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Ok cad guys impress me. I'd like to have text listing the area of a series of closed polylines. These areas are going to be continuously modified next week, so I would like to have the text listing the sq. footage actively change as the polyline changes shape thus altering the overall sq. footage. I'm not sure if AutoCAD does this, but it seems entirely possible. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help.

Aug 11, 05 10:43 am

it is possible, it is not, however, easy.

you have to use the spaces tool in architectural desktop (you're prolly SOL if you have autocad only), and link the spaces to a table or object tag listing square footage. i am way too lazy to explain it in more detail, and its been a while since i used it.

good luck!

Aug 11, 05 12:45 pm
A Center for Ants?

yeah. i've been wanting to do this forever since I usually get stuck doing the areas. haven't really found a quick way to associate the area from the p-line with any kind of text object... i just do it the old fashioned way.

dunno if you know about the "area" command.
layiso the p-lines
type area, use the "add" mode and then use "o(bjects)"
then just start click the p-lines and it'll sum the areas for you.
maybe somehow script this to create/update text?
(be careful as clicking on the same object will add it again)

Aug 11, 05 12:59 pm

I can do it in Vector Works... AutoCad is the darkside....

on that note, Darth was prolly an architect. Think about it... wore all black and liked to build gigantic structures....

Aug 11, 05 1:05 pm

You may want to try this LISP that I just Googled. It may be what you're looking for.

It's number 39.

Aug 11, 05 1:05 pm

It's easy in Revit.

Aug 11, 05 1:09 pm

i hear its possible in 2006

Aug 11, 05 1:30 pm

easy enough.

first, create space boundaries for each space. next, insert a schedule. link space boundaries to schedule.


Aug 11, 05 2:54 pm

Another CAD question if I may.

I need verification about the Editing time that appears in the stats in the Drawing Properties dialog.

I want to know whether this time accurately records/depicts time actually spent physically editing the drawing, as the title suggests, or whether it merely records the amount of time that the drawing has been open - with or without any work being done on it.



Feb 14, 06 4:32 am

can you elaborate j?

a useful function from the way you describe it but i don' know how to insert a schedule...where is that function?

doesn't come up in help so am wondering if we is talking the same software or no?

Feb 14, 06 6:36 am

dia, i believe it's the latter...i'll check for you today.

Feb 14, 06 7:19 am
Living in Gin

About the area calculations that update automatically: It's possible in 2006, and not much trouble to set up. However, I'll have to have AutoCAD open and running in front of me before I can explain it.

About the editing time: It's merely the amount of time that the drawing has been open.

Feb 14, 06 7:43 am
Living in Gin

In AutoCAD 2006:

1) Draw a closed polyline that encloses the area you want to calculate.

2) Create an MTEXT object.

3) Right-click within the text window, and select "Insert Field..."

4) Under the "Field Category" pull-down, select "Objects"

5) Under the "Field Names" box, select "Object"

6) Where it says "Object Type", hit the selection button and select your closed polyline. The gray box next to the button should now say "Polyline"

7) Under the "Property" box, select "Area"

8) Under "Format", select "Architectural" and set your precision as desired. Hit OK.

The field should now show up in your MTEXT area with a gray highlight behind it. The properties (font, text size, etc) can be changed like any other MTEXT object.

Feb 14, 06 8:01 am

The TIME command displays the current time, the last updated time, editing time in the drawing, and automatic save schedule in the text window (press F2 if the text window does not display).

it appears that it records the time the drawing is open...

Feb 14, 06 9:12 am


The timer keeps track of the editing time of the drawing, which includes time when the drawing is open with unsaved work. When you save, the timer pauses until a change is made, then it starts running again. Not a very accurate measure, but not just a measure of how long the drawing was open.

Feb 14, 06 10:02 am

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Feb 14, 06 10:04 am


So its possible that when I count the number of hours per drawing, I will have to deduct a percentage to account for time swapping between open drawings, different programs, and not working etc....

It is my habit to open the drawings pertaining to whatever projects and have them open most of the day.

So a reduction of 40% of actual recorded time might be appropriate?


Feb 14, 06 2:55 pm


cheers dude. works in 2005 as well.

see what happens when you are old and taught yourself cad before there were any courses in it?

man, i have been doing that the long way for so long i could cry.

Feb 14, 06 8:32 pm

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