Returning to the US job market on the cusp of a recession


I'm originally from the US and got my B.Arch stateside, but after working in Europe for the last three years I'm thinking it's time to come home permanently.

However I'm all too aware of how at-will employment works, especially when moving back whilst the world is on the cusp of a recession. Given my quasi-junior level in the profession (experience in predesign/SD/DD, hold a US license, but need to reacquaint with US standards/code) I'm aware I might be first on the cutting block.

In regards to the industry outlook, is a return stateside advised right now? Or wait it out here? If the latter, which sectors/specializations would you recommend me applying to, that will be the most economically resilient in the coming months?

Oct 1, 22 5:54 am

Assumption 01: I think it's time to come home permanently 

Assumption 02: The world is on the cusp of a recession 

Assumption 03: I will be the first on the cutting block

Since you enjoy basing your adult life decisions on assumptions (as well as crowdsourcing opinions online) why don't you just persuade yourself into assuming that everything will be alright? That will save you the hassle and the agony. (Unless you also enjoy the latter.)

Oct 1, 22 6:27 am  · 
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Can you do applications from there?

This is anecdotal but in the past month, the number of recruiters contacting me has gone from "a shit ton" to 0. I even followed up with one of them since they had some interesting jobs but then they ghosted me these past two weeks. I'd say most firms are scaling back hiring plans or putting them on hold. 

Also, why would you want to come back? The USA is a shithole. 

Oct 1, 22 9:42 am  · 
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Government work seems pretty steady at the moment.   The impact of the US stock market decline and higher interest rates will take a few months before anyone can discern the impact on private stuff like commercial and residential.  

At this point I see some firms hunkering down and cutting expenses while others are continuing to hire.  Some firms have become so shorthanded that they need people recession or not, while others just have delusional thinking that the good times will somehow never end.

Your skill set may be an issue.  Most employers I know are looking for people to work on CDs.  

Oct 1, 22 10:47 am  · 
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Was this commitment to return to the States based on changing economic conditions in Europe? Or was this part of a long term plan? The world is in for a rough ride this coming year.

Oct 1, 22 1:49 pm  · 

long term.. the economics and geopolitics were just the nail in the coffin. but it doesn't sound like a good time to return right now I take it

Oct 2, 22 3:52 am  · 

Europe and the US are facing major problems in the coming years.  Europe probably worse.  

Oct 1, 22 8:04 pm  · 

I think you mean the world.

Oct 3, 22 10:46 am  · 

And there are other firms that are looking for recent grads or those with 3-5 years exp. max. for concept to SD - must be proficient in Rhino, Grasshopper, Sketchup. also Creative suite

Oct 2, 22 9:55 pm  · 
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I think that the job opportunities are still there, as my own firm continues to interview and hire at a rapid clip, particularly those with several years of experience.  The truth is, when there is a global crisis looming where would you rather be? Europe right now is particularly vulnerable.  

Oct 3, 22 10:37 am  · 

I'd rather be living somewhere with a solid social safety net, public transit, walkable cities, and warmer climate where I'm not going to get shot by some psycho with an assault rifle. So...Europe.

Oct 3, 22 2:24 pm  · 
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