Zaha is simply repulsive


Donna - suprised you got that from Gehry, the times I've been around him he seemed quite down to earth, not pretentious and not elusive (like many of the stararchitects can be).  He's a different breed, but always seemed like a decent guy (the opposite of Zaha, from my exposure to the two)


Apr 20, 11 2:29 pm  · 

I've met Frank Gehry.  He actually is a very nice person. 


The firm I used to work for was the architect of record on one of his projects.

Apr 21, 11 12:15 pm  · 

Frank is cool people.


Zaha couldn't make it to the 5th floor for crits when the elevator broke (I was at school) and threw a tantrum. Does she do beautiful work? Sure. Is she succesful? Sure. Do I respect her work and her occupation as an architect? Sure. Will I slap the fat bitch if she threw a tantrum at me? You bet your ass I would.

Apr 21, 11 4:25 pm  · 


Apr 21, 11 4:44 pm  · 

LOL jetvancake!

Apr 21, 11 5:59 pm  · 

 zaha as a beautiful young student..

Jan 5, 12 3:19 am  · 
chatter of clouds

strange, i never understood her as being "indecent" (apropos trace's remark).

i don't know her personally, naturally enough - but in all her interviews, i have yet to sense something pretentious. yes, she is not an intellectual who challenges the now rather standard terminology she uses to describe her buildings - verbally, she is hardly original - its not her gift. but she doesnt overarch and use terms or ideas that do not pertain to her work. that would be pretentious - in fact, there is something very specific and self-honest about her and her character as an architect - judging from her interviews. as for being a bit of a diva/prima donna - well, thats the colour of her personality, this does not mean a person is right or wrong for being so. and it doesnt make a person nice or nasty.

anyway, how can anyone not give her a "chapeau bas" for going this distance...a "foreigner", a woman and a pioneering architect in a world that wasn't delivered to her on a plate.  a wonderful architect, and an architectural force of life.


Jan 5, 12 6:10 am  · 

Wow, nice find, Orhan!  I think she's still beautiful.  She looks real.

Jan 5, 12 6:48 am  · 

orhan, that isn't you in the background is it?


Jan 5, 12 8:59 am  · 
siavashsafari could not simply make an idol of her for being an Iraqi woman building success on her own and breaking the glass ceiling, being a migrant or a woman defines as a barrier when you are poor. it makes no difference when you have some amount of money

2.yes she and all of her other fellows in AA or cooper union , sci arc , harvard ( all schools who like money and educate you to like money and be different but all in a similar way resulted in deconstructivism, cubism, folding, surface projects, using distorted grids and 9 squares, saying nonsense about modern architecture relating to classic architecture and greek myths ... all that weird styles that had nothing to do with human needs ) are extremely repulsive, and bitter to interact with

May 28, 22 3:08 am  · 

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