vintage threads (part I...?)

brian buchalski

so i'm digging through hard drive the other night and i found some old threads for the earlier version of archinect. admittedly, this is somewhat subversive in that it contradicts the fluid becoming of a thread. nonetheless, i hope you enjoy this visit to the archives, but watch out for the ninja-dentists...

begin post:
anti-best school post

bossman 06/25/03-13:38

this is for all the people who hate the unending thread about the best architecture schools-vent your frustrations here.....

disappointed 06/25/03-13:39

Oh, I though this was going to be a 'what is the worst school of architecture in the US?' thread. That would be a lot more interesting.

bossman 06/25/03-13:41

well....we could convert it to that, as long is it isn't about arguing over who masturbates to the BEST school

disappointed 06/25/03-13:44


Here are my bottom 2 picks for schools:

University of Illinois at Chicago
Catholic University

bossman 06/25/03-13:47

ITT Tech

so, this is where the pros learn to draw?

MIES 06/25/03-13:51

Thank you sir may I have another...

yes...please keep stomping on my grave, I love it you ungrateful bastards..

hey, I have an idea! lets come up w/ the most degrading thread we can think of...

bossman 06/25/03-13:53

well, this was originally intended for people to complain about the best architecture school post-I really don't want to be responsible for degrading anyone that I haven't slept with

Ddot 06/25/03-14:07

Mies was involved at IIT, which should NOT be considered among the worst architecture schools.

To the best of my knowledge, ITT Tech is completely different.

1 06/25/03-14:21

sci-arc is still the best.

your name 06/25/03-14:24

that was sneaky, 1.

mr fusion 06/25/03-14:59


what's your beef with Catholic and Illinois-Chicago?

I'm just curious. One of my friends went to Catholic, and I haven't heard of their program outside of her and your reference here.

disappointed 06/25/03-15:03

mr fusion: "...I haven't heard of their program outside of her and your reference here. "

That alone should tell you something about the quality of their program.

I have no 'beef' inparticular. The number of crappy schools is certainly not limited to the 2 crappy schools I mentioned earlier.

your name 06/25/03-15:11

my boss went to catholic.

He is not what anyone would call a good designer.

your name 06/25/03-15:44

SCI-Arc Rules

your name 06/25/03-15:51

sciarc and "best school" should not be mentioned in the same post. while the undergraduate program seems to be getting better (newish staff and the moving around of the old), the graduate program is terrible. third tier blobbists run the program. the discussion that goes on there is brain numbing, reminds of the the well-known book on LA, "depth takes a holiday."

shut the hell up 06/25/03-15:55

i swear to christ, if this becomes another discussion about how great/terrible sci-arc is i'm going to snap

your name 06/25/03-15:57

i aagree, sciarc was through in mid-90s. the history/theory department is almost non-existant, and the design, yukk, wannabee UCLA who is wannabee colombia

bossman 06/25/03-15:59

this was supposed to be a thread-WHICH I STARTED- about making fun of the kind of people who now posting in this thread

bossman 06/25/03-16:04

can we PLEASE start making fun of these people now?

your name 06/25/03-16:10

bossman, clearly you went to a no name school. Sci-Arc kicks ass.

your name 06/25/03-16:12

sci-arc is just a glossed-up kindergarten; finger painting, show & tell, snack time, nap time....although that does sound appealing.

bossman 06/25/03-16:15

I don't care about people who went to name schools. I have good friends who go to name schools. I just want to make fun of the little brown balls of poop who think it is REAL COOL that they go to sciarc.

Jim 06/25/03-16:19

As soon as blobitecture goes out of fashion, SCI-ARC will be back to a nothing of a school.

your name 06/25/03-16:20

Bossman you seem very bitter at those of us who went to actual schools and not grand rapids community college like you. Great if you are doing well, but you seem overly bitter because you are obviously a reject. Get an outlet for your inferiority problems other than archinect. Your thinly veiled attempts to hid your constant insecurity is tiring.

Jake 06/25/03-16:22

Hmm. And I thought SCIARC was doing well as a school until the blobitects came by and fucked up all the work.

BOTS 06/25/03-16:24

Bossman - you want some abuse! Take this vent

Oh for the joy of American Urban design teaching, the wonder of the highway and the car, the endless suburbs of LA. The fumes, the pollution, the engine size and bhp, the worship.

Is there any urban design taught in your architecture schools, or are they all crap?

Maybe you would benefit from some historical reference on how to design Cities, but no, sorry, America doesn't have a significant history on designing cities, or for that matter significant architectural history (modernism excluded).

What is your schools point of reference on Urban Design?

You collage kids with the ”˜my school is better than yours crap'
From this side of the Atlantic you have a long way to go - so stop this self promoting bulls**t.

Thank you!

your name 06/25/03-16:35

i pretty much hate anyone who argues how great their school is. it's like the fight you had with your friends in the 3rd grade about "my dad could beat up your dad". idiots

Junior 06/25/03-16:44

my dad COULD beat up your dad

the third 06/25/03-16:50

you pee like a girl

Ddot 06/25/03-16:58

there's a great song I've heard recently that is actually titled : "My Dad can beat up your Dad."

Wish I knew where to find it for you....

dust 06/25/03-17:03

Shut your pie holes... The anti-thread has failed

mr fusion 06/25/03-17:18

sciarc is the best school of architecture ever anywhere, and that includes any schools of architecture that may or may not exist in the future or in your or anyone's imagination...

...for me to poop on. they don't even have a website. they suck.

sciarc killed my sister when I was 3, so I'd really prefer if we could just stop talking about it.

adso 06/25/03-17:26

best school threads are about as dumb as best school polls in magazines (but boy the administration loves them- "look, we're #6 in People Magazine best architecture school poll- donate today!"). i've heard more truthful things from the iraqi information minister.

disappointed 06/25/03-17:29

could we please get back to listing schools that suck, asside from Sci-Arc.

mr fusion 06/25/03-17:29

i would like it to hear people dump on more schools. destroy destroy destroy! what do you think is the worst school of architecture, and why? and no one is allowed to defend their own school or refute anyone's comments.

losing it 06/25/03-17:33

here's a venting that has nothing to do with architecture:

scientists suck. they suck hard and long. i'm on my first damn month working for pfizer doing records management BS. the first 3 weeks, all i did was put shit in a filing cabinet, all of a sudden i'm sent out to explain the intricate workings of the archiving process (which i know nothing about) to a bunch of dickhead scientists that expect me to be a god damn expert. listen, fuckheads, this is a summer job that i just started, i go to architecture school, so you can kiss my black ass if you don't accept that i'm uneducated of your procedure.

wow, that was great

your name 06/25/03-17:36

which cars are the favorites of architects?

your name 06/25/03-17:37

whatever school 'losing it' goes to must suck if that's the kind of summer job you're able to get.


bossman 06/25/03-17:38

your name 06/25/03-16:20

geez man I was kidding about that whole com college thing that was someone else's post I went to arizona state.

your name 06/25/03-17:39

Has anyone seen the picture in the new DWELL with the four guys with shaved heads in all black sitting together sort of rolling back on their seats and with arms around eachother laughing, kinda like a sorrority girl group shot.
that picture makes me want to quit architecture.

your name 06/25/03-17:39

florida state

bossman 06/25/03-17:41

This is hilarious. This thread is now everything I thought it could be! Yeah!

your name 06/25/03-17:41

to losing it 06/25/03-17:33:


fishbowl 06/25/03-17:42

mr. fusion...I agree, except let's make it personal!! How about who, specifically, is the worst student at the worst school?? Name, address, family history...grades, quotes from studio critics??

We need specifics so we can let this person tread and gurgle in the bottomless pit of taste and decorum that is known to occur in the Archinect discussion forums.

Ddot 06/25/03-17:43

that picture in Dwell also includes one woman. Perhaps you overlooked her because her head wasn't shaved?

Or did she go to Sci-arc, too, so you automatically see through her?

your name 06/25/03-17:43

are architects rich?

naes 06/25/03-17:46

What's Sciarc? Is that some new drafting program I should know? Does it work on a Mac because I learned from another post today that the $9,000 G5 I just bought doesn't run AutoCAD? It's all just so guys scare me with all your big ideas an acronyms. You guys are so smart and cool...

Maybe I should just quit and go into dentistry like my mom said...

your name 06/25/03-17:46

all i know is- i dont have 180,000 in student loans to pay back. its not worth being able to say- i went to Sciarc and draw blobs

your name 06/25/03-17:47

Don't dare do that!!!!

Dentistry schools usually have terrible architecture programs.

your name 06/25/03-17:47

do those guys and girl in the DWELL picture teach at sciarc?

your name 06/25/03-17:48

NO, they're dentists.

your name 06/25/03-17:52

auburn is pretty much a horrible arch. school, and the only known school to vandalize its OWN campus before football games.

still losing it 06/25/03-17:52

your name 06/25/03-17:37 ,
so what, my school does suck. but this guy's broke, so i can't go anywhere and i need a job that pays well. unfortunately my parents couldn't pay for my schooling.

oh yeah, plus my fucking car was broken into this morning, and my 100+ cd's were yoinked out of the back seat. i hope all of you scientists and theives die from tetanus and rot in hell.

bossman 06/25/03-17:52

The main thing I hate about going to the dentist is when he puts that blue thing in my rectum

your name 06/25/03-17:53

shoulda sold those cd's for some extra cash this summer.

crabtank 06/25/03-17:54

fishbowl, that post was evil dude...

your name 06/25/03-17:55

"The main thing I hate about going to the dentist is when he puts that blue thing in my rectum"

I think you're thinking of lawyers

your name 06/25/03-17:55

i am a highschool senior and want to go to cornell or cooper union next year can you tell me if architects drive fancy cars?

lost it 06/25/03-17:57

your name, you're a scientist, aren't you? you crafty bastard. you'll rue the day you crossed me, mark my words. and i want my cd's back, asshole.

your name 06/25/03-18:00

Yes. All scientists spend their days in ridiculous architecture firms, idling away the day reading archinect. You're on to me.

your name 06/25/03-18:01

are you at Pfizer off route 206 in Jersey? I'll be swinging by there tomorrow, say mid-day. I'll be happy to return those cds.

your name 06/25/03-18:01

i also am a scientist and am idling my day away reading archinect

naes 06/25/03-18:03

I just did a goggle search on "sciarc"; apparently it's a school in California. Did you guys know that?

I think it's a graphic design school. I can't really tell what anything is though. If I can't understand something I usually just assume it's over my head. It must be complex and intellectual if it's coming from a graphic design school in California.

I also found out that I need a license to be a dentist! Who needs a license! Also, they make you hang out with all those sexy dental assistants who strip when no one is in the office. If I had that much school I'd only hang out with dry pasty people with the same level of education so we could all discuss who was actually smarter.

your name 06/25/03-18:05

what school did you go to? Please tell us, so we have a real target.....

your name 06/25/03-18:06

Sci-arc also has a terrible dentistry school.

jb 06/25/03-18:06

of course sci-arc is the best, they have been around for over a century, so their philosophy is well established. And they have the rich and inpirational archtiecture of souther california to inspire them. Fantastic.

lost it 06/25/03-18:07

oh, i'm on to you alright. i got tired of blaming my imaginary friend for my problems. i much prefer the anonymous chatroom dweller. i hope you burn, you cd stealing, beaker filling, top drawer won't fucking open at my desk jerkoff

man, this is so helpful. maybe it will replace my yoga

bossman 06/25/03-18:07

All scientists and pirates should burn in yeah hell! YEAH!

your name 06/25/03-18:10

bossman, your timing with the realultimatepower thread is always impeccable. Seems I've caught you dropping that link a time or two.

I still love that site with all my body, even my peepee.

naes 06/25/03-18:11

Actually my mom suggested the dental school because I have so many cavities she thought I'd be able to get some kind of discount.

But I've discovered a better way; as my teeth fall out I just replace them with chicklets! It's so cheap, and the minty freshness counteracts the rot breath my tooth decay causes.

As for Architecture...I'm done with it. I was only into it because I thought this girl I liked was in to it. Turns out she's just an interior designer.

your name 06/25/03-18:11

mad money, you've got to look at that realultimatepower link. You'll love it with your entire body, even your peepee, too.

bossman 06/25/03-18:16

I wonder who they got to design that graphic for the online casino

Ddot 06/25/03-18:20

probably someone from sci-arc.

let's not forget the dentists 06/25/03-18:22

or a dentist

naes 06/25/03-18:22

Wait, I thought that WAS the sciarc web site.

mad money 06/25/03-18:24

anyone enjoy as much as i?

let's not forget the dentists 06/25/03-18:29

god yes, strong bad is my idol

your name 06/25/03-18:31

I go to sciarc and so what if we are not that smart or that we have terrible faculty. at least we know all the cool software and we can make really pretty pictures with them

Ddot 06/25/03-18:37

who's got time for that homestarrunner, especially with the recent rampage of a more important things to talk about, like ninjas. Ninjas are awesome.

One time, a ninja found out that an architect was looking at that homestarrunner weblink, and freaked out and killed the entire firm.

neas 06/25/03-18:38

HA! You don't go to sciarc, you didn't use a single acronym in your whole post!


naes 06/25/03-18:40

I used to have ninja pajamas. Maybe I don't need sciarc now to be cool.

bossman 06/25/03-18:42

What about that time that ninja wailed on that huge red guitar and it made the pirates spray diarrea all over each other.

PS this site is so hot it could make janet reno open a paint can with her ding dong

your name 06/25/03-18:43

Ddot is neither a ninja, nor did he attend sci-arc.

He enjoys talking about ninjas more than he enjoys talking about sci-arc, or dentistry.

your name 06/25/03-18:44

u defintely dont need to go to sci arc to be cool, just hang close to ddot. he saved my life. right after i read hist post, i noticed a dead scientist with cds thrown about everywhere. had he seen me viewing homestarrunner, i would surely have been stabbed. I must say that to be killed by a ninja would be totally sweet

your name 06/25/03-18:45


your name 06/25/03-18:46

Ddot is available for bar mitzvah's and wedding receptions for a small fee.

your name 06/25/03-18:59

it is possible that students of sci arc- are dentist wannabees- considering the blob/tooth form designs. My dentist is a nija

let's not forget the dentists 06/25/03-19:03

i once saw a dentist drill a hole through a ninja's penis, then light him on fire. needless to say, it was beautiful.

lost it 06/25/03-19:08

GIVE ME BACK MY CD'S!! i will hunt you down like a canadian billy goat and slap the taste right out of your mouth.

mod money scientist architect 06/25/03-19:10

the cds are great. i have discovered the reaso why cd's have holes in them. It is b/c some ninjas are trained to be ninjas in dentistry school, and practice drilling holes in things like LOST IT's cds.

naes 06/25/03-19:14

Please, a dentist could never defeat a ninja. Ninjas have REAL ULTIMATE POWER, dentists only have novocain and nitrous, and stripper assistants.

now who's lost it? 06/25/03-19:17

i promise you all, even if it requires me to assemble an army of dentists, ninjas, and siamese canadian billy goats, i will win the war against those theiving scientists. you may have my cd's you mother fucker, but i control your destiny. feel my wrath as i punish you with the endless drilling, star throwing, and impressive acrobatics while blasting techno music crazy load the whole time. just when you thought it was over, you are overwhealmed and overtaken by my squadron of disgruntled prostitutes.

mad money 06/25/03-19:18

that was sweet. r u a for-real ninja?????

you must be- that was sweet

naes 06/25/03-19:19

Prostitutes? I thought we were done with sciarc bashing.

your name 06/25/03-19:24

christ, I go away from my 'workspace' for 2 minutes, and someone unleashes a furious vengeance on me and my stripper dental hygienists. This must be the work of the evil order of sci-arc ninjas. Damn you to hell, ninjas. DAMN YOU TO HELL.

Hey, losing it, I'll be sending your cds back to the receptionist at the sci-arc dentistry school, you can pick them up there, if your car's still parked where you think it is at the end of the day.

your name 06/25/03-19:24

what happened to bashing catholic univ?

bossman 06/25/03-19:27

Damn you to hell ninjas? I think you are a sciarc pirate!

Ddot 06/25/03-19:28

4 out of 5 dentists recommend NOT going to Catholic U.

your name 06/25/03-19:30

Bossman, you and I must meet some day, high on a mountaintop covered in blobitecture and battle to the death.

I have many ninja throwing stars in my arsenal. Your dentistry skills will be no match for mine. I will drill a hole in your peepee and light you on fire.

It will be a sweet triumph of sci-arc over evil.

lost it 06/25/03-19:43

i'm afraid it's too late to back out now, my feathery friend. my legion of loyal and tastefully dressed prostitute ninja-dentists are on their way, and will take no prisoners. the student body and faculty of sci-arc will not be spared should they find them selves in the line of fire.

just remember: the only thing worse than a prostitute riding a billy goat, is a prostitute riding that billy goat's father......... think about that

Pissed 06/25/03-19:44

Is today Thursday?

even more pissed 06/25/03-19:45

My boss went to Catholic U, and he's an a**hole

Ddot 06/25/03-19:47

Lost it, you seem quite hostile.

Perhaps you need to ditch yoga class and go to ninja class tonight? Sci-arc offers that as an elective.

lost it 06/25/03-19:53

no kidding? i read in reader's digest that ninjery is a great cardio workout

Ddot 06/25/03-19:55

yes, it is. especially when you're wailing away on some punk-ass prostitute dental hygienist who stole your cds.

bossman 06/25/03-20:19

lost it, you got my back in this battle I've been challenged to, right?

Ddot 06/25/03-20:21

I've got your name's back, then.

We've got to make this fair.

And how do we know that bossman isn't fabricating this whole event as a benefit function for sci-arc alumni?

bossman 06/25/03-20:26

The only thing I'll be fabricating is some sweet as space architecture that shoots out lazers at your pirate ass, while making a whistling sound.

Ddot 06/25/03-20:29

criminy. Enough with the space architecture.

Qualified ninjas are going to design the next space station anyway, so you might as well go back to community college to take up welding or something.

bossman 06/25/03-20:31

I never went to community college, that was a hoax.

your name 06/25/03-20:34

yeah, whatever.

community college blobbists are known to prevaricate.

I never want this thread to get back on track.

mad momey 06/25/03-20:37

Catholic U has a major fopr midgets. You dont learn anything other than being small.

your name 06/25/03-20:39

point of clarification........was it the lazer or the pirate's ass that made the whistling sound?

bossman 06/25/03-20:41

The lazers make the whistling sound, but only after they trigger the modern explosion. Complex physics tells us this.

your name 06/25/03-20:45

is it possible that the concussion of the laser produced a subtle but detectable change in pressure, contracting the pirate's diaphragm, and subsequently producing flatulence?

this flatulence could in fact be responsible for some or all of the whistling sound.

bossman 06/25/03-20:47

To your name 06/25/03-20:45,

what are you talking about? This is real, triggered by complex physics, which I studied once. We are talking about the truth here, not your little fantasy, and it matters.

lost it 06/25/03-20:47

i rain heavy with lazer action, know this. that's how i took over iceland and 1/4 of greenland. if it weren't for the 42nd Mexican Prostitute Infantry, i would have conquered greenland entirely. sometimes it's just not in the cards................ just not in the cards.

your name 06/25/03-20:52

i am now prepared to revise my theory regarding the whistling sound. clearly the sound did not exist as an outwradly physical manifestation. traditional reason tells us that the space between bossman's ears is rather vacuous and capable of producing whistling sounds on its own.

bossman 06/25/03-20:55

Its okay, your name. You don't have to get mad/angry. Its just that you don't know the innard workings of lazer beams. I'm sorry, for doubting you. In spirit, I was with you the whole time.

your name 06/26/03-00:47

I have returned from my ninja laser training. What do you say we bash sci-arc just a little bit more?

your name 06/26/03-00:48

Aye, matey.

I ran across the 42nd Mexi-Pros in my conquest of outer Mongolia. Vicious bunch of blobitects.

lost it 06/26/03-00:53

what else can you expect from mexican-greenlanders?

Ddot 06/26/03-00:58

I'm pretty sure that this has evolved into the sweetest discussion topic ever.

It's awesome and cool.

your name 06/26/03-01:11

GSD sucks...Columbia rules.

your name 06/26/03-01:28

Columbia sucks...Penn rules.

your name 06/26/03-02:02

penn rules...for dentistry

your name 06/26/03-02:16

are we talking graduate or undergraduate ninja dentistry?

I got me a whole buncha drills and ninja stars in the basement, which probably qualifies me for Penn.

chu wanna noew 06/26/03-06:29

i love eating cold corned beef hash and watching asian fetish porm

red 06/26/03-06:52

yeah, thats sweet

your name 06/26/03-08:57


trace 06/26/03-11:34

The profession of architecture sucks, but I love architecture

rural studio 06/26/03-11:55

we are currently gathering a fierce gang of rural black warriors, armed to vanquish any blob/techno grad-dentist and the computers they live in......

bossman 06/26/03-12:01

I have been accused of being a dentist, and I don't know why. I'm doing some cd's for a dentist's office, but that doesn't count.

Ddot 06/26/03-12:23

Bossman, if that dentist is a ninja, you may inadvertantly be supporting sci-arc's evil bastion.

bossman 06/26/03-12:28

How many times must I explain this? Ninjas are good guys, its the pirates you have to watch out for. There have been pirate sightings at various southern california institutions, including in and out.

lost it 06/26/03-12:30

never stare a pirate in the crotch, or it'll be the last time you ever see a parrot

your name 06/26/03-12:39

sorry, lost it.

My trip to Pfizer today is unavoidably postponed.

your name 06/26/03-14:01

MEGAHAL~~~~~~ where are you I miss you......

naes 06/26/03-16:22

I went to ninja school (not sciarc) last night for orientation and they made me wear these flip-flops over my pajamas. I didn't mind so much, but it just seemed weird because my pajamas have feet already in them. And they also made me wear a belt, which I knew was just a long piece of cloth but I didn't want to piss them off, even thought my pajamas also have zipper that runs down the full length of my back.

Any way, while I was there I saw this ninja freak out on some guy for asking where the bathroom was...he cut his peepee off just for that. I guess the guy didn't have to go piss any more though.

your name 06/26/03-16:43

that's hardcore.

I hope sci-arc has some ADA accessible washrooms amongst their blobs for just this type of emergency.

your name 06/26/03-18:26

by th way, what is a blob?

d-range 06/26/03-18:31

blobs are a commie device to promote evil amongst us. blobs have hairy armpits, discolored vaginas. they are godless, weed somking homoerotic money sucking leeches. shhh....
i cover my toilet with bleach every night in case the blobs attack.

only in ontario 06/26/03-18:33

a blob is what you get when you mate a cowboy with a rhino, then of course, dip them both in caramel and eat them

your name 06/26/03-18:40

blobs suck

VanCity 06/26/03-18:40

Rhode Island can suck on it...

d-range 06/26/03-18:41

we once milled a big blob in my school. one day the evil blob got up and began masturbating. we shooed it out. then months later at a starbucks i saw it in a black turtleneck distributing smut to old women and fondling his penis. it was terrible and our school stopped using maya ever since.

VanCity 06/26/03-18:42

Cornell can suck on it....

only in ontario 06/26/03-18:43

and if you lose to a blob in a footrace, you become one

VanCity 06/26/03-18:45

UCLA can suck on it....

Jimmy do Good 06/26/03-18:46

I believe the GSD offers an extensive curriculum on Piratry.

your name 06/26/03-18:46

Do blobs ever have sex? Is it the hetero kind or - - - you know. Can they clone themselves?

only in ontario 06/26/03-18:50

blobs can have sex if and only if their combined mass is less than that of Ted Coppel. Blobs may clone themselves in accordance with the restrictions established by the Blobular Clone and Cheesecake Association (BCC). jesus, what do they teach in school these days? i thought everybody knew this stuff.

a-me-oba 06/26/03-19:17

blobs are assexual, that is they reproduce without 'fertilization' as homosapiens knows of.

they do love and enjoy a hand job every now and then, however.

d-range 06/26/03-19:18

i know, kids these days. the ARE has recently introduced a blob exam and a pdf is available on their website. are you people on drugs or something?
sample true or false questions:
- blobs milled on a fullmoon night are well-hung on walls.
- a blob in time saves nine.
- blobs cloned under duress develop mad cow disease.

your name 06/26/03-19:19

It must be only on the West Coast

only in ontario 06/26/03-19:20

i'm thinking:


is there any multiple choice, or even a lightening round?

your name 06/26/03-19:33

Did you say blobs are ass-sexual?

d-range 06/26/03-19:39

TA DA. all correct ontario. you *are* the big blob winner.
you get a year's subscription to blobmeister weekly (including a smutty centerspread with eisenman). tickets for two to "the blob who shagged me" now playing simultaneously at columbia and ucla.
8 boxes of blobcrackers with a secret formula guaranteed to give a sustained erection for 8 hours (as tested by the national blob association)

next quiz to follow after lunch

a-me-oba 06/26/03-19:39

it wasnt a spelling mistake. you ass uming fool

only in ontario 06/26/03-19:44

oh, man! you just made my next 10 minutes! i'd like to thank god, my parents, rachael i couldn't have done it without you, stephen lauf, all my producers, my stage manager. i told myself i wouldn't cry. i love those crackers, it's just too bad i already have an erection. you should see it too, you could hang a wet towel on it and it wouldn't even scream.

your name 06/26/03-19:47

So, this is the thread that D-dot thinks is so great, huh? Well, I guess there's no accounting for tastes.

your name 06/26/03-19:54

yeah - it's a West Coast thing for sure

bossman 06/26/03-19:54

This thread good because of the way it makes me so good hot. I like the pleasure of discussing design, from the point of view of archinect. Taste is subjective, not to say that it is a product of our experience (imagination- the way you see stuff).

your name 06/26/03-19:55

It was great yesterday. You morons and your rantings about blob sexuality have killed it.

your name 06/26/03-20:02

"scientists suck. they suck hard and long"

- - - oh for the good ol' days

your name 06/26/03-20:03

stephen lauf is clearly not a ninja.

Jul 20, 05 12:15 pm

I've got some good ones saved somewhere too.

Jul 20, 05 12:23 pm

I have a couple hundred threads stored from the quondam version of archinect discussions.

I clearly doubt anyone participating in archinect discussions is a ninja.

So what else isn't new?

Jul 20, 05 12:26 pm

I <3 ninjas

Jul 20, 05 12:30 pm

Wow, from now on, I'm gonna make sure all of my posts make a difference.

Jul 20, 05 12:41 pm

could anyone teach me how to save a thread...besides copy and paste is there a way?

Jul 20, 05 12:56 pm

I use ALT+f+a

Jul 20, 05 12:58 pm

thanks rita! :)

Jul 20, 05 1:02 pm

that was good too see.

Jul 20, 05 1:03 pm

where are the pirates and ninja dentists?

those were great threads

Jul 20, 05 1:15 pm

how 'bout dental pirates? blastin' caps, stealin' your gold.

Jul 20, 05 1:18 pm
Jul 20, 05 3:23 pm

i saw an "american ninja" movie the other day.
when i was 10, it made me want to be a ninja.

Jul 20, 05 3:34 pm
not per--corell

we are ten samurai:

Jul 20, 05 3:37 pm

I am still Ddot. And I still think that is pretty darn funny.

Jul 20, 05 4:35 pm
Sean Taylor

Great thread.

SciArc really sucks. . . now.

disclosure: went to SciArc back in the day.

Jul 20, 05 10:40 pm
brian buchalski's a shame that none of the pictures copied over from the original thread since there were some really nice speculations as to what the bossman actually looked like.

glad to know that Ddot is still Ddot...thankfully not everything changes. unfortunately i am no longer your name.

anyhow, it's nice to hear that some of you appreciated this. it's late now, time to go to bed but it is raining heavily outside which should mean that tomorrow morning will be great for puddles.

Jul 21, 05 2:11 am

I keep meaning to order the 10 ninjas shirt, nice post driftwood...

Jul 21, 05 10:40 am
job job

since we're digging up dead threads (back before bossman added the superlative) to replace dud threads:

dental ninjas vs pirates
sci-arc vs world
sachlikeit vs justinhui/sashimi8675309
ricky the steamboat dragon vs johnny depp
spaghetti vs hamburger eaters

all in one place!

May 10, 06 10:41 am
brian buchalski
ricky the steamboat dragon

that makes my day

May 10, 06 11:37 am
job job

my winner and still champion was jimmy superfly snuka

some other guy prefers hillbilly jim but that's all wrong

May 10, 06 12:37 pm
brian buchalski

i enjoy the creativity involved in wrestlers names...i wish architects were as good at naming themselves

May 10, 06 12:39 pm
job job

crusher cameron sinclair?
steven ward-lord?
ali powerstar rahim?
daniel crystalfist bosia?
ellen von coolhand loon?

i can go all day - i should start a thread send me a name and i will WWF the hell out of it

May 10, 06 12:57 pm
brian buchalski

can you do anything with "puddles"

May 10, 06 1:40 pm
job job

deep puddles kincaid

it's more of a bluenotes jazz name, that one

May 10, 06 2:04 pm
brian buchalski

deep puddles kincaid...i like it

i think my signature move will be the sleeper hold followed by me spitting on the poor sucker...just another drowning by deep puddles kincaid



May 10, 06 4:01 pm
le bossman

that was enjoyable, even though it gave me flashbacks to my old job, 1200 miles and 3 years ago. i can't decide, however, if i am disturbed by the fact that puddles saves these things on his hard drive. do you have the bossman sightings thread?

May 10, 06 7:55 pm
job job

breaker big bossman

bebel bossmanova byrd, playing 'harlem river drive'

May 11, 06 8:16 am
job job

'god I'm bored'

'you look bored'

'I am bored'

May 11, 06 8:17 am
brian buchalski

sorry's just that i miss you. i miss you sooo much...

i'm gonna stop talking now

May 11, 06 10:35 am
job job

"you know when you have a friend and you like your friend sooo much you don't know what to do? that's a kind of gay"

m. cho, re-enacting her mom

May 11, 06 10:42 am
job job

grand bigness kane, bass, soulflower

May 11, 06 1:26 pm
job job

delphonic belle-libertay, keyboards, cantaloop

May 11, 06 1:32 pm
brian buchalski

are you okay?

May 11, 06 1:36 pm
job job

deep, is that a challenge? Are you telling me to have a 2 hour lunch?

May 11, 06 1:45 pm
brian buchalski
2 hour lunch?


ok, here's my suggestion: get off of "clock time" and start living by "event time." in other words, take a 2 martini lunch and don't worry about when you get back.



May 11, 06 1:54 pm
le bossman


May 11, 06 2:14 pm
job job

my 'event time' consisted of leaving altogether - the weather's just tooo good

javier sinclair starbona, moog, trick track rapattak

May 12, 06 8:09 am
sporadic supernova

Snowi ,.. how 'bout Sporadic supernova ...

That already sounds WWF !!

May 12, 06 10:57 am
job job

that's a tough one:

sasporadelic supernovica, bass, smoove saddhu

May 12, 06 11:09 am

'tis the season to resurrect this thread....
thanks puddles

ninjas or dentists- who wants the parts in the next new school thread????

Oct 13, 06 8:29 pm
brian buchalski

funny how a couple of years later and suddenly ninjas just seem tired

May 16, 07 8:26 pm

and the best/worst school threads just seem so fresh?

ninjas vs pirates is so 2005

May 16, 07 11:05 pm

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