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^ clarification:  includes support for universal access to health care because, as it relates to architecture, small practices are at a disadvantage in negotiating decent packages for health care plans.  That, too, needs to stop.

Feb 12, 13 12:42 am

republicans dont need to change,  they got gerrymandering.

Feb 12, 13 6:44 am

As the US becomes more diverse, its people are less likely to be Republican.  In terms of architects, the only Republicans are some "errant principals" with expensive country club memberships and debutante wives.  Heck, most rich celebrities are Democrats.  Your post is a little cryptic, and perhaps one of the few illustrations of that I can think of is Texas, which has a sizable Democratic base in its urban centers while its rural critical mass is Republican.  The debate of whether to ditch the electoral college and use only the popular vote, a real cliff hanger in November 2012, continues to be a hot topic in the States.

Feb 12, 13 12:27 pm
Gruen, I started a thread a year ago about how I thought a building on a plaza in Spain - by who? Moneo maybe? - reminded me of Pienza. That got a lot of comments including one person who just said "More threads like this please". It was a nice discussion about urban response.

Now I'm in Europe for a bit I should try to start one based on what I'm seeing here, yes? But you have to promise smart, engaging commentary about architecture if I do so.
Feb 12, 13 1:40 pm

 In terms of architects, the only Republicans are some "errant principals" with expensive country club memberships and debutante wives.

you are not very observant

Feb 12, 13 1:51 pm

you are not very observant

What I've seen.  The top brass is usually Republican, unless they're "limousine liberals" (awesome antiquated term) and are Democrats, and everyone else is a Democrat.  Entitled to my observations.

Feb 12, 13 1:56 pm


If you're in Europe, and make it to Portugal, be sure to do the compare-contrast between their version of Baroque, often used in churches, and the Baroque you'd encounter in Italy and Austria, for example.  Also, Portugal has its signature Manueline style, mostly around the capital, their very own rendition of what appears to be rooted in Gothic architecture.

Feb 12, 13 2:03 pm

i've always pictured FRaC looking a bit like the monopoly guy with his 'errant principal' ways.  and his debutante wife and such.  i enjoy the image, so let's not burst it :)

Feb 12, 13 2:03 pm

i've always pictured FRaC looking a bit like the monopoly guy with his 'errant principal' ways.  and his debutante wife and such.  i enjoy the image, so let's not burst it :)

As long as someone doesn't call me a Republican.

Feb 12, 13 2:06 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I wouldn't say that was very Gothic at all, more Moroccan.

Feb 12, 13 3:19 pm

Do you also get notified by Architizer about the top 10 "something" everyday and see Iwan Baan's hurricane Sandy photo of Manhattan sold in some form somewhere?

Feb 12, 13 3:41 pm

I wouldn't say that was very Gothic at all, more Moroccan.

The books indicate the similarities to Gothic.    There are pointed (some rounded) arches, and you will find the rose window centrally placed over the volume that is the chapel. When Portugal was called Lusitania, the Celts made significant contributions to the country's cultural fabric. Inside, the cross groin vaults and spindlier (compared to Ren/Baroque) columns are Gothic.  The Moroccan, or across the Straight of Gibraltar, architecture you describe is more typically found in housing, particularly in the Algarve, the southern coast of Portugal.  There is no arguing that, there, the Moorish influence is indisputable:

Inside of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, in Lisbon's Belem district - the basic forms appear Gothic but the detailing is unique to the Manueline style:

Feb 12, 13 3:49 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Well, I can't see the insides; no fair!

Feb 12, 13 4:34 pm

We spent Fat Tuesday, but here it's called, properly, Shrove Tuesday, in Binche, where the Carnaval celebration has received UNESCO status as an Event of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Or something similarly elevated, I can't remember the exact wording. It was fun and crazy and very cold, but we left before dark because I was fearful it would get wildly out of hand as the crowd got drunker. It reminded me a lot of Mummer's - Sarah, did you ever go to a Mummers Parade? Of course being the archi-geek that I am, I was mostly interested in how the whole town shut itself up, to the extent that the windows of all the buildings on the main square were covered with chicken wire in wooden frames fit to each window, to protect from the oranges the Gilles throw to/at the crowd to celebrate the coming of spring. I do love spectacles.

Feb 12, 13 5:18 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I was friends with a guy whose uncle was a mummer, but never went to a parade.  I was always in Texas when they had them.

And boarding up the windows seems more like war and fun.

Still jealous....  Glad it was so cold.  Ha.

Feb 12, 13 5:21 pm
Do start more threads like that one Donna.
Haven't been Portugal yet buy that festival looks cool. Does it really feel like NO? Never imagined anywhere in Europe being that cool.
Feb 12, 13 6:17 pm
Trying to post /comment when I have something to say but something about the crushing pile of work I have to do keeps my brain stuck in neutral.

The new economy is beat the employees until they produce more.

Some days wish I was unemployed. Probably will get my wish when prod-3000 finally figures out how to print out the buildings instead of designing them.
Feb 12, 13 8:21 pm

orhan that comment is best in last 24 hrs...

also donna i want more threads about "spectacles"...

Feb 12, 13 8:25 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I got two new pairs of spectacles. Still adjusting to them. Does it take long for the ears to toughen up?

And Gruen, what you just posted is exactly what TC is all about. Plow, mule, plow!
Feb 12, 13 8:59 pm


I just looked.  Manueline is also termed "Portuguese Late Gothic," but also fuses Spanish, Flemish, and Italianate elements, as well as expressions of imagery found during their voyages.  The great Manueline works were funded during Portugal's golden age, when it was flush with money from the spice trade with India and Africa.  Also, the 1755 Lisbon earthquake knocked many of them to the ground, and was the beginning of the end of Portugal's golden age.  Here's the Wiki link.

Feb 12, 13 9:02 pm
vado retro

2016 republican token minority presidential race taking shape. marco rubio and then there's bobby jindal who has been spending more time in other states than in louisiana.

Feb 12, 13 10:57 pm


If it smells like tea, it is!

Feb 12, 13 11:29 pm
You can get contacts sarah. Or laser is also good choice. For the sake of your ears...
Feb 13, 13 3:24 am
Sarah Hamilton

My prescription is only -.75, so contacts and laser not worth it yet.  I just have to get used to this.

Feb 13, 13 9:16 am

Nam I will post about spectacles when I get back. I did a little independent study about them in grad school, about the temporary structures that spring up at carnivals and fairs, specifically the Oregon CountRy Fair ( not county).

Today we went to the Comic Museum, housed in a Victor Horta department store. Freaking perfect: I gawked at the curving structure while Angus looked at Tintin comics.

gruen, Sarah's comment is right on!

Feb 13, 13 3:14 pm
vado retro

are we talking spectacles as in wonder or spectacles as in eyeglasses? or both?

Feb 13, 13 3:20 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Both.  Can't you keep up, Vado, or are you getting too old?

Feb 13, 13 4:41 pm

i didn't know they could be separated.

Feb 13, 13 4:52 pm
vado retro

Yes. And I need new glasses.

Feb 13, 13 6:23 pm

2016 republican token minority presidential race taking shape. marco rubio and then there's bobby jindal who has been spending more time in other states than in louisiana.

don't y'all understand when you talk shit like this you sound like racists?

Feb 13, 13 6:47 pm
vado retro

rubio was called a token by a univision staffer. i assume this staffer is latino. my gf future wife called him the same. she is half puerto rican. it was this half that called him a token. given the small numbers of minority republicans they are tokens.

Feb 13, 13 7:01 pm

but you're just an old white guy, right?  why are you using it?

and your half-of-a-girlfriend who used the pejorative believes only white people in the republican party can speak on a national level?  if so that's racist.

Feb 13, 13 7:17 pm
vado retro

according to the four african americans who i am working with, my comment is not racist. as long as marco or bobby are spewing out the same old mitch mcconnell/john boehner/ rhetoric then yeah maybe only old white dudes with combovers should give the republican response.

Feb 13, 13 7:51 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Speaking of the term racist, it seems to me that in my high school at least, the term is thrown around like gay was back in the 90s.

Ex: That's so racist - when refering to a kid in a green shirt, or something else not having anything to do with race.

Maybe we're turning a page?
Feb 13, 13 8:50 pm

FRac, stop it, you're sounding like a retard.

Feb 13, 13 9:07 pm

So this seems like an appropriate place to post this: the horse in the AvroKO picture freaks me out.

Feb 13, 13 9:48 pm

b, if we are to 'turn the page' on racism we need to stop racism when we see it, even from half a person, assumed latinos, and the vados of our world.

stop deflecting the issue and face it head on.

Feb 13, 13 9:53 pm

I grew up on Tintin, and Asterix and Lucky Luke.  Absolutely perfect adventures in wonderful graphics.  One of the pop culture developments I'm most happy about in recent years is the mainstream legitimization of graphic novels.  Huzzah!  

Feb 13, 13 10:55 pm

which is to say: I would have been horribly torn in that store, Donna.

Feb 13, 13 10:55 pm

FRaC, republicans pushing a candidate out there, just because he's Cuban, in shameless attempt to pander to a certain demographic IS the definition of tokenism. to·ken·ism (tk-nzm) n. 1. The policy of making only a perfunctory effort or symbolic gesture toward the accomplishment of a goal, such as racial integration. 2. The practice of hiring or appointing a token number of people from underrepresented groups in order to deflect criticism or comply with affirmative action rules: "Tokenism does not change stereotypes of social systems but works to preserve them, since it dulls the revolutionary impulse" (Mary Daly). So, stop being retarded, and go watch Jay Smooth...

Feb 14, 13 12:26 am

As for avroko, I want to punch that horse in the face and make hoof glue out of it.

Feb 14, 13 12:35 am
He is also token hip hop guy. Apparently down with west coast. But he still voted against strengthened law against violence to women. He's a white guy in token clothing. They figger if the look is different and the cultural references are different no one will notice the party still hates women and minorities no? "Token" barely suffices in that case.

Tintin and asterix raised here too. We had them all in our library at school. I think it must have been the French content that got them past the culture police :-).
Feb 14, 13 3:20 am
Sarah Hamilton
I loved, absolutely loved the TinTin movie, but I just can't read graphic novels. There's too much happening at once, and I get lost. I read the wrong bubble first, or don't notice the scene changing. Does anyone else have this problem?

And where is this horse?
Feb 14, 13 8:34 am

i love this bullshit. so, lemme guess, employing these women, to make carpets, for lazy capitalists, that cost in the thousands, is somehow going to improve their lives?? are frank and zaha giving all of the profits back to the community from which they are getting this cheap labor, or is it just a "portion of the proceeds"?

Feb 14, 13 9:13 am

still don't see why the comment field is required.  the horse says more than i ever could.  and we're a visual people.

Feb 14, 13 9:22 am
vado retro

geeee, wilburrrr...

Feb 14, 13 9:30 am

i swear to all that's holy, i. will. kill. a. horse. TODAY!

Feb 14, 13 9:35 am
Sarah Hamilton

Ok, so I looked it up, after that hilarious picture.  They are REALLY into horses!  The design isn't so bad, but this image....

...All I can think of is what that mirror could be reflecting....

  • Male pattern baldness?
  • Cleavage?
  • Sauce stain?

Maybe that should be a new thread....

Feb 14, 13 10:24 am

I think when I get my picture retaken for our company profile I'll be riding a goat and holding a chicken.

Feb 14, 13 10:25 am

sarah - the answer is male rear cleavage.

Feb 14, 13 10:26 am

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