gay architects


what do you think the ratio of gay/straight is in the industry?

Jun 7, 05 11:46 pm

who cares or why does it matter?

do you categorize people that way? wave you rainbow flag?

i am not gay but don't care who is.

Jun 7, 05 11:53 pm


What do you think the ratio of people who ask stupid/smart questions is in the industry?

Jun 8, 05 12:09 am

curiosity. . .

is it true that the arts have a righer ratio of gay to straight people compared to other professions?

or is it because gay people in the arts are more open to expressing themselves in a profession that is more liberal and expressive?

Jun 8, 05 12:12 am


no. yes.

i don't know.

Jun 8, 05 12:12 am

genderbender, what are you hoping to gain/understand by asking such a question?

Jun 8, 05 12:26 am

three things:


2)a better understanding why more than half my class is gay and a majority of my firm

3)insight into the age old question regarding architecture as a phallo-centric profession

i see it is not a popular topic in these parts.
was hoping to have a decent conversation with all types. but looks as though i'll have to go back to strictly gay chatrooms and talk there.

Jun 8, 05 12:46 am

I see nothing wrong in or offensive about genderbender's question: he's just seeking "a decent conversation": what's wrong with that?
gender bender: see my thread on 'gay architecture':
I got nowhere there, too. I, too, have no particularly 'gay' agenda: I am just naturally curious about many things...

Jun 8, 05 1:09 am

that having been said, there's something dated, stale and out-of-fashion about gay. It's so 80s,90s. 'Gay' topics, like the thought of gay sex, make me yawn. Maybe after you turn 50 everything gets sublimated into the intellectual...

Jun 8, 05 2:10 am

Two of my best friends are gay architects and they are both brilliant. Coincidence? Who knows. All I know is that they were the only two gay people in my graduating class of 60 and the rest of us struggled to keep up with them conceptually.

Jun 8, 05 8:37 am
you who!

hey, me too!

and don't forget the gay wanna-bes

(it's so '00s)
[I just realized that bird shit is kinda like Brad Pitt cock-eyed.]

Jun 8, 05 9:58 am
Ms Beary

I had gay roomates twice in college, both fellow architecture students. They made great roomates. Keep stuff tidy, know how to party, take me out shopping and out for dinner when I was depressed. As far as I know, neither of them are still in architecture.

I think that men in architecture even if not gay, are a little more effeminant than the average male. And the chicks are probably a little more tomboy-like-to-play-in-the-dirt personalities.

i still don't know any lesbian architects though.

Jun 8, 05 10:07 am

i *heart* rita's posts...

Jun 8, 05 10:17 am
David Cuthbert

Its actually a good question, but since I seem to only ever get to work in homo-phobic environments controlled more by machismo (developers & contractors) I wont have anything to add of significance.

I do know that there is still a big assumption about design professionals being gay, particulary if they are men. But hey to me that is the kind of rhetoric that led to wars of race & religion

Jun 8, 05 10:31 am

I *heart* gay men.
I *heart* tomboy-like-to-play-in-the-dirt chicks..

I personally think I might be both!

I like how architecture can be a big mixing pool of gray area gender/sexuality. I get confused about the difference between those two words!

and genderbender, your question is fine. you can come back to the pseudo-straight realm of archinect.

Jun 8, 05 1:22 pm

I wish I wish I was witty enough to understand Rita Novel's posts...

Jun 8, 05 1:27 pm

come on john, do you really wanna be a witty wanna-be?

hey, I know, start a "gay architect ghosts" thread.

"My, what a bunch of big bones you have in your closet!"

Jun 8, 05 1:42 pm

I guess not witty... just clever: that's it- I'm not naturally clever, a bit slow on the uptake (happens to you after you turn 49...)

Jun 8, 05 1:46 pm

john, you happened to have joined archinect the day before my 49th birthday. you're doing just fine.

[My father was a great joke teller, and just about everything my mother does is pure camp (and she doesn't even know it, which makes it even more pure).]

Your posts always make me think, and even often make me think about stuff I've thought of before, so my responses now might exhibit a slight advantage in that I'll immediately position myself along the extreme edge of the topic. There's always lots of room at the extreme edge of things, but don't forget the exact center is also an extreme point.

[The 50th anniversary of my conception--the summer solstice--is coming up in a couple of weeks. The summer solstice is exactly 9 months before the spring equinox, my birthday, plus my parents celebrate(d) their wedding anniversary on the summer solstice. Yeah, I've been in tune with extreme-ness even since before I was born.]

Jun 8, 05 2:11 pm

genderbender is just seeking to comfort himself/herself in her sexual orientation.

its just noise to silence the inner voice.

keep talking.

Jun 8, 05 2:21 pm
the cellardoor whore

pat-on-the-back people. Rita unravels ("in a ball of yarn")...eccentricity banalized.
Geriatric want-to-be support group. Boy scouts, give and take.
And self mythologizzzing. Equinox my bubblegum bum.

Stone Wall: très architectural - Quite biblical, the gay church ... I name you Petros (Tatchell), spread the word ... amongst other things.

Jun 8, 05 2:45 pm

um. ok.

Jun 8, 05 2:47 pm

genderbender is brad pitt trying to really disguise his identity?

Jun 8, 05 3:15 pm

Do you think someone like Paul Rudolph, who was a closet homosexual most of his life, work is somehow an over-compensation for insequrity about his sexuality???

Jun 8, 05 3:45 pm

I think Rudolph's architecture would make a fun study while consideing his sexuality. "Brutalism" as sado-masochism, fancy-dress ballc, etc. Do you think maybe he was a power bottom?

I don't think his homosexuality went all that unnoticed though. It certainly doesn't appear to have escaped Stirling's notice.

Jun 8, 05 3:55 pm
vado retro

where do you think the term "bumwad" originated.

Jun 8, 05 11:43 pm

from the first caveman who discovered balls of lint in his asscrack.

is 'asscrack' one or two words?

Jun 8, 05 11:58 pm
( * )
Jun 9, 05 12:09 am


( * )

Jun 9, 05 12:10 am

my ass crack is squeaky clean. no bumwads there.

by the way, driftwood, is that a snowflake in your ass crack?

Jun 9, 05 1:52 am
'Ass crack' is two words--or hyphenated--not one.

And actually, it could be a great many things, gb, depending on one's mood and the manner in which you squint your eyes...

But no, there are no snowflakes in my bum crack.
Jun 9, 05 1:58 am
too degrading

While I know a few gay architects, most I know are chronically depressed.

Cue Rufus Wainwright: "made me a man, aw, but who cares what that is."

I say it is a sliding ratio.

Jun 9, 05 2:11 am
the cellardoor whore

Where is my master the rebel prince
Bet breaking everything trying to get to me

Rufy is such a tante. Soon jamming with next-door tante, Hawksley Workman. An opera, I hear.

Marigold Marigold Marigold

Jun 10, 05 8:59 am
brian buchalski

i actually suspect that the ratio of gay/straight in the architecture industry is probably about the same as it is in the general population. actually, i'm inclined to think that it might even be lower since architecture seems to be one of the most sex-less endeavors that i have ever been involved with (both in academic studios and professional offices).

i find this question to be rather timely becaues earlier this week there was a minor row in the sports world when johnny damon of the red sox stated the he thought baseball was ready for an openly gay player and that he would definitely support any of his teammates should they make such a admission. not surprisingly, most sportswriters quickly reacted by saying they though damon was wrong, that most athletes wouldn't be ready for such a teammate. i am not much of an athlete myself, but my hunch is that the--given their preoccupation with their own physiques--that the percentage of athletes who are gay is much higher than expected and probably much higher than the percentage who are design professionals--despite popular perceptions.

Jun 10, 05 10:21 am
Ms Beary

there was a kid born the same day i was at the hospital, our moms made friends and still write at christmas time. he went to architecture school too the last i heard which was several years ago.

Jun 10, 05 10:31 am
Ms Beary

wrong thread. oops ignore ^

Jun 10, 05 10:32 am

This newsgroup intents to connect GLBT persons related to the architecture business either as professional, student or with just design interests. Exchange ideas, post events, promote your gay owned operated business. The idea is to contribute to a stronger gay architecture community and make it more collaborative.

Jun 16, 05 9:43 pm

Johnny Damon said that? Awesome, I thought he was a republican... And yes, I don't think baseball is ready for an openly gay player, and that's why baseball needs one. Freak out the squares.

As far as architecture goes, I find that question of "gay/straight architects" rather interesting for a few reasons: 1) why is the questions even being asked?, 2) we all know that it "shouldn't matter" and yet to some extent "feel it should", 3) the question brings a number of stereotypes to the surface.

Perhaps what is most distrbing is the persistent belief, among many sexualized subjects, that there exists a clear division/binary between "gay and straight" and that these categories exist somehow a priori, with a laundry list of mutually exclusive attributes/traits. This view certainly has cultural currency, and can be easily appropriated; it supports the status quo and allows up to think that our sexuality/gender is an esily digested, isolated packet; we can take it or leave it, aka "I don't mind gay dudes at work, just as long as they don't hit on me". Ultimately, this line of thought perpetuates the traditional fascist, "us vs. them" line of thought so common, not only in architecture, but in our own falsely-labeled "post-modern" society as a whole.

Bandaid techniques, such as "diversifying the workplace" and "consciousness raising" only slow the progress of racism/(hetero)sexism/fascism.


Jun 17, 05 10:48 am

why is this question being raised?

security in numbers. homosexuals are often insecure and have a need to be consoled. if everyone is doing it, its ok.. and eventhough its not true, a perception is created that it is so.
that's why there is a need for homosexual baseball players, homosexual architects, and etc.

increase of homosexuality is just a roadsign on a downward spiral of our society. just like sexual revolution was in the 60's.

Jun 17, 05 12:05 pm

"increase of homosexuality is just a roadsign on a downward spiral of our society. "

wake up pasha.

Jun 17, 05 12:17 pm

you wake up..

Jun 17, 05 12:18 pm

uh, okay.

Jun 17, 05 12:21 pm

sorry for capricious responce..
what am i supposed to wake up from? what dream am i in?

Jun 17, 05 12:27 pm

The increase of homosexuality is just a roadsign of the downward spiral of people trying to control other people.

Pasha, maybe you should wake up society to eliminate all the straight people that bring all the gay people into the world. Please take control!

Jun 17, 05 12:33 pm

first time poster, longtime voyeur.

pasha, I think e is saying to wake up your mind from the fog enducing sleep it's in and accept that people can be different from you and still be ok. It's the differences between people that keeps life interesting and worth living. If we as a whole accept these differences the world becomes a richer, more dynamic whole. On the other hand, if we all become afraid of those differences, and try to stifle them whenever they come to the surface, we are putting our collective hands around our own throats and choking the life out of ourselves. Don't be a bigot.
btw, I've also noticed that heterosexuals have more security in numbers. They are often insecure and need to be consoled when they feel like part of a minority. if everyone is doing it, its ok.. and eventhough its not true, a perception is created that it is so.
that's why there is a need to ignore that homosexual baseball players, homosexual architects, etc exist.

Jun 17, 05 12:45 pm

homosexuality is result of many factors that include, genetics, and environment...but its never genetics alone..
unfortunately under environment its often some sort of trauma like sexual abuse.
homosexuality is somewhat a choice that people make, just like pedophiles or any guy who jerks off by a computer. but once a person is on that road, its impossible to get off. its only possible to get off (hehe)..
i disagree with people who not only do it themselves, but encourage others..

but about the spiral.. its really a 3 step process..
1: sexual promiscuity
2: homosexuality (we are somewhere here)
3: violence

these might seem unrelated..
but they are.. the "lusts" that are released are primal that degrade human relationship so a society can't function peacefully.. so totalitarian regime is needed to keep the order.. if you think Bush is totalitalian.. just wait..

Jun 17, 05 1:10 pm

pasha, please. i have many gay friends and none of them have been sexually abused or violent. to link sexual abuse or violence to homosexuality is naive. and your three step process is even more laughable

i know many sexually promiscuous men and women who have no interest in the same sex. as well, just because you are gay does not mean you are sexually promiscuous.

and homosexuality does not lead to violence. my guess is the heterosexual population is much more violent than gays and lesbians.

rita and slide make good points. learn to be more accepting of others who may not be just like you.

Jun 17, 05 1:21 pm

You lost me ... homosexuality degrading relationships and leading to violence, needing a totalitarian regime to keep order ...

homosexuality is about relationships, the relationships of two people who happen to be the same sex. The degradation of relationships in your spiral can only be caused by moralizing zealots who fail to accept that people are different from them. The only violence created is directly from these zealots as they try to squash anything different from them. So, I fail to see your reasoning.

As far as a totalitarian regime being needed, the "order" you are writing about is maintaining the status quo, a place your are settled in and comfortable with. The status quo is not always correct or "right." I could easily draw comparisons from your statements to the civil rights movement, both racial and sexual.

Jun 17, 05 1:44 pm

homosexuality is a symptom..its just the sign of the times for those who know.. its NOT the problem.. and i am not holding homosexuals responcible for whatever.. its not my place..
and don't misquote me..(slide009)

the process i described is not so clear and easy to see.. those steps span across decades not years..

Jun 17, 05 2:21 pm

pasha, just face the facts and admit that you are a person that believes it is right for people to control other people. Forget about the notion that you are somehow representing what is right for society.

Now please tell us how you want other people to control you.

Jun 17, 05 2:28 pm

pasha, current research doesn't support your position at all. You might want to talk to the folks at the American Psychological Association about it.

Jun 17, 05 2:28 pm

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