evolo skyscraper competition suspicion


does this competition seem sketchy to anyone else? no jury? who is evolo?

Nov 10, 05 3:11 pm

did you try contacting them? there's a telephone number on their website.

Nov 10, 05 3:36 pm

i googled.

Nov 10, 05 3:41 pm

They had their information posted in the jury section earlier on, but then it was replaced by the current page. It does not help the cause that so many items are
left open - as well as the "pay now" opening page.

Nov 10, 05 3:47 pm

Looks sketchy to me.

Nov 10, 05 3:51 pm

btw- we've been here before

Nov 10, 05 4:06 pm

someone i work with knows the people who are arranging this competition and he said that they are putting this competition purely for the money.

even though there is very little prize money it is often worth entering an ideas competition for the exposure that you could get. but i know that these guys (evolo) are not planning on working towards putting the winning entry (entries) out there.

it's too bad because the project is kind of interesting.

Nov 10, 05 6:29 pm

so the organizers are looking for some free money and free ideas? doesn't sound worth it to me.

Nov 10, 05 7:05 pm

It is always the same thing… people without real facts saying bad things about well intentioned people. The jury has been announced and it seems quite interesting. I know as a fact that at least five international magazines have already offered to publish the results. Along with that they are publishing a catalog of the competition that will be available next fall. I wrote an email and they replied in few hours. People like you should indeed do not enter these competitions. Do something of benefit instead of surfing the web all day long with “your genius ideas”. lol

Nov 15, 05 10:52 pm

columbia and the architectural association

(the almae mater of the jury, or is it alma maters, or almi mater?)

hey, if 400 people pay $40 to enter a competition, that's...let's see...$16,000. since the prize money totals up to $3,500 that leaves...$12,500...and they have to pay the web designer...wait! isn't that what students are for? then...hmmm...looks like $12,500 divided by 5 is...$2,500 apiece.

not bad for a day's work drinking espresso and mumbling about architecture while wearing black

and i don't have any genius ideas -- but my clients pay me to do their projects

Nov 16, 05 3:34 pm

Ok. Has anyone entered this competiton? Or know anyone who entered?

Nov 16, 05 4:37 pm

yes and yes, why?

Nov 16, 05 4:50 pm

seems fishy to me. they dont even go through the organizational (competition) effort of providing a site, or some context for the project.. and then they results "published in magazines!" how transparently non comittal, and shows that they havent put any effort into organizing this as a competition.. the lack of diversity on the jury, shows that they are probably students or recent grads from columbia and just asked their former professors to jury this "ideas" competition they are doing....

this smells like a scam. they cleary dont have any interest in the competition because there arent even any paramaters other than a city of more than 4 million people..what are they looking for? just some renderings for the hell of it?

stupid stupid stupid.. anyone doing this is wasting their time and money, there are many real idea competitions our there that are valid and well organized and will provide a better forum to compare and judge projects with each other.

Nov 16, 05 5:09 pm


Jan 30, 06 2:46 pm

let's update my calcs...278 x $40 = $11,120

minus prize money = $7,620

prize per juror = $1,524

still not bad for one day's work. i'm starting my own ideas competition, except i have no idea about what ideas to call for.

Jan 30, 06 4:58 pm

i meant, pay per juror

competitions are profitable!

Jan 30, 06 5:00 pm

then again...i wonder if any know of the jury members know anything about skyscaper, besides sky-blob or well fenestrated tube. with intention of figuring out generative components via double curved glass....sounds sketchy..

perhaps no one will enter acting from suspicions and YOUR odd of winning might be better. i bet..30:1

Jan 30, 06 7:27 pm

Looks like they got 6 entries from that country Canadasouthkoreaisrael and 5 from Australiagreecntherlands and and and...

Jan 30, 06 7:35 pm
sporadic supernova

I have a sneaky feeling that ... someone from Columbia might win it .. lol ...

Jan 31, 06 1:24 am

so did anyone on the upper west side win this one?

Feb 17, 06 10:09 am

did anyone here enter into this competition and how did they feel about it?
there seemed to have been some suspicions about it beforehand, but i was wondering if anyone went on with it and how it went. i guess it wasnt a total scam as there is another one this year?
any thoughts?
i was thinking of entering this time, but wanted to know what others thought of it

Oct 27, 06 9:50 am

Actually I was suspicious last year but they did recieve quite a few entries. I noticed some of the participants are jurors this year, however that seems to give it some more validity. As for being a Columbia love fest, check out the juror bio's.

Oct 27, 06 2:37 pm
James Meyer

The winner last year was from Columbia... it does almost seem like a sexiest rendering competition, but it could have a lot of promise, like any competition, it just depends on what the jury decides they care about. Look up Changhok Choi's email and ask him if it is worth it... that's what I would do.

Oct 27, 06 3:56 pm
James Meyer

sorry wrote that before I saw he is on the jury this year... makes sense when you think about

I would say that it is legit and if you think you have some kind of edge or hook go for it. I would but have never had the oppurtunity to really design a highrise

Oct 27, 06 4:03 pm

I think it's funny that they have a paypal button prominently displayed at the top left hand corner of the site.

Oct 27, 06 11:11 pm

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