Daydreaming: Your studio/firm name?


I was daydreaming and thinking of the day when I start my own practice and I was wondering what some of you would name your studio/firm.

This is just for fun.

Feb 7, 06 3:37 pm


that should cover all the basics.

1.then i would change the name to:
-the postneo project
(rembrandt to the great band "the tony rich project", like a clown i put on a show)
2. then i would have a short stint as:
-terrestrial death monkey design company inc.
3.when i realize that with a name like that i will never get a quality project i will chance the name again, but this time to;
-Frank O. Gehry & Assoc.
4.realizing that name is taken and having a nervous breakdown because i think all the good names are taken i will name my firm
because it doesn't really make any sense and mean anything millions will flock to my doors for my obtuse design and analytical skills, also to here my rhetoric archibable every Thursday at 6:oo, 5 dollars at the door please.
5. then in my old age i would once again change the name to;
and i shall accomplish all this by the time i am 43 years of age.

Feb 7, 06 4:49 pm

wow, lol!!!

Feb 7, 06 4:57 pm

first, i'll go with:

33° 39' N 84° 26' W

someone will call me a copycat.
then, i'll turn to something more jazzy:

[SYN]ergISt Studio

i'll get tired of it pretty quickly.
then, i'll go with:

Backdoor Design

the double entendre will scare clients.
i will then try something more pragmatic:

On-Time, On-Budget Architecture

this will only last until people discover that it's not true.
then i'll incorporate a fleeting pop culture reference:

Lindsey Lohantecture

this will not be effective after the world forgets her.
i will try to specify my market segment:

Strip Mall and Parking Lot Design Group

but i'll be ashamed to give anyone my business card.
finally, i'll be left with the old standby:

j & Associates Architects


Feb 7, 06 5:35 pm

My initials: ATR. ATR Architects...ofcourse this may be received with some negativity since I most likely will start the Firm up with otherse and the fact that the firms is MY initials may piss them off. So I have decided to search for partners with last names beginning with A and T and therefore sacraficing all requirements for such partners to be at all qualified.

Feb 7, 06 5:44 pm

this thread is gold :D

Feb 7, 06 7:14 pm


yeah, not architecture, I know. But I can dream.

Feb 7, 06 7:35 pm

is DonkeyPunch[studio]*.* taken?

Feb 7, 06 7:45 pm
vado retro

you are actually going to have a name??? you freakin sellouts!!!

hell why doncha place an add in the yellowpages while you are at disgust me...

Feb 7, 06 8:25 pm
A Center for Ants?

Coolest Architecture Studio (Ever) or CAS(E)

Feb 7, 06 8:26 pm

***********"No Job Is Too Big"***********

Feb 7, 06 8:51 pm

still trying to figure out what AKS RUNO means/meant

Feb 7, 06 8:54 pm

i like CAS(E). i'm usin' it next time.

last time was 'ArchIntent'.

time before that was 'NoStudio'.

Feb 7, 06 9:15 pm
Living in Gin

Revcloud Associates

Feb 7, 06 9:27 pm

Arroz con Pollo Architects

Feb 7, 06 9:28 pm

I have just quit my own firm and sent my resume to the now defunct but soon to be on VH1 firm of Lindsey Lohantecture

Feb 7, 06 9:58 pm

Fettucine Carbonarchitects, with bacon, mushrooms and parsley.

Feb 7, 06 10:09 pm

chicken sandwich i just made, architects.

Feb 7, 06 10:31 pm

that wasn't enough frozen microwaved chicken and vegie shu mai, architects.

Feb 7, 06 10:55 pm

frost bites.. no good too long in the freezeer, threw it in trash. tina just showed up with some indian food from tandoori express, i am in luck, architects.

Feb 7, 06 11:04 pm

Head'n'Home Architects. Ciao.

Feb 7, 06 11:08 pm

Smellulater Architects.

Feb 7, 06 11:12 pm

Wer E sh'T Hous Architects, or WETHA for short.

Feb 7, 06 11:17 pm

that was yum with garlic naan and couliflower stew, i've been up for 20 hours gonna hit the sack pretty soon with dangerous levels of gas, tina told me to go fuckin' sleep on the couch, nighty night but i first wanna take rupi and daisy for a walk and let out some homemade methane on stewart ave, architects.

Feb 7, 06 11:30 pm
brian buchalski

i think i'll just call it puddles

Feb 8, 06 12:47 am

Work System.

That way I'll have an El Croquis dedicated to me even before I start.

Feb 8, 06 2:19 am

zoom extents & associates

Feb 8, 06 3:50 am

no a better one would be :

zoom(All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window) & Associates

Feb 8, 06 3:52 am

Obstreperous odds & associates

Feb 8, 06 8:29 am
brian buchalski

...or maybe mushroom

that's a good name for an arch firm since you're not supposed to name your firm after fungi and things like that

Feb 8, 06 9:00 am

FEA: filletted edges Architecture

SWZ: slept with zaha architects

Feb 8, 06 9:50 am
Nevermore've got balls of steel even imagine that ( 'SWZ' )

Feb 8, 06 10:01 am

LOL Architects


ROTFL & Associates Architects & Partners, Inc., LLC

Feb 8, 06 10:05 am

Architecture Systems Studio

Feb 8, 06 10:24 am

I'm Not Putting Dormers on Your Retirement House, Mom, Architects

Feb 8, 06 10:53 am

Guayaba Arq.

Feb 8, 06 11:22 am

sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick Architects

Feb 8, 06 11:29 am

hah! beat that toungue twister ^ Architects

Feb 8, 06 11:33 am

some cool name i have seen- AR7, WorkHouse.
- in this dam eage: I say: YaTB Studios- (you are the Boss),

Like P. Johnson said "Architeture is like a piece of ass, I'm just trying to sell it"

Feb 8, 06 11:41 am


i totally forgot about inserting parenthesis in random words.

from now on i shall be known as

then i will sleep with Zaha and we shall form the greatest architectural firm in the world. we will set up shop on top of a mountain and our children will form a studio and create the most incredible designs anyone has ever seen. if you have a problem with that you will not be invited to our lectures on the mountain top on Wednesdays at 6 pm. 5 dollars at the door please.

Feb 8, 06 11:45 am

zaha's speaking at columbia tonight....architects

Feb 8, 06 11:54 am

what's with the woody on Cruela Hadid? if you seen her lecture once that's enough! I am sure she is using the same images as circa 1995( which were very cool) with one or two recent rederings, that don't come near the quality of her earlier personal work.

Feb 8, 06 12:03 pm

what's with the woody on Cruela Hadid? if you seen her lecture once that's enough! I am sure she is using the same images as circa 1995( which were very cool) with one or two recent rederings, that don't come near the quality of her earlier personal work.

Feb 8, 06 12:03 pm

My friend and I are just going to use our old school email address names. Huanmic & Lecaq. its nice a hard to pronounce.

Feb 8, 06 2:28 pm
brian buchalski

...i'm now thinking that maybe i'll just call my firm desk

Feb 8, 06 2:49 pm

i love desk

i love lamp...

Feb 8, 06 3:25 pm
liberty bell

ohmigod I have to join WonderK in ROTFLMAO Architects, oh god I've got tears in my eyes...and I have a phone interview in like 30 seconds I need to get this hysteria out of my system ...quick think about

Feb 8, 06 3:33 pm

Graphite Inc.

Feb 8, 06 5:02 pm

Are you just looking around the room and saying you love things?

I love lamp.

Am Still Laughing at Abra's Methane Post....Architects & Associates

Feb 8, 06 5:56 pm
liberty bell

Oh I just remembered in school I thought "ZinkWorks" would be a cool firm name - a variation on my last name.

And I'm also still laughing at the methane post. oh god hilarious!

Feb 8, 06 6:01 pm

MOA Architecture (metropolitan office of angeleno architecture)

Feb 8, 06 6:14 pm

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