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the painful irony steven.

my old boss told me about a project where  if he came in under budget by x% he could keep a percentage of the savings as reward.  this was done with builder in partnership for govt job, also a school most likely.  as i recall he didn't get the job, though it was under didn't work anyway.  we never win.

my father in law is serial entrepreneur and only drives german.  something about the look of thing.  president of company must own german luxury car or other ceo's will laugh.  he is def rainmaker so i guess it is alright.

about per, no not troll i suppose.  maybe that was why he was interesting...his insults were not from on high but more about frustration too, come to think of it. hm.

Mar 12, 13 7:47 am
Tinbeary There there

Has anyone else seen the South Park episode where everyone drives Pri'i (sp?) and the smug gets really bad? Ha, ha. Love it.

Mar 12, 13 8:10 am

Sorry to hear that Steven. It's a wonder anyone is able to make a profit at all in this business it seems. My old boss drove a BWM when I worked there. His also had a personalized license plate. Last I heard he bought an $80,000 car and thanked his employees for it while they typically got paid under industry standard. Oh and then the economy crashed. Wonder if he still has the car. Congrats rationalist on the new job.

Mar 12, 13 8:23 am

Have I seen it? Usually when a post follows this general outline ...

Quote something in italics, maybe add some bold for, you know emphasis.

State a sweeping generalization about something, then with a few more words twist it into somehow being fact and representative of the world. Follow it with something that affirms a perceived superiority usually about a friend from a-school that once said something. Then dismiss any and all opposing viewpoints because they don't agree.

... its all I can do to not just follow every post like that with this little guy ...

"Good for you!"

Mar 12, 13 9:38 am

for everydayintern's post, here is my

Mar 12, 13 9:50 am

Agreed, curtkram, agreed!

Thanks tuna.

And I love that stopping in here after all these years, there's still a "20xx applicants commiserate here" thread.

Mar 12, 13 12:05 pm
vado retro

wow steven. your paratner has almost as many cars as donna.

Mar 12, 13 2:03 pm

Brian's trying to sell the Ranchero!  But actually I think Steven's partner has far, far more cars than I do.

Has anyone ever used poured in place terrazzo in a project? Was it a messy installation process? Any advice or tips?

Mar 12, 13 2:05 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I can't imagine it's too bad, Donna.

Mar 12, 13 4:40 pm
I've used it, Donna. As with most things, a good contractor is key.
Mar 12, 13 8:34 pm

@snooker, because will is Canadian? if so he isn't the only canadian on TC, I am to via my mother....

steven that is a lot of cars....

as for the shirt question (tucked or untucked) it's always tucked if for work/formal/looking good. untucked if casual or a tshirt.

Mar 12, 13 9:42 pm

a good contractor is key.

Believe me, I am NOT trying to be a jerk, but I've often wondered if "key," used exactly like this by practically everyone, has become standard (American) English, as have the words "irregardless" and "preventative?"  I heard it on a newscast within the last week and was pondering the same question. 

Shirts:  buttoned shirts tucked in, until after hours & polo type shirts untucked.

Mar 12, 13 11:10 pm


something that affords a means of access: the key to happiness. good terrazzo is the key to happiness.



Mar 13, 13 7:33 am

Steven, I remember you saying several years ago that you just don't get LOLcats.  I love LOLcats, and even more so Grumpycat, but I admit I totally don't get me-moji. I feel very old.

Mar 13, 13 9:06 am

Donna, I assume terrazzo goes over existing concrete? Careful with water migration. I wouldn't recommend it for slabs on grade that doesn't have vapor barrier underneath.

Mar 13, 13 10:40 am

tucked/untucked: I only tuck when wearing a skirt, never into pants.

Mar 13, 13 10:42 am

I read that as fucked/unfucked. Which made the skirt comment logical, Even rational.

Mar 13, 13 10:47 am

Rusty, LOL.

Terrazzo goes over an existing 40 year old slab, with art gallery space on the floor below. Are you worried about water migration up or down?

Mar 13, 13 11:17 am

i think water would only migrate if the slab was on dirt.  the conditioned space below should be fine.  i think rusty is worried about the slab getting moisture and moving or swelling or something along those lines.  just a guess.

as far as i know, terazzo is a really great floor material, but i'm afraid i don't know the specifics of application.

Mar 13, 13 11:28 am

Donna, for interior use resinous epoxy terrazzo (as opposed to cement based ones). If suspended slab (not touching ground) then no need to worry about water. I would strongly recommend reinforcing membrane for crack suppression, but consult the terrazzo manufacturer you pick for their recommendations on crack treatment.

Mar 13, 13 11:36 am

Also, see NTMA's website, for more info.

Mar 13, 13 11:39 am

oh, and one of those membranes that let stuff slip if you have a construction or expansion joint in the slab.  don't pour terazzo over a joint that will move.

Mar 13, 13 11:39 am

don't put any finishes over expansion joints. 

Mar 13, 13 11:59 am

I'm with you Rationalist. Tucked with skirts, not with pants.

Mar 13, 13 12:12 pm
Tinbeary There there

I also believe in not putting finishes over expansion joints and not tucking in shirts. IN FACT, THEY ARE THE SAME THING!

Mar 13, 13 12:28 pm

I always tuck in my shirt, but leave the buttons undone down to my navel for special effect..  That is until it hits one hundred degrees then I fore go the shirt.

Mar 13, 13 12:54 pm

ok - now I cannot see "tuck" without seeing "fuck."

Mar 13, 13 1:48 pm

Toast, does your mom tuck?

Mar 13, 13 2:02 pm


something that affords a means of access: the key to happiness. good terrazzo is the key to happiness.

Yes, curt, I know.  I've always edited it out of writing because I didn't know if it was correct or incorrect.

Incorrect (my assumption):  For Patton's WW2 campaign to succeed, Sicily was key.

Correct:  For Patton's WW2 campaign to succeed, Sicily was the key to doing so.

I was looking to see if the 1st was grammatically acceptable and, since I really don't know, I've avoided it in writing.  However, we all speak with both uses shown.

Mar 13, 13 2:14 pm

wouldn't "to doing so" be a prepositional phrase that can be dropped without changing the sentence structure?  it can be added or omitted without changing grammatical usage of any of the other parts, including "key."

"Sicily was key" is a sentence.

"Sicily was key in doing so" is a sentence.

or is the article "the" that makes it sound off?

"Sicily was key" and "Sicily was the key" are also sentences.

Mar 13, 13 2:57 pm


It's the lack of "the" in front of key that had me confused, as in "Sicily was key."  I always put it in if "key" is used as a noun.  Again, I've wondered about this for 20 years.

Mar 13, 13 3:06 pm

maybe putting "the" in front of "key" turns it from an adjective to a noun and that's what has you confused.  it's ok for key to be either an adjective or noun.

Mar 13, 13 3:06 pm

"Habemus Papam" - Latin for "We have a Pope"

The first non-European, a 76 year old Jesuit from Argentina, is elected to the Papacy.  I think it was important that this Pope came from Latin America.

Mar 13, 13 4:11 pm

As long as new pope also shits in the woods, I don't give a tuck. Being regular is key.

Mar 13, 13 4:31 pm

i think the vatican has toilets and plumbing now.

Mar 13, 13 5:07 pm

Not capitalizing Pope and Vatican speaks volumes. LOL. I was raised in that faith, so I still do.  What an interesting road.

Mar 13, 13 5:38 pm

Can we at least get a couple of weeks between 'cap-gates' on archinect?

Mar 13, 13 9:12 pm

In my best  New England Accent (NOT BLUE BLOOD)  I  uuuuused to wark with a guy who had his undergraduate degree in English and a Masters in Architecture.  He was our Spell Check Ninja Master before computer spell check.  He would get so pissed at the partners if anything left the office before it passed across his desk. His only  problem is he was not  a licensed architect, so it always caused the Hair Ball reflex from the partners. So he left and went on with his better a much bigger partdy.

Mar 13, 13 9:43 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Wow, fashion, grammar, and religious news all in one day!

I just posted my Lego creations on Facebook. It's lame, I know, but I worked hard on that shit, and I want my gold star!

Abe and I are running out of all the good pieces, though.
Mar 13, 13 10:13 pm
I know I repeat myself on this topic, but in my experience paragraphs without capitalization are difficult to read. So I generally just skim them.

Capitalization helps with the ma of the writing. (I'm on my phone so I don't know how to make italic text or ma would be in italics. It's a Japanese word for the spaces between things. Will, please correct me if I'm wrong.)
Mar 13, 13 11:15 pm

Paragraphs          need                more                white                                        space.

Mar 14, 13 12:52 am

S O  T H I S  I S  H A P P E N I N G.  [very excited!]

Mar 14, 13 7:06 am

Steven do you have a large collection of 45s?

Mar 14, 13 9:30 am

yep! about 400 or so. not necessarily in great condition...

a lot from the 60s, 70s, 80s. my parents' collections, my high school collection. 

but for this party, we've hired a fabulous club dj who will be bringing his collection too! 

Mar 14, 13 10:55 am

NIce! I'm only 25 so I don't have a huge collection but it's definitely getting larger. When I moved to Richmond I fell in love with them and started collecting them. Now I live in front of a record store which may end up being bad for my wallet, but I'll won't tell my wife that.

I collect a lot of the oldies rock and pop, and hip hop. Can't get enough of it either.

Mar 14, 13 11:26 am

Records are made out of Polyvinyl chloride. This is both a carcinogen and a neurotoxicant. I'd personally not recommend record collecting to anyone.

Mar 14, 13 12:24 pm

"Hi, structural, it's me - the architect - um, we're almost done detailing our project, can you let me know when you plan on finishing sizing your structural members?"

Mar 14, 13 12:48 pm

rusty, you take all the fun out of dieing in style.

Mar 14, 13 12:49 pm

hi architect, it's me structural.  i thought our deadline wasn't until 2 days after permit submittal.  we haven't started yet.  we can't proceed until you send us lighting calcs from the MEP.

Mar 14, 13 12:57 pm

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