Who shot the diagram?


Did anyone read Pier Aureli's "After Diagrams" in log #6?

Who killed the diagram?

create delete create delete create delete

Yet we still need to express a diapositif of design intention. How can we express an idea that is in a state of becoming. What's next? Place your bets?

Nov 28, 05 8:36 pm


Nov 28, 05 8:37 pm

what the fuck is this?

Nov 28, 05 8:50 pm

plaese to post this article.

Nov 28, 05 8:59 pm
vado retro

those r some fancy grafix

Nov 28, 05 11:19 pm

is the diagram really dead?
long live the diagram!

Nov 28, 05 11:44 pm

i can't believe the diagram died. its so sad. diagram, or gram, as archtiecture, or arch, called him went way back. i mean they were tight, yo. WTF, i mean arch has just about gone crazy without gram's confidence and clarity. arch is feeling a little lost ever since he heard the news. however, there have been sitings of gram alive and well. even the efitors of LOG dig gram. ( so no worries, yo

Nov 29, 05 10:59 am

eat del taco? Is that the hidden message?

Nov 29, 05 6:39 pm

i shot the diagram
but i did not shoot the diapositif

(because i had no idea what it was)

Nov 29, 05 6:59 pm

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