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look at the firm, and look at the mirrors, then look at the firm again. see it? They Are The World's Most Interesting Architecture Firm. [now all they need is some branded mojitos and we can call it a day]

Feb 14, 13 10:54 am

eh - just marketing - high end boutique hotel clients like that sort of thing.

Feb 14, 13 11:41 am

horses, hotel clients love horsies!

Feb 14, 13 11:55 am

architecture.  gangnam style.

Feb 14, 13 11:59 am

that horse is fantastic!

Feb 14, 13 10:10 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Just saw this video. Wow.

And no horses.
Feb 15, 13 8:35 am
vado retro

waiting for my gf to make an appearance on the local morning news show. in the meantime, i've heard the weather twenty times and heard way too much about sewage on that cruiseship. also, the today show is in Bahston, milking every cliche out about that town. including music by Boston and of course The Standells. 

Feb 15, 13 8:41 am

i like charlie rose on cbs more than the today show...

Feb 15, 13 9:14 am

"waiting for my gf to make an appearance on the local morning news show"

Did she smack you in the face with one of your cats?

Feb 15, 13 9:15 am
Sarah Hamilton

Rusty, that is an awesome question.  Yeah, Vado, what gives?  Why is your woman on TV?

Feb 15, 13 9:19 am
vado retro

assault with a deadly housecat.

Feb 15, 13 10:46 am
Sarah Hamilton

Clawed, or declawed?

Feb 15, 13 11:32 am

Fanged, or defanged?

Feb 15, 13 11:39 am
Sarah Hamilton

Can you really defang a cat?!

Feb 15, 13 11:41 am

Cat dentistry is on Yahoo's "10 best degrees to get"

Feb 15, 13 11:56 am
Sarah Hamilton

Rusty, have I told you how much I'm loving you this week?

Feb 15, 13 12:41 pm
Sarah Hamilton

...of course, not in the Mdler/Tumbles sort of way.... Don't want to get banned.

Feb 15, 13 12:43 pm
Today we went to The Atomium. It was awesomely goofy and/or goofily awesome. Then three different bar/restaurant/cafes for apps, dinner, then dessert with a local artist who is also in the exhibition. The opening is tomorrow night!
Feb 15, 13 5:31 pm

mdler and tumbles got banned?  I must've missed that thread.


hey rusty, your mom says hi.

Feb 16, 13 1:28 am

ya it is me....fricking computers....crashed mine in a big way yesterday. Mrs....ask "How did that Happen?"  I said "Give me a computer and I will Kill it!" 

Feb 16, 13 6:15 pm

Must have been the that got them  Wonder how the goat lady is doing these days?

Feb 16, 13 6:16 pm

Microsoft  wanted to send someone out to my house for $125.00 and hour to fix my problem....and I said ya right.  Think I will take it to  computer shop.....then I went and figured out the problem myself.  Tagged a 250 mb  zip drive to my windows 7 and the fricking machine crashed.  Found out that the driver was the problem....started giving me errors all over the place.  Wrestled thru it a good part of the day getting my computer back and come to find the lil bugger is sorta supported but not fully supported. So we are able to transfer what we need is little grief.  Damn I love being an Architect wrestling with computers.

Feb 16, 13 6:21 pm

Did you guys see over in the 3-5 years experience thread that people are talking about lying to get ahead?

Feb 17, 13 8:30 am

As a person just out of school, that really disturbs me. People seem to not want to put the work in to get what they want anymore. I'm an introvert, and as much as it scares me a bit, I network quite a bit. It landed me interviews before I moved to Chicago (I actually landed a job before I moved here, which is kind of unheard of nowadays). 

Also, I just scheduled my first test for April 8 (CD&S). Any tips?

Feb 17, 13 9:54 am
vado retro

Billionaire David Geffen got his first job by saying he had graduated from UCLA when he, in fact, had never attended the college. He was working in the mailroom at William Morris and one morning his coworker was distraught. He had been fired for lying about having graduated from CCNY. An alarmed Geffen started coming into the mailroom before any of his coworkers looking for the letter from UCLA that would have outed him. When the letter arrived he steamed it open and altered it to say that he did graduate. Moral. If you're not cheating, you're not trying.

Feb 17, 13 1:30 pm

I remember the day I discovered some students in my Structures Class had copies of exams from previous years to get a leg up on what  might be on the exam.  Then I realized the same thing in my economics class the same methods were in practice. So much for education.

Feb 17, 13 1:35 pm
I loved that Geffen documentary.
Feb 17, 13 3:15 pm
Home safely. Back to work today.
Feb 18, 13 7:00 am
vado retro


Feb 18, 13 8:25 am
Sarah Hamilton

So I may be years behind, but I just discovered a new favorite song, and you guys are the only ones that I feel would appreciate and understand the feeling.

You'll have to skip ahead to around 1:38 before the song actually starts.

It's funny, when I heard it, I actually thought it was a new song.  Figures that it's not.  But it made me excited about music again.

This happens to you guys too, right?


And welcome back, Donna!

Feb 18, 13 10:11 am

Aw, I love that song too Sarah.

You would think I would have learned by now that when I say "yeah, just something simple" to a tradesperson the thing I will get will be anything but simple. The intent of those words is so different for a designer - you'd think I would know by now that I have to spell out *exactly what my conditions are* to anyone who's not a designer.



Feb 18, 13 10:40 am
Split Enz can be endlessly fun. Dig deeper. So good.
Feb 18, 13 3:02 pm
Sarah Hamilton
See, I knew you guys would understand. My husband's comment "they're clapping. " said with a sneer.
Feb 18, 13 3:11 pm
vado retro

oh i had that lp. 

Feb 18, 13 11:02 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I have never owned an lp of anything.  What does lp even stand for?

liquid plastic?

laser product?

yeah, I got nothing...

Feb 19, 13 9:51 am

I as is in "ice," or l as in "lollipop" ?

LP stands for "long play" and is important for those who collect vinyl.

"vinyl" in this sense refers to records; not the stuff they make windows and PVC pipe out of (though it still probably produces dioxins during the manufacture process).

Feb 19, 13 10:22 am

speaking of vinyl, i'm having fun planning for my '45' party coming up in march. dj hired, venue booked, drink plans more or less worked out.

a whole night of only 45s!  so fun. 

i've been listening to mine and editing down the stack i'll bring to the dj. everybody is allowed to bring some - a real old-style record party! 

Feb 19, 13 11:15 am
vado retro

i;m listening to Teleman right now. Teleman, not Telecaster.

Feb 19, 13 11:32 am
Sarah Hamilton

Im not 45, but can I come?  It sounds like a blast.

But the master of disaster
Gets tangled in his telecaster
He can't play it any faster
When he plays the blues
When he had the heart to ask her
And every note just shook the plaster
Now he's just a mean old bastard
When he plays the blues

That's what telecaster makes me think of...

Feb 19, 13 12:06 pm

Rumors, Fear Of A Black Planet, Push The Sky Away, and The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust. That's what's going on in my ears today.

Feb 19, 13 3:42 pm
Don't have CDs anymore nevermind vinyl. I could wear my jeans inside out to celebrate the 70's and tell everyone its for a happening. By way of penance. Anyone else have hippies for teachers?
Feb 19, 13 6:44 pm

I listen to vinyl most of the time at home. I don't get rid of them because I really use them, at least that makes sense.

Feb 19, 13 10:03 pm

RIP to my liltle buddy, Frito Jack. A four legged friend for life.  He has been a big part of our life for the past ten years.

Feb 20, 13 6:31 pm
vado retro

sorry to hear that, snook.

Feb 20, 13 6:36 pm
Oh no, snook, I'm so sorry. RIP Frito you were loved!
Feb 20, 13 9:54 pm

Thanks, Donna....I loved the little bugger BIG TIME!  I can say he was an inspiration to My Architecture...Good and Kind and Loving  Architecture!  We may not win awards but we address people needs.

Feb 20, 13 10:12 pm

Sorry for your loss snookdaddy. It is really sad.. I really have a soft spot for animals. They all go to heaven.

Feb 20, 13 10:22 pm
Snook I just had a Facebook conversation about that with a former student. Very talented, VERY smart young architect posted that the great thing about architecture is you leave a legacy, your buildings survive you. I honestly say that has *never* been what it's about for me. Making people's lives more pleasurable on a daily basis, and using decent craftsmanship to do it, that's what this crazy life pursuit is about for me. But like a dog I think I'm also a good companion lol!
Feb 21, 13 6:22 am

sorry to hear about your loss snook.  my condolences.

Feb 21, 13 7:49 am

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