ha, nice comment Donna, I remember posting that story a while back too...

Dec 2, 11 11:04 pm  · 

What is the AIA doing to protect the interests of architects during the financial crisis?

Dec 4, 11 1:32 pm  · 

I just found this document on the AIA website, but the typo on the second page leaves me less than hopeful. Maybe we should occupy the AIA.

Dec 4, 11 1:35 pm  · 

Well, interesting piece on 60 minutes tonight.  Basically Steve Croft is asking "Why have there been no prosecutions?".  Some inside whistle blower interviews etc...

Anyway, right at the start of the show, our very own Occupy movement is mentioned yet again!

Hmm lets see, most of the sites have been dismantled, and yet the message and idea are very much alive.  Perhaps it was not about camping out in a park after all.

I believe many of these news stories and also the recent legal actions discussed above result from citizens exercising their rights, it really works and here is the beginning of the proof.

I am still wondering what happened to the info that wiki leaks had on the banks.  I bet it would blow this stuff out of the water. 

Dec 4, 11 11:18 pm  · 

My oversight Steve, Kroft

Dec 4, 11 11:33 pm  · 

I understand the big banks have GOBS invested in smoke and mirrors.  Evidently there's a big profit margin there and accountability is an "unjustified cost":

Dec 5, 11 1:04 am  · 

Well, this seems to be an interesting branch of the movement:

"Empty homes were the target of this latest protest by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. In this case their attention was focused on four homes abandoned or foreclosed in an area of New York they say is among the worst hit by the financial crisis." - Reuters

Dec 7, 11 11:11 am  · 

occupy boston about to be evicted - watch live here:

Dec 8, 11 9:51 pm  · 

On a recent Charlie Rose Mattathias Schwartz and John Heilemann gave an Update on Occupy Wall Street, post occupation. What I found most interesting was Heilemann's contention that the Occupy movement is bound to be a powerful force over next year, at least domestically and politically.

Chiefly because he believed that the fundamental concern is the unfairness/state of our economy. Since the economy won't be getting much better any time soon, it's fait accompli..

Dec 8, 11 10:18 pm  · 

"Empty homes were the target of this latest protest by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. In this case their attention was focused on four homes abandoned or foreclosed in an area of New York they say is among the worst hit by the financial crisis." - Reuters

Adverse possession could be an interesting part of the strategy but they've got the real estate wrong.  Instead of occupying abandoned or foreclosed homes they should be occupying the rarely used 2nd, 3rd, 4th,...nth homes of the 1%.

I haven't been to our Aspen house in years.  If the housekeeper had been smart enough to just move in, she could probably claim ownership by now, yo!

Dec 9, 11 9:26 am  · 

Good point, Ca$h!

Dec 9, 11 10:07 am  · 

Thanks for posting.  One correction, it does not seem so "secret" to me.

Dec 11, 11 9:14 pm  · 

Talk about having your head in the sand....

Dec 11, 11 11:30 pm  · 


Dec 11, 11 11:53 pm  · 

A Guardian writer coins the term bankocracy:  rule by the banks, for the banks.  Sounds a lot like bankruptcy to my ears, yo!

Dec 13, 11 12:47 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?



Dec 14, 11 2:08 pm  · 

Protester?  That looks more like a terrorist.  The whole point of protesting to be seen in public, yo!

Dec 14, 11 2:17 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

terrrerist?!? what are you, some kind of Islamaphobiaphobe?!?

Dec 14, 11 2:24 pm  · 

I don't know what that even means...

Dec 14, 11 5:17 pm  · 

but, yo, the China bubble is bursting.  Thankfully the CEO are still getting paid, yo!

Dec 14, 11 5:19 pm  · 

Well, for any folks in the LA area, looks like we have a great opportunity to occupy the Rose Parade with our very own 70'x40' octopus!

It looks like a great way to start 2012, I am there.

Dec 30, 11 11:17 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

The Occupy Wall Street "Human Float" will be led by longtime anti-war & anti-corporatist activist Cindy Sheehan ..


and why do you want to mess with the rose parade?  times are tough - people want to enjoy something and you want push this octupuss spoiler thingy?  come ON!

Dec 31, 11 2:36 pm  · 

hey frac, go choke on a black man's dick

Dec 31, 11 9:57 pm  · 


Who ever said that civil discourse is dead...?

Jan 1, 12 4:47 pm  · 

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." 

- Henry Ford

Jan 1, 12 11:57 pm  · 

If you have an extra, you know 3 hours, this is an interesting interview w/ Chris Hedges:

He talks about a variety of topics, but there is a focus on what he sees as the current state of affairs in the US and it's future implications.

Jan 4, 12 10:47 am  · 

Via the Telegraph, Bankers ready to sue if bonuses too small.

Seriously, guillotines, yo!

Jan 4, 12 12:56 pm  · 

Keith, here's a bit more concise interview with Chris Hedges about the rise of the corporate class:

and another lecture on the death of the liberal class:


I'll give your link a listen to as well, though.  Chris Hedges is one of my favorite social commentators.  He gives a very real, and very sobering outlook about the future of the American empire.


Oh, the National Defense Authorization Act was signed on New Year's Eve.  The Military now has the right to detain American citizens here and abroad indefinitely and suspend due process.  Happy New Year, everyone.

Jan 4, 12 8:05 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

you guys still voting obama?

Jan 4, 12 10:03 pm  · 

Thanks Matias, I've read/listened to Chomsky for years, but have been getting more familiar w/ Hedges recently.

Jan 5, 12 12:33 am  · 


can you say military industrial complex.

seems like us and europe is starting beef.

Is this the only way they see out of this economic hole.

Jan 6, 12 1:07 pm  · 

Excuse the post, I realize this thread is fading into the past, but I saw a great interview on the new "Bill Moyers" show on PBS last night:

Some very interesting stats, graphs and insights by two political scientists.


Jan 15, 12 10:26 am  · 

Hello everyone!

It's been a while. If you don't remember me, I used to make travel videos and write editorials frequently for archinect, and buried in the school blog archives for SCIArc is my wonderful little blog.

As of late - and for better or worse given the events here in Oakland over the past week - I have become a dedicated activist with Occupy Oakland for the past three months, and yes, i have been tear gassed, flash bang grenaded, and nearly batoned and nearly shot with paint filled bean bag rounds, most recently this past Saturday (Good times! Carry a bandana soaked in lemon juice, yo!)

During my time with Occupy Oakland, i began to draw vignettes and landscapes of the occupation both as a form of therapy and to record my time there. Over time, my fellow activists became aware of my drawings, and constantly demanded that i print them. So i did, and people loved them, including a half dozen cops who may have bought them for no other reason than to dust them for prints. (So it goes with things in Oakland).

I have seen the best and the worst of this movement: bewildering incidents of police brutality and persistent harassment of the indigent, a 71 year old woman have her home loan renegotiated two days before her eviction, a man shot and murdered only twenty feet from me, a 1000 meals fed every day 24 hours a day while the commune at Oakland city hall existed (Oscar Grant Plaza), and a sunset over the Port of Oakland during the first General Strike in the US since 1946. I've hugged more crackheads than i ever thought i would meet in a dozen lifetimes, and now consider many of the bottom 1% to be true acquaintances, some of them drug dealers and gang members who converted into activists because of the family they have been offered by the Oakland Commune of Occupy Oakland.

Myself? I have never been one to volunteer in the community, never one to refer to myself as an activist about anything. But things have changed. I actively volunteer upwards of 20 - 30 hours a week with organizations involved with food justice, income discrimination and foreclosure prevention (A drought of unemployment also helps this time commitment). In my time as an activist with OO, i have gotten a 71 year old woman's home loan renegotiated to an affordable rate, turned a dilapidated foreclosed home into a food outreach center for West Oakland (since shut down), had the overdraft fees of three complete strangers refunded, and am beginning to work in concert with other OO activists to begin a food co-op truck. The volunteer work includes work with Just Cause (Causa Justa), Meals on Wheels, and the Berkeley Student Food Collective.

Funny enough, the list of stories of actual things positive goes on and on.

I have never felt so powerful. So capable of revolting towards a life worth living.

Income, however, is scarce to non-existent. Which leads me to the humble request of all of you, my friends and comrades, here at the end of this primrose path of a post: selling prints of my artworks from Occupy Oakland is my sole source of income right now, and things have been getting tighter and tighter as i prepare for an art show up here of these drawings for which i can't even afford the frames. That being said, these drawings are fucking awesome, i promise, and i urge you to consider buying/donating for one (or all!) by visiting my WePay site. They are cheap, and i guarantee they make  fine addition to every homefront.

In return, i promise i will keep up this fight for the better.

I love you all, i miss you all, and encourage you to please forward this post to your friends. Everything helps.

Hugs and Fists!

Marlin Watson, (recently occasional) Archinect contributor and editor

Feb 1, 12 3:23 pm  · 

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