Color Blindness


Anyone here color blind?

Jul 26, 05 9:38 pm

wicked. finally confirmed what my girlfriend has said for 2 years. yet i still have a better fashion sense than she does... black on black baby ;)

Jul 26, 05 9:54 pm  · 

i prefer "color deficient". yes. very. failed 4 of those tests. it's especially hard when rendering with subtle colors ("this is green.... right?") however, no one seems to know until i mention it. my entire wardrobe is black, brown or neutral anyway

why do you ask?

Jul 27, 05 9:01 am  · 

Very common in Men???. My last boss was color blind ( going back 12 yrs. ) so his wife got to chose all the colors...I swear he could have done better himself, totally ruined a number of our buildings. Ended up photographing them in B/W just not to highlight the bad color selections.

Jul 27, 05 12:00 pm  · 
1  · 

that test was fun...

...can anyone actually see a 2 in the last sample (scroll down)?

Jul 27, 05 12:04 pm  · 
A Center for Ants?

a 2?

i definitely don't see that one. just the 5. i guess i'm sight blessed.

Jul 27, 05 12:52 pm  · 

ya, it says if you're RG color blind that you will see a 2!

I tried to find it in there, but my lack of color-blindness is preventing me...

Jul 27, 05 1:03 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

whatever you do DO NOT tell anyone you're color blind unless you're really, really color blind (i.e. everything's grey)

you will never be asked opinions regarding color schemes ~ picking out paint, stone, flooring, etc.

they (the MAN) will always hold that on you: 'well, what do you know, you're color blind anyway ...'.

*is scared for life, boo hoo*

as for me, i see color perfectly @'~

Jul 27, 05 1:14 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

a-hem, *is scarred* (not scared)

Jul 27, 05 1:15 pm  · 

if you squint way down to where the image is reduced to values can make out a 2

Jul 27, 05 1:17 pm  · 

I am very slightly color blind as well. I have a hard time distinguishing between olive drab and maroon at night or very sutble pink. I usually resort to color correcting mathematically with RGB values. None of my clients know about this and don't have to. I was just wondering how common it was in our field. Thanks for the replys.

Jul 27, 05 4:15 pm  · 

I definately see a 2. And I certainly agree with givemeastamp. If one more person starts pointing at things around the room and asking me what color they are...

Jul 28, 05 11:27 am  · 

You can see the 2 in the last one (even if you're not colorblind) by stepping away from your monitor about 8-10 feet.

Jul 28, 05 11:32 am  · 

aaahh, thanks...

Jul 28, 05 11:54 am  · 
rhombus head

I'm RG color blind. I stopped telling people becasue I got bored with people putting say a yellow pencil in front of me and going "what color is that!!"

I've always been curious as to the subjective perception of color, not so much if people see blue instead of yellow and all that, but whether people see the spectrum in reverse (relative to myself of course).

deviating from the thread a little, but intersting nonetheless $:)

Jul 28, 05 11:56 am  · 
Ms Beary

I am thankful to percieve color very well.
Something like 1 out of 18 men is colorblind.

Jul 28, 05 12:58 pm  · 
A Center for Ants?

rhombus head-

i know what you mean. what if someone had negative vision... there' no way to tell as they would learn the names of the colors differently. CRAZY!

Jul 28, 05 2:23 pm  · 

yeah, i'm color blind >> red green that is. my cllents get a kick out of it when they find out.

Jul 28, 05 3:00 pm  · 

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