The "UGLIEST" skyscraper I have ever seen !!

sporadic supernova

Alright ... for all those people who hated calatrava's residential building ... take a look at this !!
( sorry .. i still have'nt figured out how to post images)

Its one of them (Donald) Trump properties which he's constructing in Dubai.

By far the ugliest piece of architecture (skyscrapers) i have laid my eyes on.

Jan 31, 06 12:35 am
sporadic supernova

Oh .. and I dont know who the architect is ... i'd be very intrested if someone finds out !!!

Jan 31, 06 12:37 am

enter like this, but with these [ ] instead of { }, and all on one line


to get this...

Jan 31, 06 12:56 am
sporadic supernova


Thanks jump … now isnt that the ugliest thing that you have ever seen..

I mean just look at the freaking scale !!! all that gold staring down at you.

Jan 31, 06 1:14 am

hmm, some of the wtc entries maybe?

Jan 31, 06 1:42 am

behold the radially symmetric beetle-forms!

Jan 31, 06 2:07 am

truly horrendous. has potential, though..

Jan 31, 06 10:26 am
Jan 31, 06 10:35 am
liberty bell

As a building it's really ugly: ungainly, stumpy, squat, and gold. Ugh.

It is also sort of an anti-phallus, no?

Jan 31, 06 11:16 am

I think it could stand some improvement.
Perhaps Per could improve it with his Uber-structural system.

And that bug pic reminds me of Fear-Factor. Maybe 'Joe' could do one of his beetle-eating contests on the rooftop of the 'beetle-hotel', then have all the contestants jump off into the moat around it.

Jan 31, 06 11:30 am

to be honest I'm more disgusted by the "urban design."

Jan 31, 06 11:33 am

guys i cant belive you the poetry and the metaphor in that wonderful proposal is lost on you.

Jan 31, 06 11:52 am

the calatrava thing in NYC

Jan 31, 06 12:10 pm
Mission St.

well i think it's cute!

Jan 31, 06 2:36 pm

What's the metaphor, doberman? Broken condom?

Jan 31, 06 5:23 pm

alien eggs

Jan 31, 06 8:31 pm

Shedding Swiss Re skin?

Jan 31, 06 8:41 pm

I saw the word Trump and I didn't actually have to see the building to know that it was going to be ugly

Jan 31, 06 11:47 pm

this is the shame of my town :o(

Feb 1, 06 6:44 pm
vado retro

lb that description may be "antiPhallic" to you, but to others,well its our reality...

Feb 1, 06 8:37 pm
liberty bell

I see a metaphor of unfolding....flowering....opening....emerging from cloaked depths...

And those gold things are totally vesica shapes. (If you students don't know that word, look it up, it's a good one for architecture-types to use. And its a term for those plugs they put in plywood sheets to patch imperfections.)

Anyway I'm gettin' a strong female vibe off this so-called "tower".

Feb 1, 06 9:18 pm

Feb 1, 06 9:47 pm
Dazed and Confused
Feb 1, 06 11:01 pm
Feb 2, 06 4:39 am

I have some competitiors from my office view (in Shanghai)

Feb 2, 06 5:14 am

this is called "ugly"

Feb 2, 06 5:20 am

this too..

Feb 2, 06 5:21 am

and this..

Feb 2, 06 5:24 am

giant robot's dildo

Feb 2, 06 5:26 am

The inspiration for this classic piece, probably came from mushrooms on a rotting carcass somewhere in the amazon forest

Feb 2, 06 5:28 am

this could very well pass off for the headquarters of a cult "Solar order of the shining bullshitters".

Feb 2, 06 5:33 am
sporadic supernova

ahhh ... i see you'vr taken a swipe at ol' hafeez ...

good .. good .. i would say that most of his buildings would qualify

Feb 2, 06 5:59 am

try this!!! another quality trump project...

Feb 2, 06 9:02 am

ok, that didn't work...maybe this:

Feb 2, 06 9:03 am
sporadic supernova

Yikes J3 !!!!

that is class A puke catalyst !!!

like I always say :-
"Taste is inversley proportional to wealth"

Feb 2, 06 9:27 am
job job

liberty, i see your vesica

and i raise you a fistula

the tower leaves aside, what's happening at the base? looks like sloppy geometry how the shells subdivide into the round bastions (which appear to be 5 stories)

Feb 2, 06 10:01 am
liberty bell

ugh, snowi...yuck.

"vesica" is a melodious term for a cool geometric shape.

"fistula" not only sounds gross, it is gross. Image google at your peril.

But agreed: the termination of those leaf (vesica) forms into the loopy plinth in the middle of a moat - the whole thing is silly.

Feb 2, 06 10:10 am
sporadic supernova

I just image googled "Fistula"

Feb 2, 06 10:28 am
job job

sorry!!! i misread vesica as 'bladder' or organ that contains fluid (my sciences background)

may i present for beautiful geometry

Feb 2, 06 10:32 am
job job

although, architecturally a fistula 'An abnormal duct or passage resulting from injury, disease, or a congenital disorder that connects an abscess, cavity, or hollow organ to the body surface or to another hollow organ' is an interesting surface deviation where a permanent and new orifice connects exterior surface to interior.

just googled it, you should see (or not) some medical journals..... yeesh

Feb 2, 06 10:40 am

I read somewhere that the place is actual a hideout for Trump's secret identity, "THE BEETLE"

And myriam I completely agree. The building isn't nearly as bad as its urban context.

And does anywone else have a problem with creating artificial islands? Can we say natural (or unatural) disaster?

Feb 2, 06 12:34 pm
curt clay

I don't see how anyone can truly judge a building as ugly by looking at a rendering alone... you have no idea of what materials are being used, what the connections will be like, how the glass will look on the finished product or anything if the sort.

The rendering would allow you to comment on issues of scale and schematic form, but not much else. To have the ability to render a building "ugly" based on this rendering alone is very amateurish.

Do you think you could fully explain and sell someone on a design of yours in ONE arial rendering at 1:5000 scale? I know I couldn't.

Feb 2, 06 1:44 pm

curtclay, i hope you are kidding...

the materials to be used are pretty obvious on the rendering (and its pretty common knowledge that trump likes gold. Well even if those forms were made of concrete, it would look just as ugly.

Feb 2, 06 6:56 pm

I cannot believe just how BAD trumps buildings are. The scariest thing is that people want to LIVE in them. They're the spinning chrome rims of architecture.

Feb 3, 06 12:01 am
sporadic supernova

it still looks weird ... if you ask me ...

looks like something out of the Alien movie

May 7, 06 2:44 am

okkkkkk nevermore....enuff of mumbai.

May 7, 06 7:31 am

Here's a high-res rendering. Looks much better now I have to say.


May 7, 06 7:41 am
sporadic supernova
May 7, 06 7:48 am
sporadic supernova

yeah .. i does looks better
better than the old one atleast !!

May 7, 06 7:49 am

The old one reminded me of this:

May 7, 06 7:50 am

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