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Does anyone know how the AIA figured hours worked per week in the calculations for salaries?

Is it just based on 40 hours a week or were questions asked about average hours per Company?

For instance some companies may require more than 40 hours and base their salary on that requirement. They are required to work more than 40 hours. While others may say 40 hours and then compensate for bonus hours. Just trying to find if this was studied? Just looking for an apples to apples comparison for 40 hours a week.

Mar 27, 23 8:23 pm

The AIA Compensation Report data is based on the salary data reported by participating firms/organizations. Firms report the average annual salaries of the incumbents in the jobs they believe match the survey jobs. This is good, because unlike web data (glassdoor etc.) you know it is verifiable data from firms. However, to answer your question, it is annual salaries, not based on weekly wages or hours per week.

The biggest mistake individuals make in using the free online tool that the AIA provides is choosing a job that they believe is a match for themselves and then using that to negotiate with, when the firm they are talking to would not select the same job for the position they are hiring as a match. Another issue is that the free online tool only provides regions, and the full survey provides details on states and cities, so some firms are thinking of salary rates for their location and not a region. This is particularly true of the coasts, where the region may encompass high salary markets like NYC or LA/SF and the rest of the region not so much.

Apr 13, 23 4:26 pm  · 

It's also important to understand that the data is typically only for the larger cities and metro areas. This can create discrepancies in different communities.

Apr 13, 23 4:46 pm  · 

Someone should really write a program and create a document/website to  extrapolate the increasing information put out on job listings, cross referencing experience and pay ranges. 

Apr 13, 23 8:02 pm  · 

"some companies may require more than 40 hours and base their salary on that requirement."

if such a firm exists I've never heard of it.

Apr 14, 23 11:55 am  · 

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