mattress. above a door. for rent.


Did you guys see this?

NYTimes: Talk About Renting a Hole in the Wall


Feb 3, 06 2:19 pm

in contrast to
NYTimes: McCondos

(both on archinects news section)

Feb 3, 06 2:34 pm  · 

...architecture students...up late...drinking. those words going
together = bed suspended over door...

living situation story...i live in ny..and haven't seen my
roommate since she paid rent last month...started to worry
about how i was going to contact her to pay month...until i found
a check filled out in our apartment.. can't quite figure out why
someone would pay for an apartment they don't live in..but
whatever...i have a nice three bedroom studio apartment...

now if she'd only tell me when she'd be there i could apparently
rent out her room for days at a time...

Feb 3, 06 2:34 pm  · 

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