vancouver instead of Seattle.  Canada Place is a spectacular facility from which to board a ship.  Those cruises are not racy, full of drunks and full of flesh like the Mexico and Bahamas cruises.  And it's cool when pieces of a glacier slide off and crash into the water ... and people capture that sequence in a video.

Jun 20, 13 12:40 pm

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