I've received an offer from the AA for the DRL programme for Sep 23. I'm waiting for UCL, but I am confused. I don't know if AADRL is worth it or if I should wait for bartlett. I want to know opinions w.r.t. course, faculty environment, job prospective etc. 

To add more, I have an unconditional letter from Cardiff. I am funding my studies on my own. This now makes me question if I should prefer an affordable city and course or risk it for my dream of getting into the AA

Mar 20, 23 11:28 am
Non Sequitur

Always take the cheapest option.  Your future self will thank you for not indebting yourself chasing a shiny arts degree.

Mar 20, 23 11:30 am  · 

I say this as someone who has been successful in the profession for almost 20 years/;

Find the cheapest accredited degree you can.  No architectural degree is worth $60K in debt.     

Mar 20, 23 12:05 pm  · 
1  · 

Which course did u apply with Bartlett? 

Because AFAIK, UCL is probably only good for their 3-years Bsc (ARB/RIBA Part 1) and/or their 2-years MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 2) Courses. 

The other 1-year MA/MArch courses seems like money-milking courses...

Mar 21, 23 1:32 am  · 

I've applied for Msc. Architectural Computation which a one year course

Mar 21, 23 2:44 am  · 

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