Can anyone point me toward a well designed bookcase? Preferrably something with closing doors and that stands no more than 24" a.f.f. I have visited all of my fave furniture web sites only to be disappointed (very). Help!

Feb 12, 06 12:26 pm
David Cuthbert

Why don't you just design on yourself. You seem to know what you want, probably won't cost you that much to get made - comparable to purchase.

Feb 12, 06 1:39 pm

I agree. Design away.

Feb 12, 06 3:58 pm
vado retro
Feb 12, 06 4:11 pm

you mean four 1x12s and eight cinder blocks isn't good enough any more ?

Feb 12, 06 6:23 pm

maybe it would be helpful if you could be more explicit about what "well designed bookcase" means to you !

Feb 12, 06 6:25 pm

yikes. you guys are no help.
Ive been through the phase already: 'why don't I just do this myself? Yeah, I'm thru with that. I have 2 pieces of furniture of my own design that ended up costing about $200 in materials and about 100 hours+ a piece. Translated into billable hours, hmm let's see...why don't I just purchase something instead.

Feb 12, 06 7:34 pm

$200 is cheap.

you have high aspirations for cheap design...sounds like a job for IKEA to me.

or design something up out of plywood and screws.


Feb 13, 06 12:00 am
Philip Gentleman

deiter rams' "vitsoe" system is the book case of choice, if you have the funds...

Feb 13, 06 9:22 am

could you be more specific?
do you already have something in mind?
like do you like the natural wood color or you would rather have a well designed piece made of metal and glass?
or are u looking for something that it's just functional with a simple design?
what about the price? how much do you want to spend for it?

if you don't want to spend more than 500$, i guess you have no other choice than going at your local Ikea and looking for the Billy or Bonde bookcase system.
all the bookcases i have in mind cost like 1500-2000$.

Feb 13, 06 11:10 am

i use sensible storage shelf from Homedepot. $50/each.
cut pieces of museum board or faux leather put on shelf top

dimension: 14"x48"x60"
dividable into 3 shelf and a half.

Feb 13, 06 10:09 pm

How about this stuff?

[url=]TopdeQ Cubo Modular Storage. I keep getting their catalog - have yet to buy any of it yet.

Feb 21, 06 9:36 pm

Sorry for the botched first post above...

How about this stuff?

TopdeQ Cubo Modular Storage.

I keep getting their catalog - have yet to buy any of it yet.

Feb 21, 06 9:38 pm
David Thalheimer

Hi, realia

Find finished or unfinished bookcases of your choice from a large collection of well designed bookcases of U.S. manufacturers Highlands Designs!.

Oct 5, 13 5:14 am
chatter of clouds

"Its (Homedepot) founder, and Co-Chairman of the Board Bernard Marcus is an active zionist. He is on the board of directors of Emet, the Pro-Israel Media "War Room" whos function is to ensure that all media in the US stays biased in favour of Israel.[1]"

Oct 5, 13 10:37 am

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