Structural Detailing for Architects


I know that going out to the field more will help with understanding how things are built but are there any supplemental materials, sources, or strategies that can help architects get better with structural design and detailing? 

Mar 20, 23 1:19 pm
Wood Guy

Take classes in structural engineering, spend time working as a carpenter. At least that worked for me. 

Mar 20, 23 1:22 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Review, read, understand, your structural consultant's drawings.

Mar 20, 23 1:50 pm  · 
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This means going further and looking up the smaller items. ​For your typical wood or light construction; look up what the hangers, buckets, and hoedowns the engineer is specifying and get an image. I glazed over a lot of these and just looked at the beam, joist, header, and column size when I was younger. Took me a long time to understand what some of these Simpson and similar products are but they are important to understand to truly see how thing goes together. I think this is one of the main things you get to see and understand implicitly on-site that's hard to pick up from the drawings without doing the extra work of looking up the items. sometimes those hangers straps and buckets are called typically in general notes and are hard to suss out.

Mar 20, 23 6:26 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

My engineers don’t throw hoedowns. Maybe I should look for other consultants.

Mar 20, 23 7:00 pm  · 
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Ha autocorrect for the win. Mine always throws them in the most inconvenient places.

Mar 20, 23 9:05 pm  · 
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Speak to your structural engineer and involve them early in your designs. 

Mar 20, 23 2:06 pm  · 

Start with this, then buy the book. 

Mar 21, 23 12:11 am  · 
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