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mdler needs a new computer...

Feb 1, 06 11:42 am

mine will hopefully ship friday.. it's like christmas in february..

*does a little dance*

Feb 1, 06 12:37 pm


dell, sony, ...???

Feb 1, 06 1:15 pm

hp pavilion

Feb 1, 06 2:02 pm

voodoo - u522

Feb 1, 06 2:59 pm

Damn! Voodoos are nice.

Feb 1, 06 3:06 pm

I am "putting together" a u532 for fun (didn't see u522). I noticed you have to have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Deal breaker. I HATE GeForce. I hope you were able to change this out on the u522. Alias doesn't recommend any GeFore. Here's why, and I am living proof: your 3d model disappears. No, not all of the time. Only when you really need it. I almost threw my Dell out the window. And by "threw out the window", I mean threw it out the window. I was soooooo pissed. Never again with GeForce.

I have had no problems with my Radeon, which was of a similar level of the GeForce. That is non-pro. Gamer stuff doesn't always mean pro.

Feb 1, 06 3:14 pm

The u538 offers the ATi Mobility Radeon x700. Major improvement.

Feb 1, 06 3:16 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

[ i'm sure this thread comes around at least once a fortnight, and we have the same discussion ]

Feb 1, 06 3:49 pm

Voodoo ENVY Middleweight u:522 Notebook 1
Voodoo Allure Finish 1
Talladega Black Finish 1
Voodoo ENVY Middleweight u:522 Chassis 1
Envy Performance Motherboard 1
Intel Pentium M Processor 760 1
1 GiG Voodoo DDR2 533MHz SODIMM Memory 2
Seagate 80 gig 7200 1
ENVY 4-in-1 Internal Card Reader 1
8X ENVY DVD+-RW Dual Layer DVD & CD Writer 1
ATi Mobility Radeon x700 PCI Express GDDR 256 1
15.4" Wide Angle TFT UXGA 1900X1200 LCD 1
Voodoo ENVY Video Camera 1
Envy Immersive Theater Audio System 1
ENVY Gigabit High Speed Ethernet 1
Voodoo ENVY Multi-Wireless Card 1
ENVY 56K Modem and Blue Tooth Module 1
Windows XP Professional 1
VoodooDVD, by PowerDVD Version 6 - 6 Channel 1

Feb 1, 06 3:53 pm
liberty bell

I have an hp pavilion ze 4800. I only know this because I can read it on the little badge below the screen as I sit here typing. I've owned it for 10 months and it has been pretty trouble-free.

Oh except for the hard drive replacement that had to happen in October!!!!! Which I think was caused by a malfunctioning fan that I kept putting off fixing. It seemed to overheat and suddenly crash and then the guy at the computer store said I needed a new hard drive so I trusted him because I didn't know what else to do.

It seems heavy, but not overly so compared to my husband's Powerbook. And I beat pretty hard on this thing - throw it in the car, drop my bag on the floor with it inside, constantly bang into walls with it - and so far just a little rubbing at the corners is all the damage I have seen.

So basically a thumbs up. Although asking me for advice about computers is like asking a cat to teach you how to speak French.

Feb 1, 06 3:55 pm

I have hp Pavilion ze 5385. Have had it since April 2003. Going on three years and never a single problem!!! Also, it has the ATi Radeon. And I bought this at Fry's.

I have read that you have to be careful of the hp/Compaq joint designed laptops. Compaqs can overheat. For a while the Pavilion line remained entirely hp design. Not sure now.

Wow, ether. Nice machine!

Feb 1, 06 4:43 pm

someone tell me why anybody would pay close to 4000$ for a Voodoo laptop when you can get a better one, equally good looking, for less than half that price.
What a waste!

Feb 1, 06 6:07 pm

Well, if we ae talking about dropping some dough, for the best pro machine for your buck I would direct anyone to either of these:

Dell Precision Workstation (the ONLY available pro laptop from Dell. A couple models/prices available, some under $3k)

hp nw8000 series (ONLY the nw series. Not nx.)

I directed a friend to a refurbished Dell Precision. She paid less than $2k and couldn't be happier.

Feb 1, 06 6:17 pm

each to their own, ret.

Feb 1, 06 8:02 pm

i have a prostar 4794 and i am going to buy another one. i have had this one for 2.5 years. it is a p4 3.06 with 1 gig ram, 60 gig 7200 rpm hardrive, 64 mg ati graphics card, 17" monitor and a 99 key keyboard - having a number pad is great. battery life is measured in minutes so don't plan on using it unless you are near a power outlet. i got this computer for about $2600. the next one will be about $3500, but will be a p4 3.8, 3 gigs of ram, 2 60 gig 7200 rpm harddrives and a ati 256 mg card. the computer is made by clevo - the same company that makes alienware and voodoo systems - sorry no pretty paint jobs.

Feb 1, 06 8:31 pm

paid 1700 for a zd8000 comes with a MASSIVE 17" screen that sucks juice outta the battery. Renders quite quickly with its ATI. Running 512 atm going to 2 for my birthday - why not.

Feb 1, 06 9:00 pm

Now that a most manufacturers are shipping them, buying anything other than a core duo-based notebook is a serious error in judgement.

As I've posted before, laptop build quality across the board is on the decline. what this essentially means is: don't buy from a makers "budget" line, and get a warranty.

I still like Lenovo's IBM T serries. Very well designed and well made, and customer service is top notch. the t60p won't be shipping for a few weeks, but it looks like one killer workstation notebook. Remember if buying an IBM, go through an edu loophole, or find a way into EPP or shareholder discount. Doesn't take much effort and saves big $$. If buying dell, watch the deal sites (fatwallet, bensbargains) and wait for a good coupon deal.

Computer vendors overprice ram by a lot. if you have the option, minimize the ram and upgrade it yourself (it isn't hard). has good ram and is usually pretty good in terms of prices.

and to clear up a few misconceptions that have been posted already...

Graphics cards have nothing to do with rendering.

There's nothing wrong with geforce cards. sometimes people get a bunk chip, or they screw up the drivers. same goes for any hardware.

Feb 1, 06 10:30 pm

of course ether...i
what was your criteria for choosing the voodoo though?..just curious..thats all.

Feb 1, 06 10:34 pm

small pc is out. only 64 mb ram though. but remember 64 mb was the king for a long time and it came in big towers. this one is 2" x 2".


May 20, 06 11:11 pm

new 19 in. alienware laptop...

May 21, 06 3:13 pm


I've had my Dell laptop since 2002, and it's still a strong workhorse. I use it for everything... photoshopping, formZing, autocadding, Mayaing, rendering, editing videos, etc.

but alas, I need more render power.

May 25, 06 3:04 am

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