another sex thread


i was reading the news about the shuttle and thought, "i wonder if anyone's ever had sex in space?"
what do you think, do astronauts get busy in zero g?

Aug 7, 05 10:32 pm
vado retro

please see "archinect lull" thread...

Aug 7, 05 10:35 pm
brian buchalski

yeah, i've wonder that myself. the thing is that they are pretty much monitored all the time but i think i saw an interview once where a nasa spokesperson described astronauts as very "creative & imaginative people" when the subject of sex in space came up so maybe it has happened.

anybody out there working at nasa? maybe it's time to leak another sex tape?

Aug 7, 05 10:42 pm

does Trojan make a spacesuit?

Aug 7, 05 11:03 pm
vado retro

in space no one can hear you scream. or moan for that matter...

Aug 7, 05 11:06 pm

good call suture. spacesuits: the ultimate prophylactic.
puddles, that interesting. i wouldn't expect nasa to ever even touch the subject publicly. most astronauts are married, they're mostly male, and they're operating incredibly complicated, expensive equipment funded by taxpayer dollars.. doesn't make for good pr. but who hasn't wondered?

Aug 7, 05 11:15 pm
liberty bell
who hasn't wondered

Well, I, for one, heterarchy, had never even considered our fine astronauts might be boinking in space. Now every time I see the NASA logo I will wonder about weightless sex. Thanks for forever sullying my innocent wonder and pride in our country's space program ;)

Aug 7, 05 11:20 pm

awww liberty, i'm sorry. :) as usual, i find myself in the position of corruptor of innocence... speaking of which, what position would be the most weightless appropriate?
but yeah, on the one hand i think it unlikely that any astronauts have ever had sex up there, give some of the difficulties mentioned above and perhaps a sense of professional propriety. but on the other hand, i know that if i were blasted in to space i'd feel utterly compelled to get it on. perhaps that's just me though. :)

Aug 7, 05 11:32 pm
liberty bell

All is forgiven, heterarchy, as it IS an interesting question. I imagine the most weightless appropriate position would be one we couldn't even contemplate here on the surface. My imagination isn't that fruitful, at least not in public...

Aug 7, 05 11:36 pm
vado retro

hey doncha wanna go down like some junkie cosmonaut?

Aug 7, 05 11:41 pm
liberty bell

vado, as always...perfect.

Aug 7, 05 11:41 pm
vado retro

welcome back to the land of gus grissom lb

Aug 7, 05 11:44 pm
liberty bell

Hmm, not 10 seconds ago I heard the lyric as "...some disgraced cosmonaut". Maybe I need to listen again - I had been meaning to add this CD to itunes, thanks.

Who in hell is gus grissom? My dog's name is Gus.

Aug 7, 05 11:51 pm

God bless both Vado and Liberty - you are both right. Anyone heading to Pioneertown for the Camper Van Campout?

Aug 8, 05 12:00 am

good call vado.
the song says both junkie and disgraced at different points.
which makes me wonder too, do you suppose any astronauts or cosmonauts have ever smuggled a little weed in to space? gotten high while real high? :) "whoa man, the world's like, totally out the window dude. ha ha, we're totally out of this world man. ha ha."

"hey hey hey, like bein' stoned."

Aug 8, 05 12:20 am
liberty bell

Dammit vado stop it - you are just too freakin' clever
Gus Grissom didn't sink the Liberty Bell

Aug 8, 05 12:53 am

Holy crap, that was almost scary. I call vado in the Trivial Pursuit tourney.

Aug 8, 05 12:57 am

wow. bravo to vado. were you just waiting for liberty to post so you lay that one on us? :) awesome.

Aug 8, 05 12:22 pm
A Center for Ants?

i know that there is one husband/wife duo that flew on a shuttle flight into space... forgot their names but maybe you can google it.

i know if i went to space with my s.o. ...

Aug 8, 05 12:23 pm

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