San Luis Obispo as Location for Master Builder Education


They have Cal Poly (Arch E 5 yr masters, B.arch, M.Arch, Civil)
Cuesta Community has Arch, Welding, Building Construction (They just added Slabs & Foundations) (Electrician License Classes (2 class sequence)), Welding, a Plumbing apprenticeship.
When I was there they kept canceling the Building Construction Classes

Mar 19, 23 12:58 pm
Non Sequitur

Spoiler alert, you were never there.

Mar 19, 23 1:47 pm  · 
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Well of course I was "'never there'".  It's impossible scheduling the classes.  I was driving 30 minutes one way down to Santa Maria to take Geology.

Mar 21, 23 5:19 pm  · 
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NonSense, how does it FEEL Gehry is about to do demo for two high rises in Canada when ur busy figuring out how to DETAIL someone elses drawings probably?

Mar 21, 23 5:27 pm  · 
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and dont give me some shit about wind load + seismic atom boundary element + seismic euler, raleigh & american (timoshenko

Mar 21, 23 5:31 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Jawk, stick to your stalking and idiotic doodling. I’ll stick to designing buildings.

Mar 21, 23 5:55 pm  · 
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Jawk - you've never designed or detailed anything. I've seen what Non has designed and it is far better than anything you've ever posted here. 

 Also - I thought you were leaving the site. Did some underage girl not accept your advances and pics of your junk so you came back here?

Mar 21, 23 6:07 pm  · 

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