Sign of the Beast


I need to not post for a while...

Jan 18, 06 4:18 pm


Jan 18, 06 4:23 pm

Yup, I had that same exact feeling at one point. The only thing to really do is play some Iron Maiden (I know you have it) prior/during the next post.

Jan 18, 06 4:24 pm
liberty bell

garpike, you need to post as much as possible now, while you are laid up. Don't go away. Please.

Jan 18, 06 4:35 pm

i just cant keep up with you crazy postin s.o.b's. i have been here sense the start of the new site, and i am not even close. i better start bringing my a-game or something.


Jan 18, 06 4:49 pm
Jan 18, 06 5:06 pm

Bruce Dickinson is quite an interesting character. Apart from being a trainspotter, he is also a pilot.

Jan 18, 06 5:19 pm


Jan 18, 06 5:39 pm
liberty bell

I saw Iron Maiden in an arena concert back in the day. They had a big blowup...Eddie?

Jan 18, 06 6:48 pm

i saw maiden in 81, 10 rows from the stage, i was 13. i love maiden, but now i am a Skinny Puppy freak.

Jan 18, 06 7:06 pm

yeah, i saw both the killers and the number of the beast tour. damn i'm old.

Jan 18, 06 7:12 pm
vado retro

does anyone remember laughter???

Jan 18, 06 7:26 pm

i bet noone here can match this !

my friend's dad went for a DOORS concert..and also a Pink floyd One ! ! (Birmingham, Town Hall, December 18,1970 )..he's framed the ticket and hung it up in his living room.

Ta ra !

Jan 19, 06 4:32 am

Pixel and e, I just ordered "Number of the Beast" on Amazon yesterday. I need some metal company while recovering here at my parents' in PA.

lb, I could never stop. I can't stop posting - the same way I can't stop talking.

Jan 19, 06 10:03 am

nevermore, i can't top that, but my first concert was foghat and blue oyster cult's godzilla tour.

Jan 19, 06 12:04 pm

garpike, you should pick up black sabbath's first and sabbath bloody sabbath. get well.

Jan 19, 06 12:09 pm

You got it - though one at a time. I am not making money sitting on my ass! Ha.

Thanks, e!

Oh, my dad has seen The Doors, The Who (so have I), The Guess Who, The Animals, the list goes on...

Jan 19, 06 12:37 pm

i've seen sex pistols.

Jan 19, 06 1:00 pm
job job

Abra, where and when? must have been a great show

Jan 19, 06 1:03 pm

it might have been 77-78 or something.
at the whiskey.. it was small room packed with people bump dancing and fights and shit. it was like.. 1..2..

Jan 19, 06 1:09 pm

i thought this was a thread about milwalkee's best...damn.

Jan 19, 06 1:15 pm

I worked at the Graffiti in Pittsburgh for a few months in the late 90s (owner was a huge dick I should add). The business office had the posters of every show, including the poster for the Pistols first ever US show to be held there. It was cancelled. Oh well.

Jan 19, 06 1:17 pm
White T. Rash

i love me some milwaukee's best! i prefer the leaded as the light version is for pussies.

Jan 20, 06 6:29 pm

I remember the Milwaukee's best (The Beast, as everyone affectionately called it). Glad those days are long gone.

My first big show was the Moody Blues (father took me when I was 10), Stevie Ray Vaughn opened, although he was not solo yet.

Seen Pink Floyd, The Who twice, Stones, and countless Grateful Dead shows. Old, eh?

Jan 20, 06 9:55 pm

cool, trace.

Jan 20, 06 10:00 pm

my dad saw the beatles in london. he was on a business trip with his father, and waliking down the street he bumped into the owner of the newsstand near his house, who was also in london for business, the business being touting beatles tickets for a sold out concert.

i should mention that both my father and his newsagent are from naples, italy.

my only claim to fame was seeing motorpsycho on their last gig with the original line up, but the drummer is now back in the band, so that's not true anymore. not that i complain, it's fucking good news.

Jan 20, 06 10:14 pm

my dad was lucky, too

He always has a story about how mind blowing it was to see folks like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, etc., when they were small (well, maybe not the Beatles).

It was pretty amazing timing that all those bands had reunion toors while I was in highschool (and could blow off school to hitch hike to some show somewhere). Ah, good times

Jan 21, 06 10:21 am

My Dad said he saw all of these shows while at university in a rural area - Slippery Rock in PA. Bands would do college tours. So now I wonder what the equivalent is today. I remember Bad Religion doing this back in the 90's. College rock.

Jan 21, 06 11:06 am

I saw Naughty by Nature and Public Enemy and nachos spilled on me. You down with OPP?

Jan 21, 06 11:29 pm

I was drunk last night. Sorry I had to share my Naughty by Nature story. At least I was sort of drunk dialing my archinect friends.....sad actually, good night.

Jan 22, 06 9:00 pm

Who am I kidding, Im drunk right now to.

Jan 22, 06 9:00 pm
liberty bell

watcha drunk on evilp? I've been partial to Manhattans lately myself...

Jan 22, 06 9:26 pm

I am done with drunk posts. No one needs that morning-after stress. I have a hard enough time keeping my "mouth" shut drinking water.

Jan 22, 06 10:32 pm

I had been out watching the games - totally disappointing. Neither game was even close. 3 Irish Car Bombs, about 6 beers. Slept like a baby.

Jan 23, 06 9:07 am

but i think it will set us up for a good super bowl. at least i hope it does.

Jan 23, 06 11:40 am

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