Help! Just got OMA internship, but need to find housing in Rotterdam fast

new yorker

I'm in urgent need of advice. I'm an American architecture student and after what seemed like an interminable interview process, I got a internship at OMA for the summer. The problem is that I only received my offer last week and I'm expected to start work in another week. I'm now very worried about finding housing on such short notice, especially because I haven't even visited the office yet (I did my interviews on campus and all the arrangements were made via email) and I haven't worked in Europe before and so have very little experience in these matters.

If anyone who has worked at OMA or in Rotterdam themselves or even has friends or classmates who have done so could offer some advice or contacts to find housing I'd be really grateful.

Thanks so much!

Jun 6, 05 4:13 pm
liberty bell

Did you ask OMA? My old firm would help interns find a couch to crash on for a week while looking for a local apartment. Or maybe other interns there can help out. I assume you already asked them, but just in case, it can't hurt.

Congratulations, sounds very exciting, enjoy it!!!!

Jun 6, 05 4:19 pm

well am in r'dam now and there r some ads in my studio, and 2 gals in our school shared a flat with an OMA intern but he just left. maybe i can tell u some phone numbers tmr.
what is ur budget? basically they pay intern only 400euro but u have to pay 300 for a decent room.

Jun 6, 05 4:37 pm
new yorker

Yeah - it sounds like money's going to be tight. They're only paying me 370 Euros/month. I have some grant money from my school, though, so although of course I'd like to get something as cheap as possible if most of that salary ends up going to rent that's ok. Please go ahead and email me some numbers tomorrow if you can. I've asked around at the OMA human resourses department but they haven't really been able to help too much and it'd be great to talk to someone who's already there...

Jun 6, 05 4:45 pm

Call Fleagen Hart. I'm sure somebody at oma has his number. He owns a lot of places, and can get you a decent place instantly.

Jun 6, 05 5:30 pm

buy time by staying at hostels, if you can't figure anything else out for the first weeks.

Jun 6, 05 5:36 pm

Maybe I can help.

Fleagen Hart is actually Vliegenthart. I've called this guy once and he sure does have a lot of rooms in Rotterdam. I still have his number, send me a mail for more info.

Jun 6, 05 5:41 pm
Gabriel Duarte

Try these room/apartment-search websites...
They are all Rotterdam-based.
Nearby Delft is also an option (just 10 minutes away by train). OMA is within walking distance from R'dam Centraal Station. As Delft is mostly a student-city, you will find plenty of places to rent for the summer as a lot of students leave for internships or trips.
There go to the TU Delft Aula building where there is a desk that helps student find places outside university housing schemes.

Jun 6, 05 6:46 pm
Gabriel Duarte

By the way...Vliegenhart's number is 0653551625
He is a tough guy from Limburg, so be patient when making businness with him...I have never talked to him, but heard this opinion from close friends who did.

Jun 6, 05 6:48 pm
Gabriel Duarte

Good luck and enjoy!

Jun 6, 05 6:49 pm

ja!--Vliegenhart...very tough guy.

ok now u have his number. :)

Jun 6, 05 6:55 pm

stay in Delft. Two cities one summer.

Jun 7, 05 2:32 am
Will Prince

Delft is to far away for the hours you'll be working and the train service can be erratic late at night, try to stay some where east of the coolsigel if possible. I live in a massive but really shitty apartment on Jonker Franstraat for years.

Delftshaven is good cheaper choice about a 20min bike ride from the office. Huge apartments, but a little rough.

And absolutely under no circumstances use direct wonen, they will rip you off.

When I moved over I was able to take and apt from a friend who was moving back to the USA, so the best option is have Marion (the reception, god, i hope she's still there, she was so great) put you a sign in the kitchen for you and cross your fingures.

Jun 7, 05 6:30 pm

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