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I’m currently fourth year student in TMU( Ryerson) BArch program. I’m stressing over applying for master program in Canadian universities. As far as I know many school will consider 3rd and 4th year gpa. As we’ve all experienced pandemic ear, my 2nd and 3rd year gpa went down to 2.2 ish. My current fourth year gpa is around 3.5/4.33. I’m planning to have a research project with one of professor during the summer, and preparing my portfolio for 2024 admission. I would like to know any suggestions regarding the admission wise for March program. GPA is one of my big concern right now, I’m worry I won’t even be able to get into the entrance of the admission pool.

School that I’m considering for applying:

1. Uoft

2. TMU (ryerson)

3. Carleton

Mar 20, 23 2:55 pm
Non Sequitur

First of all, please don't use B.arch when referring to Canadian degrees.  The B.arch went extinct sometime during the awesome grunge years.  

With that out of the way, yes, schools will look at both your total GPA and the last 2 years and 2.2 is abysmal, unfortunately.  What's important tho is that you at least meet the minimum grade cut-off for each school so that they at least review your portfolio.  That number was 3.0gpa back when I was applying (some 15+ years ago) so things might have changed.

School-wise, lowish GPA should not really be a problem at UofT given it's a lower tier school and you'll always have better luck sticking to the same school as your undergrad especially if the faculty in charge of reviews are familiar with your strengths and struggles but Carleton might be more difficult.  Carleton attracts its fair share of international applicants and has lower class sizes compared to the 2 GTA schools.  This means less spots and more competition.  A low gpa may not take you past the first cut.  You should totally apply to Carleton tho, it's a better school than UofT or TMU.

Mar 20, 23 3:54 pm  · 
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