Revolution of the Social Housing in Yaroslavl: workshop & competition

In May of 2012, from 1st till 9th, in Yaroslavl, in a picturesque place on the bank of a pond, not far from the Volga-river an architectural bureau «Narodnij architektor» and an information portal, with the support of the department of Architecture of Yaroslavl State Technical University will spend WORKSHOP devoted to a social architecture and innovative approaches to the typology of modern habitation.


THEME: Social Housing
PLACE: Yaroslavl, Russia
DATE: May, 1-9, 2012

Competition blog & FAQ

The organizers of workshop aim to teach participants a creative method of doing free-for-all architecture with the minimum construction budget.

A series of lectures will be read during the workshop.Such hot questions will be raised up and discussed as — the combination of uniqueness and massness of architecture, the low budget and quality of a product, the professional
dialogue with the customer of middle class and with the low income, the compromise between an architect and a customer as a key issue of architecture and form finding/morphogenesis.


Within the holding of workshop, the action which does not have any analogs in Russia will be spent — the construction of the sample of the house in real time; with step-by-step analysis of each constructive and architectural decision with the participants of workshop.

All participants of the workshop will make impressive common theoretical and practical work with the house of new typology as a result. The final lecture will be read in this new house of social availability.

In the run-up of the workshop a competition among the students-architects in Yaroslavl and other interested professionals will be held. The goal is to design a house-"minimum".

Ten best works will be exhibited and discussed in the workshop; the authors of the most striking works will be awarded with prizes from the sponsors, an opportunity to present  your creative methods in front of the audience and be published on the websites of the organizers and media partners. Final results of the competition and the 3 best works will be determined by a vote on the final day of the workshop.

Nov 22, 11 6:11 am

winners of the competition (all results of the competition):



PLEATS — Kitakyushu City / JAPAN



Karovskiy Victor, Kopilov Pavel
«Living hill» — Yaroslavl / Russia



Claudia Sandra Luca
dr. arch. Valentin Luca
House on the shore — Timisoara / Romania


Mustafina Alisa

Lighthouse 41.03
Yaroslavl / Russia


Honourable mention:

Tahaer Zoyab
Anupriya Subbian, Jeevanandam S., Karthik A., Nikhil Clifford
Chennai, India


Davin Tanasa
(in)active greenhouse

Kulikov Ruslan
Mortgage house, Fisherman house
Yaroslavl / Russia


Kolbovsky Nikita
House near the Water
Yaroslavl / Russia

Viola Gunina
Social House
Yaroslavl / Russia


José Antonio JUAN MARÍN
2 is better than 1
Valencia / Spain

Luda Shtern
Fisherman's house
Yaroslavl / Russia


Kovensky Roman,
Pestereva Valerya, Petuhov Anton
Modular house
Moscow / Russia

Jun 4, 12 9:29 am

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