Just a bit of information.  Think about how AI generated architecture ends up.  There is an ai generator for music.  I wrote an album off it long ago.  What it does its it inputs your stuff into the computer (it was a board, not on the computer) and it uses a database of music knowledge to play along with you.  Eventually, though, you can beat the computer & it will spit something of your own back out at you

Mar 5, 23 10:49 am
Non Sequitur

People have been playing with idea if AI in architecture since the 60s... nothing new here, just new toys.

Mar 5, 23 10:53 am  · 

I'd expect a lot of clients tinkering with image-generating blackboxes to then hand the images to architects with instructions to "build it". You already have that kind of project delivery today, dividing responsibilities for styling and construction.

Mar 5, 23 12:11 pm  · 

I can only imagine the looks on their faces when I get to tell them that their AI-generated facade will cost them $10k per square foot. Reality is a cold mistress

Mar 5, 23 7:05 pm  · 

BB, i was actually thinking this could be a great opportunity to make some funky shit with a really great contract haha.

Mar 6, 23 1:49 pm  · 

Have chatGPT write the contract!

Mar 6, 23 2:06 pm  · 
1  · 

Get AI to generate an accessibility caption for the images, plug that into chatGPT and just tell it "you know what to do"

Mar 6, 23 4:53 pm  · 
1  · 

A drunken architect, late at night Posts on forums without a light Shit posts galore, no rhyme or reason His reputation's now in treason

Yet he continues to type away The maccaroni and cheese is here to stay His belly full, his mind in haze His posts have set the forum ablaze

Critiques are harsh, comments blunt But the architect, he's unphased He's on a mission, fueled by booze To bring the internet his latest muse

His design ideas are bold and daring Yet somehow lack any true bearing On reality or the industry The forum readers can only agree

But still he posts, with no regret His maccaroni and cheese, his only bet The architect may be a mess But he'll always be one of the best.

Mar 6, 23 2:13 pm  · 

Proof that pandahut isn't just a social drinker. ;)

Mar 6, 23 3:32 pm  · 
2  · 

Who's Al?

Mar 7, 23 1:08 am  · 

post your AI album

Mar 7, 23 11:03 am  · 

have y’all not seen Test Fit? It’s probably the most frightening thing I’ve seen for the profession. Or text prompt to 3d model? None of this affects billable hours though I guess lol. Maybe get less feasibility study jobs.  

Mar 19, 23 12:12 am  · 

I've seen test fit. I think it's a good tool for the intended typology.

Mar 19, 23 8:50 pm  · 

ok, here's my plan.  when AI gets better at architecture than me, and the cylons come, i will stop doing architecture and join a think tank to figure out how to address the ethics of AI. 

Mar 19, 23 7:56 pm  · 
1  · 

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