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I'll bet there are some good, down-home Portuguese restaurants in N.E. (Providence, south of Boston, etc.).  They are hard to find elsewhere in the U.S.  I'd love to find either cod (without scales) or beef prepared the way they make it to eat on a regular enough basis.

May 25, 13 5:58 pm


May 25, 13 9:56 pm
I believe that is the first time in over 40,000 posts that someone on TC has posted Rush lyrics! Well done, curt.

But now vado will post that eternal question: why is it that the most technically skilled musicians write the worst songs?! Love you vado!!
May 25, 13 10:14 pm

Donna -- are you going to the game tomorrow?

May 25, 13 10:23 pm
Game? I'm in Phoenix. Do you mean the race?
May 26, 13 12:41 am

rush has bad songs?

May 26, 13 4:37 am

I love tapas, Spanish wine, avant plays, ridiculously good deserts, and good company. 

May 26, 13 8:48 am
vado is no fan of Rush, Will. I like them though!

beta tell us more about the "company"...
May 26, 13 9:10 am

I thought you were in Indy ...

May 26, 13 9:45 am
I'm in St Louis! Does that clear everything up?

In summary: Saarinen rocks, as does Ando. Allied Works was a little bit of a letdown. ...and the American Girl store is evidence of America's end-of-empire decadence.
May 26, 13 6:31 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I HATE Rush. Something about his voice, and that stupid song about making choices. Yuck.
May 26, 13 9:12 pm
Miles you're right, I am living in Indy. I'm in Phoenix this weekend visiting my whole family who still live here. Sorry for the confusion.

Steven I just had my first-ever experience of shopping at Forever 21. Yeah, I agree. We 're totally doomed.
May 26, 13 9:32 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Donna, you can find a few pieces there, and I get my jewelry there, but as a whole? Wow.
May 26, 13 9:49 pm
Yeah. I got two cheap light dresses for the really hot days of summer but overall, jeez. Awful.
May 26, 13 9:58 pm

lol steven.  suddenly everything makes sense


rush are amazing.  but i understand the opinion of vado.  bare-naked ladies are much easier on the ear when it comes to canadian content.  or neil young.  but then again neil young is crazy awesome and in own category. 

anyway, any band that has been around longer than i have been alive and isnt just pumping oldies is pretty cool.

May 27, 13 9:30 am

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have my nieces and nephews in town!

Obs, I didn't ask if you believed in freewill...

May 27, 13 9:49 am
Neil Young is indeed in his own category.
May 27, 13 9:51 am
Sarah Hamilton
Niel Young is awesome.
May 27, 13 10:23 am

Agreed. My daughter was born to Neil Young's Old Man.

May 27, 13 10:33 am

hard to believe neil ever lived in manitoba, eh.

i believe in free will galloway...

May 27, 13 10:56 am
!!!!Free Will Galloway!!!!
May 27, 13 12:27 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Now I can't help but wonder if Micheal Jackson will sing your theme song, Will.
May 27, 13 1:03 pm

there is no there, born or conceived?

steven i really like that Ando project. i took some photos back when i visited

also donna, really like you comment "Zaha does keep trying new things, though, doesn't she? I respect that." here

i worked a bit today, I work tomorrow and then spend rest of week/weekend in NC and SC.... yeh days off!

May 27, 13 5:43 pm

generous criticism right?

May 27, 13 5:47 pm
My theme song should be by Stevie ray Vaughn. But likely would get moe berg instead.

I hate it when I miss the express train.
May 27, 13 6:38 pm

nam, born. Conceived via whiskey.

May 27, 13 7:12 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Mine was conceived because it was Husbands birthday. No music, no liquor until after.
May 27, 13 7:41 pm
The City Museum in St Louis is the coolest place in the universe. It's practically child-abuse NOT to take your kids there.
May 27, 13 8:47 pm know, in case you were wondering.
May 27, 13 8:48 pm

City Museum in St Louis is my favorite place in the entire world, Steven. Did you climb through the stuff outside?

May 27, 13 9:18 pm

indeed. i climbed right along with the kids over, under, and through everything. i'm sore, but glad it did.

what a wonderful mix of art, funkiness, activity, salvage, craft, and spirit!

a reverence for old st louis and a vision for a completely unorthodox new way of looking at a city and rethinking interior/exterior spaces and how they're made and used.  

i can't rave enough about this place. 

May 28, 13 8:44 am

I'm not sure if I can post a gif here? I'm gonna try because this is my new favorite.


May 29, 13 8:21 am

Hahaha! It works for me. Maybe someone needs to start an architecture gif thread? We haven't had one in awhile.

May 29, 13 8:21 am

I'm all ears.

May 29, 13 8:43 am

LOL Miles! Love it.

May 29, 13 8:52 am
I'm just going to leave this here for the gif lovers;
May 29, 13 10:06 am

Thank Brian! There's my lunchtime!!

May 29, 13 10:36 am

That site is great!

I've got to say, though, that when the computer unexpectedly shuts down, this isn't what I say.  It'd be something like "XXXXxxxXXxxXxxx..."

May 29, 13 1:47 pm


May 29, 13 8:33 pm

Many Cooper Union students enter their third or fourth week of occupation. Some of these students are architecture students. Why is their fight/struggle not getting more play here? Is their situation too local? Is it the fact that they receive free tuition? Why has there not been a blog by the Cooper students that currently have Archinect blogs? This fight, why it may be local, seems to have broader implications when it comes to commitments to students, and the shenanigans perpetrated by institutions of higher learning across this country. The only thing I can manage to do is to follow them on FB, share their updates, and sign their petitions, and I'm not an alum. 

May 31, 13 8:48 am

every so often it seems that every thread on archinect devolves into pissing matches. this is one of those times.

i don't know that *anything* is getting much real play right now, beta. i'll follow a thread for a little while, but then it turns into just another of the back-and-forth long-post arguments between just a few folks. may be time for me to check out for a while. 

happy friday!

May 31, 13 8:53 am

oh, i agree with the pissing contest, it does seem like that is happening. it also seems as though we go through a cycle of destroying, anonymously mind you, another individual's work, just for the sake of "our" - not you SW - own inadequacies, without really saying much in the process. Schumacher, sure, lets debate his commentary, it's worthy of some lengthy discussion, but what did she do to deserve to have her work slammed to the ground and stomped?? I like Gregory Walker's blog, I like Orhan's work, and Lauf/Quondam's work as well, but I have a hard time even considering posting work, or submitting editorial comments here just for the reason you cite and also because of a lack of trust, when it comes to supposed peers.

May 31, 13 9:07 am

i read that article when it first popped up then didn't go back to read the comments.  in general, should probably avoid calling people 'retarded' as it doesn't really help the conversation, but i appreciate the use of 'moronic dilettante.'

i find that observant is very capable of derailing threads into pissing matches.  i sometimes make it worse instead of better, but endeavor to do my best to step out once my usefulness in a conversation is exhausted.

May 31, 13 9:41 am

curt i agree with the criticism, at times when i read such sexist, and ass backwards comments, i let my shaming fly.

May 31, 13 10:05 am
I love that weird bunny-on-a-log image on the front page right now. Makes me laugh and think of Jake Ghyllenhall.
May 31, 13 10:23 pm

i find that observant is very capable of derailing threads into pissing matches.

Now, come on, curt, was that necessary?  I have more traditional views on things, despite having been raised in large urban centers, which don't mesh with the prevailing opinion on here and I don't mind defending my position in the crossfire.

Also, some of the threads are about specific places and the thought turns to travel - which is sort of related.  When s-d-d showed Niemeyer's museum in Niteroi (RdJ) Brazil, it dovetailed into a discussion about visiting Rio.  Ok - we know it's Niemeyer and we know it's his museum in a Rio suburb.  When orhan showed Hagia Sofia, I remembered what I learned in my first class and then my mind wandered over to travel in Istanbul, and he go torqued.

Also, it depends on whether the topic is, by its very nature, inflammatory.  Some are.  And some aren't.  I'd like to see you chime in on some of the education type threads and help prospective students wade through all this information, for example.

At any rate, it's all good.  Have 2 of whatever you're drinking up tonight - one for me.  If I come through and we go for barbeque, I'll be having a Coke while you have your beer. *wink*

May 31, 13 10:38 pm

That was not Hagia Sophia but Mosque of Suleyman by Sinan. Big difference. But more to the point, it was not about whether it is HG nor M of S nor about the pickpockets of Istanbul..

May 31, 13 11:58 pm

You actually corrected me that it was a museum in that thread.  At any rate, I became somewhat interested in Istanbul after different friends visited the city (they said that it is safe but to avoid being ensnared by anything minimally suspicious, though not specifically pickpockets) and after seeing the works of Ferzan Ozpetek, the Turkish born film director who turns out some of Italy's more successful films.

Jun 1, 13 12:15 am

not necessary but entirely true. its uncanny.

not sure what kind of community archinect actually is.  feels a bit like a small town, something imagined by michael landon...

Jun 1, 13 2:33 am

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