Why do architects get lumped with fine-artists?


You know, they're RELATED but there's no guarantee an architect will have ANYTHING to do with Fine-art.

Mar 14, 23 7:22 pm
Non Sequitur

why do you still come back and post inane topics?

Mar 14, 23 8:03 pm  · 
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I agree. I akin it to the Picasso model. When working for yourself (i.e. not commission) you produce the best work. When you work for others (service industry) = not inspiring.

Mar 14, 23 8:32 pm  · 

I thought Jawk was leaving this site?  He must of found out no underage girls want to see pics of his JawkJunk so he came back here. 

Mar 15, 23 11:44 am  · 

Yet another thread asking "Why is [x]?" without making the case that [x], in fact, is.

Mar 15, 23 12:05 pm  · 
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Wood Guy

I'm trying to think of a single instance where architects are lumped in with fine artists but none are coming to mind.

Mar 16, 23 9:01 am  · 

I've never heard of it happening either. Now getting grouped in with engineers . . .

Mar 16, 23 10:16 am  · 
Wood Guy

>Now getting grouped in with engineers . . . Ew, gross ;-)

Mar 16, 23 10:26 am  · 
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Maybe we'd make more money then?

Mar 16, 23 10:54 am  · 
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Civil engineers take so long to complete anything that you’d expect it to look like a work of art. A Picasso of single line weights and 80’s fonts.

Mar 16, 23 2:33 pm  · 

There are seven or eight classical fine-arts. Architecture is always included along with painting, sculpture, music, dance, and literature.  

Mar 16, 23 10:56 am  · 
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Kind of. 

Historically, the five main fine arts were painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, with performing arts including theatre and dance. In practice, outside education, the concept is typically only applied to the visual arts.

In modern times (after about 1890) architecture was removed from the fine arts and only refers to architects and their works prior to that time period.  

Mar 16, 23 11:29 am  · 
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Who is calling us fine artists??? Last I checked I haven't secured any "patron's of the arts" as a client since 1890!

Mar 16, 23 2:49 pm  · 

I did get one last week but it was for an exotic dancing studio . . .

Mar 16, 23 3:12 pm  · 

did you take the job? maybe they'll give you free dances

Mar 16, 23 4:36 pm  · 

Naw, not my thing. Besides it was just a joke. Now the recreational marijuana dispensary that's going to be built . . .

Mar 16, 23 5:05 pm  · 
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Chad, I think you are getting Artist's and Artiste' confused! haha.  We used to have a drinking establishment in town called The Boot Pub, but it was commonly referred to as the The Boot Ballet, on account of all the fancy dancers!

Mar 16, 23 6:16 pm  · 

Wasn't there a song about fancy dancers? ;)

Mar 17, 23 10:45 am  · 

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