i'm heading to San Francisco for a 4 day weekend. i've not been there for about 6 or 7 years. i'm staying on the embarcadero right near the ferry builidng and won't have a car.

anything you think i must see? food? culture? art? (even architecture?)

Jun 27, 05 2:13 pm

I would go to Lincoln woods or park I think it is called I think the 22 bus goes there but dont quote me on that. It is on the ocean. There is an old bathhouse in ruins there and some other stuff on the ocean. its rather cool. The botanical gardens at Golden Gate Park. theres also this in Golden Gate park . And then theres the conservatory of flowers which is cool . to get to the park take the NJudah Miuni to UCSF get off and go right. down second avenue.

Jun 27, 05 2:41 pm  · 

william stout books. no self-respecting architect can go to sf without stopping by bill's.

Jun 27, 05 3:41 pm  · 

yes definitely stop by stout books.

Jun 27, 05 3:58 pm  · 

if have the time go a bit north to muir woods, my fav place in the world, on the way you'll also see a FLW civic center in Marin County just off the highway

Jun 27, 05 4:49 pm  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Ritual Coffee on Valencia St. As well as 826 Valencia (the bestest pirate-themed store in the whole friggin' world)

Jun 27, 05 5:25 pm  · 

William Stouts (a must)

UCSF Mission Bay Campus - Legoretta, SOM, Stanley Saitowitz, etc.

Yerba Buena Lofts - 855 Folsom St. - Stanley Saitowitz

DeYoung Museum - 10th Fulton Golden Gate Park (under construction) - HerzogDeMeuron

Jun 27, 05 5:39 pm  · 

Nice topic. I'm thinking about doing this before the summer's over myself... I don't have accomodations though. How's the city for cheap places to stay during my romantic urban interlude??

Jun 27, 05 9:41 pm  · 

there are alot of hostels for very cheap just google hostels in San Francisco...

Jun 27, 05 10:38 pm  · 

coitus tower at 11pm

Jun 28, 05 12:23 am  · 

Go to the Musee Mechanique at the cliff house. Huge collection of automata and early 20th century arcade machines.

Check out the 2X4 graphic design exhibit at the SFMOMA

Explore the WWII gun emplacements in the Presidio

Swim to Alcatraz

Jun 28, 05 12:23 am  · 
Bryan Finoki


I love the Musee Mechanique, but there was Cliff house rennovation, and I haven't paid attention much, I hope it is still there. It must be.


not must see's, just some more art to check out if you are bored:

Creature Heroes: Damon Soule, Nome, Matt Furie
David Best supergazeebo (pics)
Cadaver Art
The Waribashi Project [proj blog, SF Chron]

Jun 28, 05 1:24 am  · 

just walk a lot and everywhere. SF is best on foot. walk up and down the hills and across town. find sidewalks so steep they have stairs.

get to the top of twin peaks (not by walking) and see the city from a vantage point.

st mary's cathedral, by pier luigi nervi (completed 1970): no pictures on the church's site, but you've got to experience it in person:

the exploratorium, if you're into hand's on kid-science (great for adults)

all the expensive homes along the marina green...imagine how they trembled and crumbled during the liquefaction of fill in the last major earthquake

the arboretum in golden gate park

the ferry building (start of market street): an arguably successful restoration that is now occupied by a farmer's market on weekends (warning: if you go on saturday, it will be mobbed with a see-and-be-seen crowd)

ride the cable car (it's worth the 5$ of whatever they charge these days)

"the universe within"--a traveling exhibit of plasticized human bodies (cadaver art in the above posting?) currently at the Nob Hill Masonic Center....haven't seen it, but this must be cool in a sick way

depending on your taste, the following might interest you for food: ti couz for real breton crepes (in the mission; around 16th and valencia, i think), burritos (outer mission area for good ones), korean bbq (try one of the two "brothers" joints in the richmond [the two brothers operate a block or two apart]), "no name" sushi (it really has no name, and it's cheap; church st a couple blocks off market), burma superstar (clement st, inner richmond area), andalu for upscale envt and creative and tasty small plates/tapas (valencia and 16th), zarzuela for authentic spanish (union and hyde, right next to the cable car line)

as for hostels....some of them are in shady areas. i like the the one in fort mason (i lived there for a month when i moved here), on a hill in a park-like area overlooking the bay and the GG bridge...but it can be tough to get a spot if you don't have a reservation.

Jun 28, 05 1:46 pm  · 

Fillmore Jazz Festival July 2-3
Free admission street fair+ very good jazz on Fillmore St. Good music, food+ people watching. For this weekend a "must do", one of the best SF street fairs during the year.

Ferry Building Market- restaurants Slanted Door and Market Bar. Take ferry boat ride to Sausalito, on a clear day the ride alone is worth it.

Arch- De Young Musuem by Herzog+ De Meron in Golden Gate Park. It is approx. 90% complete, does not open until Oct 05. Across from it, is the in progress Aquarium renovation by Renzo Piano.

MOMA by Mario Botta

SBC Park, near Embarcadero/ Waterfront, Giants will only be town on July 4, there is an area that you can walk up to and see game at field level w/ o a ticket, if you don' t want to spend 3 hours there.

Chinatown/ North Beach (Little Italy)
favorites: House of Nanking, Tomasso' s, Francis Ford Coppola' s offices+ cafe across the street from House of Nanking- green patina flat iron bldg. Cafe is pretty good.

Valencia St corridor (Mission District)
restaurants, bars+ music (boho)
favorites: Foriegn Cinema (restaurant+ open air film screening, Firecracker, Luna Cafe (same as one on Le Brea), Le Cumbre (Burritos).

Union Square/ Financial District
favorites: Restaurants located in Claude and Belden Alley (French bistros+ jazz)

Misc. favorites: Betel Nut ($$) on Union St, and Zuni Cafe on Market St ($$)

See Citysearch/ San Francisco webite and the free newspaper The Guardian in SF, (sim. to LA Weekly,) both good sources.

Jun 28, 05 3:48 pm  · 

hayes valley >> powell's >> yummy soul food >> cheap too >> is it still there?

grant hotel in chinatown has cheap clean rooms >> centrally located too.

Jun 28, 05 4:17 pm  · 

strybing's prob the best. also UC (Berk) bot.|+%22Bay+Area%22 local events, map, reviews...
map, id:

outdoor fame:
a lot of shorelines!
mt tam
mt hamilon
mt diablo
big sur.

i think sf is becoming the pitbull bite capitol of the month.

Jun 28, 05 6:31 pm  · 

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