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Sarah Hamilton
It's one of those Spanish one day, English the next, sort of deals.
Mar 18, 13 9:09 pm

English? So 20th century. I'd put my money in Spanish/North Korean combo.

Mar 18, 13 9:23 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Nice, rusty.

It's already cold!! 57 and falling!
Mar 18, 13 10:53 pm
You're a rock star Sarah!!
Mar 18, 13 11:17 pm
Sarah Hamilton
If I was a rock star, people would be waiting in line to see me!
Mar 18, 13 11:49 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I survived!  Temps bottomed out at 43 degrees.  It sucked.  But I got Abram all signed up, and even made it to work on time!

I did skip my first period lecture, opting instead to let the students regale me with stories of their spring break.  One kid skinned and butchered 3 wild hogs, another went to South Padre with his grandparents, and the rest just slept, played video games, and watched movies.

Mar 19, 13 11:49 am
vado retro

did any of them skin their grandparents?

Mar 19, 13 12:11 pm
Sarah Hamilton

No, but apparently there were 6 girls, in only their skin, running down the street one night in south padre.

Mar 19, 13 12:21 pm

Damn those Texas start young....the again maybe they are want a be Janis Joplins. 

Mar 19, 13 11:27 pm

I spent an hour last  night researching Hot Dog Toppings Around the World.  For the PTA, of course, because we are a global-focused school that brings our IB curriculum into every aspect of our school community, including the spring Fling Fair food.

I do enjoy learning new things. Even about hot dogs.

Mar 20, 13 9:02 am

i'm curious donna, has anywhere else in the world come even close to chicago in their quest for the perfect dog?

Mar 20, 13 10:04 am

Taking claim for world's best hot dog is just like taking pride in being the best Wallmart store designer.

Mar 20, 13 10:23 am

be nice to chicago - they don't have much going for them.

Mar 20, 13 11:11 am
Sarah Hamilton

I interviewed with a company that did all the Wal Mart designs.  They were very nice, but didn't offer me the job.  When I saw the principal later at a job fair, he remembered me, and said I should've followed up with a phone call.  I had sent him a written thank you note, guess it wasn't the same.  Oh well.

Mar 20, 13 12:09 pm

curtkram, I'll let you know after the event, where we will have about five different countries represented.  The one I want to try is the "Venteo" apparently from Venice: a hotdog topped with balsamic-glazed radicchio, red peppers, and fresh ricotta.

Will, the Japan hotdog calls for Kewpie mayo and wasabi - I may need you to mail me some Kewpie if I can't find it here!

Mar 20, 13 12:22 pm
Sarah Hamilton

That sounds terrible on a hotdog.  But if it was salami...

Mar 20, 13 1:06 pm
No worries Donna. Sounds not so palatable to me but I'm always happy to help out.
Mar 20, 13 7:47 pm
Sarah Hamilton
What is kewpie?
Mar 20, 13 8:39 pm


Mar 21, 13 12:30 am

they sell that stuff in korean groceries around here - and a couple normal groceries carry it.

Mar 21, 13 9:16 am
Sarah Hamilton

So it's sold in a bag, with a baby on it?  It looks like cheese, but it's got a baby, so it's cheese made from baby milk?

Mar 21, 13 9:56 am

no - it's a bottle in a plastic bag - japanese products tend to have a lot of packaging for some reason.


picture taken at local korean grocery chain (not by me).

Mar 21, 13 10:09 am
Apparently it's mayo but made with rice vinegar not white vinegar. Which sounds good to me, I like rice vinegar.

Today I'm assembling ikea-type furniture at my job. An hour ago I was putting together cost estimates for work at Saarinen's Miller House. Never dull around here!
Mar 21, 13 10:34 am

If rice vinegar is made out of rice? What the hell is white vinegar made out of?

Soylent green mustard is made out of mustard seeds and white people!

Mar 21, 13 11:03 am

Well, well. I was just at the dumpster outside and there was some broken IKEA furniture in it and I coined my new favorite word: dumpsterfodder. You heard it here first.

Mar 21, 13 11:17 am
Sarah Hamilton

Now thats just silly, a bottle in a bag?  shakes head

Mar 21, 13 11:30 am

Hmm. I really thought maybe I invented it. Then, I insist I am the first to smoosh the two words and pronounce it with a Northern EU accent!

Mar 21, 13 11:46 am

I do a decent Swedish Chef. IDK, guess you had to be there.

Mar 21, 13 11:47 am

The Swedish Chef accent definitely changes the term for the better.  Much more charming.

White vinegar is made out of white grapes.  Which are actually green but we don't say "green wine", do we?

Charles Mudede is my favorite architecture critic. And while I fully consider this column of his to be about architecture, I welcome disagreement because it would be fun to talk about.

Hm, perhaps a thread? Wait for it...

Mar 21, 13 12:24 pm

That took 27 seconds!

Mar 21, 13 12:26 pm

Well white wine isn't necessarily made with green grapes anyways Donna, it can be made from either green or red grapes. The whiteness comes from not having contact with the grape skins for nearly as long as red wines do.

Mar 21, 13 2:49 pm

Derp.  I knew that , rationalist, I just forgot.




Or too much wine.

Mar 21, 13 3:29 pm

anyone else see this?


seems like it will be just slightly less pornographic and slightly more political than the "edible" mags you get at all those hipsterery locavorely  places...


modern farmer tumblr.

Mar 21, 13 4:17 pm

and here's how to baby goat:

Mar 21, 13 4:30 pm

re: dumpsters and such, one of my clearest memories of English curriculum from college, is reading Lars Eighner's essay "On Dumpster Diving". it was educational, made me feel prepared for the life of a hobo.

Ive never lived that way bu know people who have been at least freegan-lite... and I can almost be convinced of its necessity (?) given consumerism/waste etc.

re: Modern Farmer,

"Founded by a former New York Times and Monocle editor, we want to talk to people who care about where their food comes from"

dammm! that is some hipsterery locavorely rootz...

Mar 21, 13 5:44 pm
Mar 21, 13 7:47 pm

I was just thinking the other day about ochona, and wishing he was still around.  He was in Texas too, Sarah, you would have liked him. 

And Oana!  I wonder what she's up to nowadays!  And puddles... of course I miss puddles.  le sigh.  It WAS crazy in here during the boom times.  You'd have thought we were all too busy working crazy hours!  

btw - speaking of boom times - things seem to be heating up again (well, thawing out, at least) in our fair corner of mideastistan.

Mar 21, 13 11:08 pm

weird, Sarah, you'd think a handwritten thank you note would have counted for more than a phone call.

I can't handle this baby goat thing.  I have been somewhat obsessive about goats for much of my life - it runs in the family, my dad is crazy for goats owing to his having been a goatherder as a child - and I could handle my obsession back before the internets discovered goats.  All it was was the occasional trip to a petting zoo in which I was the only adult without child.  Creepy, but manageable.  NOW goats are everywhere and it is too, too much for me!  Too much cuteness!  

Mar 21, 13 11:15 pm

Also, I always thought the excessive Japanese packaging was due to their unbridled love of little papery things and graphics and nice neat little closed-up bundles and folding and, well, packaging.


It's sort of all of a piece, is what I am saying.

Mar 21, 13 11:33 pm

i can't figure why there is so much packaging.  its beyond me, but everything is like that.  then we burn it to make electricity.  so i guess its part of the energy cycle or something.  

damndest thing is the wrapped bananas. that's just diabolical.

Mar 22, 13 6:05 am

Go Crimson!   On to the second round!

Mar 22, 13 9:50 am

I think wrapped bananas are tools for  sex education.

Mar 22, 13 12:51 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Oh, Gross, Snook!  Funny, but YUCK!


And I was thinking of you the other day.  Since my son and I started watching episodes of Home Again with Bob Villa (starting with season 1), he hasn't stopped talking about Ryly the builder.  I thought you were up there in the New England area, and wondered if you knew him.  Since I now have his address, Abram wants to write him a letter.  Is that weird?

Mar 22, 13 1:15 pm

Sarah,  I always find the Term Master Builder an odd one.  I was introduced to a master builder a number of years ago who is now a building official.  I guess I should call him  a Master Building Official.  He was kinda cold to me at first but as time passes he seems like a pretty good fellow.  So I can't pass judgment on Bob Ryley. 

Spent the day doing  masonry foundation demolition work (manual labor)  getting our little diner ready for the move to a warehouse where were going to restore her.  I bushed but promised Mrs Snooker, I would attend the Ballet with her.  The Company is one of our exciting Spring Projects. 

More later the Dinner Cow Bell just rang.

Mar 23, 13 6:22 pm

hm, prolly not snook (re the banana and sex-ed).  some fetish possibly involved though.  there are worse things, like the fact a single apple costs a buck 50. 

oh, and our PM wants to induce inflation so we can get the economy going again.  i expect everything will just get expensive but our fees, budgets, and wages will stay as they are so we can experience a more american flavored depression too in the not so distant future.  cheers to the financial people out there who make policy for countries but clearly are just trying whatever pops into their heads and somehow squeezes through the ideology decoder.  it's like everyone in power is channelling rumsfeld or something...

Mar 24, 13 9:02 am

I thought apples actually grew in Japan, is that not the case?  If they are grown in-country how can they cost $1.50 a piece?

Snook, did you mean the ballet company is one your spring projects?  The diner sounds interesting as always.  Didn't realize you were actually moving it to restore it.  What's the reasoning behind this?

I lost complete faith in the finance types when I, like many, many other regular folk in my town, started talking about the fact that there was CLEARLY going to be a real estate bubble burst & a stock market crash like back in '06, '07.  And then it happened and all the finance-types literally were saying, nobody could see that coming!  Not our fault that we didn't predict this!  BS.  The coming inevitable crash was a big topic of conversation in the years leading up to '08 - but just amongst us plebes, apparently.  The folks in charge, who were engineering the whole thing, were supposedly blind.  This is when I realized that none of them have any clue what they're doing, and a Finance degree can't replace open eyes + common sense.  Willful blindness is a powerful tool for a capitalist.

Mar 24, 13 10:55 am

Willful blindness is a powerful tool for a capitalist.

Indeed it is.


I'm a bit hung over today.

Mar 24, 13 12:22 pm

We should be over our hangover days by the time we leave college.  Alcohol is expensive ... and boring.

By the way, America's wealth has "officially" returned.  The Dow has reached its pre-dip levels.  That means we have been returned to our previous positions economically.  NOT.  The events don't give us those years back ... and the heartbreak for many is not erasable.

Mar 24, 13 12:56 pm
vado retro

Donna and Steven, I thought of you both at a charity wine and spirit tasting the other night. had some very smooth bourbons and ryes from a distillery called High West.

Mar 24, 13 3:09 pm

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